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This session talks about twitter bootstrap, how can we use it, and what benefit we get

This session talks about twitter bootstrap, how can we use it, and what benefit we get

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  • Bootstrap is using a grid system base on 12 columns. What is a grid system? A grid system is a way to create a solid foundation to build your project on.If you want your web application to have a left navigation you could design your HTML using row number 3If you do not want any navigation and you want your content to be as wide as possible then you could use row number 5This grid design was popularized by 960 grid system and BluePrint
  • Here is a list of some of the CSS component available. There are dozens of them available with bootstrap.
  • Bootstrap gives life to its UI by using Jquery plugins.
  • Bootstrap provides a web-based customizer that allow you to generate a CSS file based on your specific needs.


  • 1. Manish SinghTwitter Bootstrap
  • 2. Introduction What is Twitter-Bootstrap? Why we use it? How to use it? Conclusion
  • 3. State of Today’s WebSource:
  • 4. What
  • 5.  A freely available design framework forwebsites and web applications Based upon HTML5, CSS andJavaScriptSupports all major browsers (even IE7!)Released on GitHub in August 2011Twitter Bootstrap
  • 6. Created By
  • 7. WhyReason #1: Rich Features
  • 8. WhyReason #2: Popularity
  • 9. Also IE7+ and OperaWhyReason #3: Browser Support
  • 10. WhyReason #4: Glyph Icon Set
  • 11.  960 Grid System Blue Print CSS Golden Grid System #5: Grid System
  • 12.  Buttons: Tabs: Breadcrumb: Pagination: Alerts: Progress bar:WhyReason #6: Components
  • 13. WhyReason #7: JavaScript/jQuery
  • 14. WhyReason #8: Customization
  • 15. WhyReason #9: Live Mock-Ups
  • 16. 1. Download Twitter Bootstrap filefrom official website. Extractthe bootstrap files in to yourproject folder and you areready to go2. Fork from GitHub or you canuse Nuget PackageHow
  • 17. Examples : Grid SysytemHow
  • 18. Resources
  • 19. Conclusion Save Time Customizable The Grid Speaks JavaScript Responsiveness The Docs Talk! Competitiveness Integration
  • 20. Thanks!Questions? Bootstrap repository: Bootstrap showcase: