Introducing mono & xamarin


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This session talks about evolution of Mono and Xamarin and some pretty cool demo of how to leverage your .NET skills to develop iPhone and Android applications.

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Introducing mono & xamarin

  1. 1. INTRODUCING MONO & XAMARINBYRupreet Singh Gujral ( Development / Architect / Entrepreneur
  2. 2. AGENDA• What is Mono & Xamarin?• History and evolution of Mono & Xamarin• Mono compatibility with .NET• The magic behind running C# on iPhone and Android• Demo: Creating a simple Android App using VS2012 and XamarinStudio
  3. 3. WHAT IS MONO/XAMARIN?• Mono is an open source implementation of Microsofts .NET Framework based on the ECMAstandards for C# and the Common Language Runtime (1)• Runs on multiple platforms - Linux, OS X, BSD, iPhone, Android, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, andMicrosoft Windows, including x86, x86-64, ARM, s390, PowerPC, SPARC, IA64, MIPS and muchmore (1)• Multiple languages - Develop in C# 5.0 (including async, LINQ and dynamic), VB 8, Java, Python,Ruby, Eiffel, F#, Oxygene, and more (1)• Xamarin is the company sponsoring mono development and support. Commercial products basedon mono are MonoTouch and MonoAndroid for developing cross platform mobile applications(1) [source:]
  4. 4. HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF MONO• Mono started in July 2001 as an open source project• Released v1.0 for mono in June 2004• Full .NET 2.0 support and C# 3.0 in mono v2.0 in 2008• Released moonlight (Silverlight for mono) in mono v2.6 in 2009• Full .NET 4.0 support in mono v2.8 in 2010• F#, IronRuby, IronPhyton support in v2.10 in 2011• C# 5.0 support in mono v3.0 in 2012
  5. 5. HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF XAMARIN• Xamarin released v1.0 MonoTouch in 2009• iPAD support in v2.0 MonoTouch in 2010• iPhone 4 support in v3.0 MonoTouch in 2010• Most of the iOS API support in v5.0 MonoTouch in 2011• Xamarin Studio (v6.0 MonoTouch) introduced in 2013
  6. 6. MONO COMPATIBILITY WITH .NET• Mono supports everything till .NET 4.0 except WPF, WWF and limitedWCF• To verify if your .NET application is compatible with mono, run MonoMigration Analyzer
  7. 7. THE MAGIC BEHIND RUNNING C# ON IPHONEMonoTouchMono FrameworkiOS SDKFrameworkCallsNativeBindingsiOS Operating SystemC# ClassMonoTouch DLLMono CompilerNative ARM code
  8. 8. THE MAGIC BEHIND RUNNING C# ON ANDROIDMCW: Mono Callable WrapperACW: Android Callable WrapperLinux KernelMono VM Dalvik VMACW.NET APIAndroidBindingAndroid.* Java.*(JNI)MCW
  9. 9. DEMO• Let’s create a simple app for iOS and Android• UI designing in Xamarin Studio for both platforms• Code sharing across platforms• Seamlessly debug application in Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio
  10. 10. Q&AAim and shoot your questions!Image source:
  11. 11. THANK YOU!Image Source: