Startup Asia Jakarta 2013: Key elements that helped Kakao grow


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Startup Asia Jakarta 2013: Key elements that helped Kakao grow

  1. 1. Key Elements that Helped KAKAO Grow Sirgoo Lee November 21, 2013
  2. 2. 1. Learning from Failure Speed Listening to Users
  3. 3., 2007 * Social Bookmarking Service
  4. 4., 2008 * Social Ranking Service
  5. 5. 2. Top Talent Software Engineers
  6. 6. What Differentiates KAKAO from Others? : A large team of skilled and experienced software engineers helped deploy reliable service from the beginning.
  7. 7. 3. Open Culture
  8. 8. Horizontal Communication Use of English names
  9. 9. Sean Ted Toby Arnold Jess Jake Mark Nill Harry Jullie Daniel Danny Reed Jason Kevin Shwn Brandon Chloe Lucas Cecilia Ethan Gary Brian Edan Joshua MikeS Viktor Erica Robin Helen Jay Sarah Ina William Tosi Scott Sun Amy Henry Colin Janice Mike Young Young K Karl Stella CarlosSoaa Jeff Leslie Reid Roy Namss Jasen Reann Torea Evan Smith Irene Summer Peter Ryu Jim Donald Ray Jini Justin Tod Jack Bob JB Tim Chris Dean Ellie Natalie Myu Yang Clare Frank Hailey Jun Rna Eugene April Alex Anne Leo Johney Jeremy Gilbert Thomas Leon
  10. 10. Open & Share
  11. 11. 4. Strong User Loyalty
  12. 12. 100 Improvements Project - Together with Users Moving emoticons 20 times faster Support for BlackBerry Check my own profile Change friends’ names Verify by phone call Find friends using index Send larger video files Set a name for each chatroom Link between app & KaTalk “KakaTalk” notification tone Font size settings Search settings Notification settings Check the for my ID for each chatroom latest version Hide or block Check the number Send a message to friends of KaTalk friends multiple people The 100 Improvements Project 2.0 is Now Open !
  13. 13. Debate with the Korea Communications Commission over “Free Call” in June 2012
  14. 14. Users voluntarily gathered together in cyberspace to show support for KAKAO Currently, there is much debate over KakaoTalk’s Free Call (mVoIP) service. SK Telecom said that the service should not be introduced hastily, claiming that the service “will hinder the growth of the industry, cause inconvenience to users and undermine our national interests.” LG Uplus, which initially did not impose any restrictions on mVoIP, later changed its position saying that mVoIP services will be allowed only up to a limit. What's your take on this issue? - What do they mean by “undermine our national interests”? Last time I checked, SK, KT and LG Uplus are not government-run enterprises. Their ridiculously expensive monthly plans are what undermine our national interests. - Consumers make free calls using the data allowance that they already paid for. Mobile carriers have no right to intentionally restrict the data use by their customers. It’s time to defend our rights as customers. - I’m currently using an unlimited data plan. I’m wondering why I should be restricted from using the data plan that I already paid for. I have no idea what traffic or network neutrality is. All I know is I need to get my rights back.
  15. 15. KAKAO NOW !
  16. 16. KakaoTalk User Metrics 120M Active Users 120 Million 5.2B 32M Daily Unique Visitors 32 Million Daily Messages 5.2 Billion Sum of SMS/MMS sent thru 3 major Korean telcos: 300 million
  17. 17. Plus Friend Benefit/Contents/Info Advertisers Contents Creators Digital item Digital Item KakaoStory Game/Music/Media SocialGraph 3rd Party KakaoGame KakaoLink 2.0
  18. 18. Thank You
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