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PHP web development is one such open source technology that is found to offer a plethora of advantages to the online business owners and TechiesTown is one such web development company that offers unparalleled services in the area of PHP development.

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Php web development company india

  1. 1. PHP Web Development Company IndiaA highly reliable provider of offshore as wellas onshore custom development solutionsfor the web as well as for the mobile andSmartphone segment, TechiesTown InfoTechhas carved a niche for itself. With expertisecentering on nothing short of being rich anddiverse, the company has catered to clientsfrom across the globe.
  2. 2. Introduction: PHPPHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is awidely-used open source general-purpose scripting language thatis especially suited for web development and can be embeddedinto HTML.What is PHP?History of PHPPHP development began in 1994 as a personalproject of Rasmus Lerdorf, who had created aseries of Perl scripts which he referred to as his"Personal Home Page Tools" for the maintenanceof his personal web page. In 1995 these toolswere packaged and released as CGI binaries as the"Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter", whichincluded support for web forms andcommunication with databases.Rasmus Lerdorf
  3. 3. Why PHP Development?• PHP Development Services are the supreme and cost-effective medium for webdevelopment.• The PHP is a strong, scalable and a flexible language. PHP can be used to developdynamic websites with easiness.• PHP can also run of UNIX systems while ASP can run only on Microsoft basedsystems. PHP also combine with databases such as MySQL.Benefits of PHP Web Development• Its ability to embed itself into the HTML code• High performance and reliability• Low development and maintenance cost• Compatibility with servers like Apache and IIS
  4. 4. Give Your Business That Extra Fillip with TechiesTown PHP ProgrammersWeb Development is definitely apowerful tool that helps in runningonline businesses successfully. Noteverybody can get involved in creatinga fully functional website for it is thejob of the experts in the field andneeds exposure to special skillets thatwill bring out only the best for anywebsite.PHP web development is one such open source technology that is found to offera plethora of advantages to the online business owners and TechiesTown is onesuch web development company that offers unparalleled services in the area ofPHP development.It is definitely the era of applications and so if you are planning to be a part ofthis revolution, hiring the services of a professional PHP developer becomesimperative. You will have to ensure that they are well versed in differentframeworks as well so that they can cater to all your needs without any kind ofhesitation.
  5. 5. When you Hire a PHP Developer fromTechiesTown you can rest assured that you aregetting the best advantages that any webtechnology platform would bring to your onlinebusiness. The functionality of the website can beimproved when you opt for professional PHPdeveloper services.Yes, whenever you are hiring the services of any web developer it is imperative that youtake a keener look into the kind of works they have accomplished so far. This is a clearindicator of their expertise and prowess over PHP. TechiesTown for one has talent thathas been in the field since quite a number of years and offers only the best of services toits clients.TechiesTown showcases all its accomplished works in the form of portfolio for itsprospective clients to get an ideal about the quality of work. You will also have to ensurewith your PHP developer whether they are able to combine PHP and XML and PHP andYQL so that data from third party services can be used easily. It is the query language andquery mechanism that makes things less complicated and makes extraction of dates fromHTML documents, Atom, XML and RSS.
  6. 6. PHP developers at TechiesTown are fully familiar with LAMP…Linux Apache MySQLPHP along with AJAX too. So, take a look at their portfolio to understand the kind ofwork they have undertaken so far. When you hire the PHP developer services of areliable and a professional company like TechiesTown you can definitely cut down onyour Web Development costs.Acquire excellent PHP Webdevelopment services by PHPdevelopers at TechiesTownInfoTech PHP Webdevelopment Company in Indiawhich have many years ofexperience in PHP Webdevelopment.
  7. 7. Dedicated PHP Developer Services• Choose the best professional PHP developer as per your project requirement.• You can also hire team of skilled PHP developers.• You can hire PHP developers at Hourly, Part Time and Full Time basis hassle free• Define process as per requirement .
  8. 8. Why Hire PHP Developer at TechiesTown InfoTech• We provide high quality PHP development services at affordable price.• Our highly qualified and experienced PHP developers with excellentcommunication skills.• Secure and efficient development environment• Produce daily and Weekly reporting service to our precious clients...
  9. 9. Contact us…TECHIESTOWN INFOTECH PVT LTD805 Samudra Annexes, Near GirishCold Drinks,Off C.G. Road, Ahmedabad- 380009 Gujarat, India.Telephone : 1-(415)-513-4480 | (+91) - 997 - 476 – 7177Mail : biz.techiestown@gmail.comGet Free Quote: networking and contact