Saas Challenges and Solutions


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This presentation talks about the challenges in building and operating a SaaS solution from an ISVs perspective.

We have also proposed some of the solutions that can help in overcoming the challenges and how Cello features can be used in implementing the solutions.

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Saas Challenges and Solutions

  1. 1. SaaS Challenges and Solutions Build Quickly. Sell Smartly. Run Profitably. The smartest and fastest way to build configurable, high quality applications that can be deployed on any cloud…
  2. 2. Introduction This presentation talks about the challenges in building and operating a SaaS solution from an ISVs perspective. We have also proposed some of the solutions that can help in overcoming the challenges and how Cello features can be used in implementing the solutions. SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  3. 3. Needs - SaaS Life Cycle What do you need to support this SaaS Life Cycle? Management Team • Error free and efficient mechanism to provide innovative subscription models, pricing models, etc. • Collect/track payments on time • Increase product adoption • Customer Analytics Support Team • Quick and cost effective way to roll-out new customers • Setup, configure and manage tenants • Solution to handle increasing number of product support tickets • Monitor the product to take proactive steps Engineering Team • Robust SaaS Architecture that is scalable and secure • SaaS building blocks that can reduce significant effort • Engineering components to simplify coding • Tools to improve developer’s productivity SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  4. 4. Business Management - Challenges How can I shorten my sales cycle? Can I provide a customer friendly subscription model? How can I increase my trial conversion rate? How can I increase my upsell? How can I reduce my churn? How can I cost effectively manage and monetize subscriptions? How do I manage my Reseller? SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  5. 5. Business Management - Solutions Offer Self Subscriptions and Trials Track Customer Behavior and Usage Module wise access Real-time tracking of “pay as you go” usage Innovative pay by use model Automated Invoice Generation Innovative pricing model Automate Payment Collection Analyze and act on hot/cold trials Self Service Portal Live Revenue Tracking Reseller Portal SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  6. 6. Business Management – Cello Key Features • Product Editions • Multiple Price Plans • Fixed/Usage Cost • Trial and Evaluations • Upgrade/Downgrade • Activation/Deactivation • Tenant Provisioning • Self Registration • Customer Analytics • Customer portal • Role based access control • Support for Reseller Model Subscription Customer Management • Metering Usage • Invoice Generation • Proration • Applying Tax/Discount rates • Generic Adjustments • Invoice Dashboard • Credit card Support • Pay Pal Support • Payment Automation • Retry Policy • Revenue Tracking Invoice Payments SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  7. 7. Customer Service - Challenges How quickly can I finish customer implementation? How can I eliminate “shelfware”? How can I provide my customer the ability to self service their needs? How can I proactively support my customers better and increase customer satisfaction? How can I proactively communicate with my customer at different stages? How can I reduce the involvement of engineering team to service customer request? How can I service more customers with less support bandwidth? SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  8. 8. Customer Service - Solutions Automate customer implementation and enable self service Aim for sign-in and immediate use of the system Adopt configuration vs. customization. Embed configurability in the respective areas within the product Automate customer communication process Track customer behavior Track customer experience with the system Track product performance SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  9. 9. Customer Service – Key Features • Auto Tenant Provisioning • Tenant Settings Management • White Labeling • Single Sign On • Business process Workflow customization • Business Event Audit Streams • Extended Fields/LoVs • Event Driven Integration Implementation Configuration • Product Analytics • Customer Analytics • Query Builder • Chart Builder • Report Builder • Data Partition Management • Data back-up • Master Data Management Report Data Management SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  10. 10. Product Engineering - Concerns My Sales is doing great – oops! my product is not scaling Machine cost is continuously going high Hackers - why cant they leave me alone? Two customers data in the same box!!! God! One more system to integrate? Are they kidding? They need 4 more fields and new workflow??? My product road map is always blocked! Hmm.. Customer insists on on-premise deployment! SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  11. 11. Product Engineering - Solutions Scale-out at all layers Adopt web hooks Adopt Data-Shards Build configurable data views Adopt Multi tenancy Build Configurable Workflows Adopt OWASP Build Configurable Reports Automate ACL and Data Isolation checks Have a proper error logging mechanism Adopt SOA Build your product modular SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  12. 12. Product Engineering – Key Features • Tenant Isolation Scanner • N Level Tenant Hierarchy • Tenant Based Data Sharding/Partitioning • Tenant Data Partition Management • Code Templates • User Management • Role Management • Privilege Management • Privilege Check Filters • SSO Claim Support • Security Audits • Themes and Logos • Custom LoV • Tenant Setting Templates • Custom Fields • Pre and Post processors Multi-tenancy Security Configurability • Event Job Processors • Dynamic end point configuration • Notifications • Batch Processing • Templates • Business Process Workflow • Business Rules • Query, Chart and Report Builder • Dynamic Forms • Integrated Performance Profiler • Master data Management • Form Generation • Code Templates Enterprise Engines Productivity Utilities Integration SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  13. 13. Challenges in Building SaaS/Multi-Tenant Apps  Complex engineering challenges in building a SaaS/MT application – Demands experience  Time, Effort & Cost  Demands expertise  Higher time and effort(budget) required in building the underlying framework such as security engine, configuration engine, multi-tenancy, etc.  Less time available for building actual business solution Load on your Dev Team SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution  Uncertainty (risk) in releasing highquality, scalable, configurable product under budget and within time.
  14. 14. What is Cello?  Techcello is a cloud-ready, SaaS Application Development Framework  Can be used to,  Build new SaaS products  Convert single-tenant Apps to Multi-Tenant  Migrate on premise products to SaaS model  Cello framework is delivered as a set of libraries and APIs that can be easily integrated to your product  Applications built using Cello can be deployed in any cloud  Cello contains building blocks for developing, monetizing and servicing your customers. SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  15. 15. Cello – Cloud Neutral Solution SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  16. 16. What does Cello Provide? Cello has packaged these common requirements as a suite of services, which can be easily integrated to your product. SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  17. 17. Cello – Solution Areas SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  18. 18. Cello – Editions SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  19. 19. Technology Stack Cello – Technology Stack .NET (v4.5) • C#, ASP.NET, • MVC, WIF Middle Layer • EF 6.0 • WCF • AppFabric Cache/Azure Cache Database • SQL Server 2012 • SQL Azure SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution Development Environment Windows 7/8 Visual Studio 2012 Production Environment Windows Server 2012 IIS 8.0 SQL Server 2012/SQL Azure AppFabric Cache/Azure Cache
  20. 20. Cello – Plug & Play Integration Integrate Develop Configure Deploy Monetize Service Deliver SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution Deliver
  21. 21. Cello – Integrated View Subscription Management Security Management User Mgmt. Role Mgmt. Privilege Mgmt. Tenant Provisioning Metering Single Sign On (SSO) Auditing Data Scope Invoicing Auto Payment Tenant Extensions Custom Fields Pre/Post Processors Pick-up Lists Dynamic Forms Licensing Monitoring External Integration Event Based Exceptions Usage Notifications Service End Point Events Your Product Notification Management Template Repository Tenant Settings Management Module 2 Themes / Logos Emails Module 3 Module n Tenant Performance Profiler Ad-hoc Report Builder Query Chart Report Cloud Ready Development Framework For SaaS and Enterprise Software Multi Language Business Process Customization Business Workflow Rules Productivity Boosters Analytics Product Module 1 Code Templates Tenant Data Management Backup Sharding Filter
  22. 22. Cello Benefits Cello helps in building your product’s business functionalities from day 1 without worrying about SaaS nitty-gritties SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  23. 23. Contact Us Web : General Enquiry : Support Enquiry : Sales Queries: “The Techcello approach is likely to be ideal for companies -especially independent software vendors - that need to get to market relatively quickly with a multitenant SaaS solution and would like a substantial shortcut while avoiding lock-in to a proprietary application platform as a service (aPaaS)” - Gartner Research SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution