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  • 1. talks! Get Started on Facebook March 11, 2010 Audio is only available by calling this number: Conference Call: 866-740-1260; Access Code: 6339392 or 6339349 Sponsored by
  • 2. Using ReadyTalk
    • Chat & raise hand
    • Mute = *6, Unmute = *7
    • If you lose your internet connection, reconnect using the link emailed to you.
    • If you lose your phone connection, re-dial the phone number and re-join.
    • ReadyTalk support: 800-843-9166
  • 3. You are being recorded…
    • This seminar will be available on the TechSoup website along with past webinar presentations:
    • www.techsoup.org/go/webinars
    • You will receive a link to this presentation, material and links.
    • Streaming in SecondLife
    • After the webinar, you can ask follow-up questions in the Emerging Technologies Forum:
      • tinyurl.com/yb2cuvc
    • Twitter hashtags: #techsoup
  • 4. talks! Get Started on Facebook Sponsored by Presenters: John Haydon, johnhaydon.com Gabe O'Neill, Kids are Heroes
  • 5. Today’s Speakers John Haydon johnhaydon.com Gabe O'Neill Kids are Heroes Facilitating: Kami Griffiths, TechSoup Assisting: Becky Wiegand, TechSoup & Laura Newton
  • 6. Agenda
    • Overview: Why Use Facebook?
    • Facebook Basics
    • How to Get Started
    • Best Practices
    • Audience Q&A
    • Resources
    • About TechSoup
  • 7. What is Facebook?
  • 8. Why Facebook?
    • 375 million active users (February 2010)
    • 50% of active users log in daily
    • Fastest-growing demographic is 35 and older
    • 6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
    • 10 million users become fans of Facebook Pages each day
    • 65 million active users accessing Facebook through their mobile devices
    Source: Facebook
  • 9. Why Facebook? Google: 2.8 Billion Visits in January Facebook: 2.9 Billion Visits in January Facebook Google
  • 10. Why Facebook? "People are spending less time navigating the Internet on their own and are now navigating the Internet based on their friends' recommendations or their friends' activities." - Dave Yovanno, CEO of Gigya Inc.
  • 11. Facebook Pages vs. Groups Fan Page Group
  • 12. Facebook Pages vs. Groups
    • Represents a cause or idea
    • No customization
    • No apps
    • All groups look alike
    • Limited messaging
    • Received as “message”
    • Wall
    • Users share many media types
    • No widgets
    • Some private, some public
    • Represents an organization
    • Customizable tabs
    • Apps galore!
    • Customized user experience
    • Target updates
    • Received as “updates”
    • Wall
    • Users share many media types
    • FanBox
    • All public and searchable
    Page for Organizations Group for People
  • 13. Facebook Privacy Settings
  • 14. Getting Started: Set Goals for Facebook
    • Enhance your nonprofit’s brand
    • Educational outreach
    • Develop a fan base
    • Create awareness about your cause or nonprofit
    • Raise money
    • Enhance existing marketing and outreach efforts
  • 15. Facebook In Action: Kids Are Heroes
    • Link to Facebook from website
  • 16. Create a Welcome Page for New Visitors You can create a unique landing page for new visitors – such as a “Welcome” message. www.facebook.com/kidsareheroes
  • 17. Customize Your Visitors’ Experience www.facebook.com/kidsareheroes Static FBML allows you to create customized tabs on your Facebook Fan page. (FBML = Facebook’s mark-up language)
  • 18. Share Announcements & Info Wall Stream – Kids Are Heroes : Highlight official organization information www.facebook.com/kidsareheroes
  • 19. Provide a Forum for Fan-only Interaction Wall Stream - Just Fans : Separate stream for fans to interact with each other www.facebook.com/kidsareheroes
  • 20. Best Practices: Facebook Page Settings Determine who sees your Page
  • 21. Best Practices: Set Views & Permissions Determine what your audience sees and when they see it.
  • 22. Getting More Facebook Fans
    • E-mail announcement to your audience
    • Embed Facebook page links in your e-mails
    • Create an incentive for users to become a Fan of your Facebook page
    • Add a Fanbox to your website
    • Try using Facebook ads
    • Create great content!
    • Always ask fans to share when you send messages
  • 23. Managing Your Facebook Page
    • Use the Notes application to import blogs and other information to automate your Page
    • Stay engaged with your fans
    • Don’t send too many updates
    • Make sure the updates that you do send will be useful to your fans
  • 24. Best Practices: Engage Users San Rafael Public Library : www.facebook.com/srpublib
  • 25. Best Practices: Customize Tabs San Rafael Public Library : www.facebook.com/srpublib
  • 26. Best Practices: Stay Responsive People just want to be heard. Sherman Health : www.facebook.com/ShermanHealth
  • 27. More Resources
    • We Are Media : Social Media Starter Kit for Nonprofits http://wearemedia.org
    • Socialbrite : Social Tools for Social Change http://socialbrite.org
    • The Facebook Blog http://blog.facebook.com
    • John Haydon http://johnhaydon.com
    • Gabe O’Neill http:// justgabe.com/fbook
  • 28. talks! Questions? Submit your questions using the chat box.
  • 29. Continue the Discussion…
    • Additional questions can be answered by posting in the Emerging Technologies Forum:
      • tinyurl.com/yb2cuvc
  • 30. Get the Most Out of TechSoup
    • At TechSoup, you’ll find a range of technology services to help your nonprofit:
    • Read helpful articles in our Learning Center
    • Request donated software , hardware, and online services
    • Join our community forums to learn from your colleagues
    • Browse upcoming events and conferences
  • 31. Upcoming Webinars
    • Is Salesforce CRM Right for Your Organization?
      • Thursday, March 25, 11 a.m. Pacific time
    • Around the Twitter World in 60 Minutes
      • Tuesday, March 16, 11 a.m. Pacific time
    • Finding the Perfect Donor Database in an Imperfect World
      • Thursday, April 15, 11 a.m. Pacific time
  • 32. Thank you to our Webinar Sponsor! ReadyTalk offers dedicated product demos for TechSoup organizations 4 times per week. For more information: pages.readytalk.com/techsoup.html
  • 33. talks! Thank you! Please complete the post event survey! Kami Griffiths, kami@techsoup.org, 415-633-9392