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Creating Effective Online Surveys
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Creating Effective Online Surveys


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Creating Effective Online Surveys …

Creating Effective Online Surveys

Published in: Technology

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  • Introduce myself What I do at TS, my role in MIT Previous work with CTC
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating Effective Online Surveys Facilitator: Kami Griffiths, TechSoup Presenter: Yann Toledano Internet Marketing Consultant Host, TechSoup Forum August 26, 2008 Webinar Conference Call: 866-740-1260; Code: 6339392
    • 2. Using ReadyTalk
      • Chat & raise hand
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      • If you lose your internet connection, reconnect using the link emailed to you.
      • If you lose your phone connection, r e-dial the phone number and re-join.
    • 3. You are being recorded…
      • This seminar will be available on the TechSoup website along with past webinar presentations:
      • You will receive a link to this presentation later today.
      • After the webinar, you can ask any follow-up questions in the online forums:
    • 4. Creating Effective Online Surveys Facilitator: Kami Griffiths, TechSoup Presenter: Yann Toledano Internet Marketing Consultant Host, TechSoup Forum Sponsored by:
    • 5. Today’s Speakers Volunteers Chris Peters & Malin Coleridge (TechSoup) Kami Griffiths Yann Toledano
    • 6. Survey Key Considerations
      • Research Goal: What do I want to know?
      • Target Audience: Who can give me this information?
      • Questions: What information will give me the feedback I need from my respondents?
    • 7. Web Survey Process Overview
    • 8. Survey Design Best Practices: Defining Survey Objectives
      • Are members satisfied with our programs/services? (Member Satisfaction Survey)
      • Does our website meet visitor needs? (Website Evaluation Survey)
      • Should our organization implement a costly new initiative? (Interest Survey)
      • How can we improve employee satisfaction? (Employee Satisfaction Survey)
    • 9. Survey Design Best Practices: Defining Survey Objectives
      • A clearly defined goal:
        • Determines what information to collect
        • Identifies who is involved (participants)
        • Prepares you to write effective questions
      Expert Tip: State your goal as a simple question you can investigate.
    • 10. Survey Design Best Practices: How to Create a Winning Questionnaire
      • Introduce survey
      • Easy to understand questions/response options
      • Important questions first (“must-knows”)
      • End with demographic/profile questions (income, age, gender, etc.)
      • Logical order (grouping)
      • Eliminate non-relevant questions
    • 11. Survey Design Best Practices: Survey Intro Example
    • 12. Survey Design Best Practices: Two Golden Rules
      • Ask the right questions.
      • Keep it short.
    • 13. Survey Design Best Practices: Effective Question Wording
      • Clear, direct, brief
      • Eliminate jargon/confusing language
      • Ask one thing in each question
      • Avoid bias
      Expert Tip: Studies indicate that shorter surveys generate higher response rates.
    • 14. Survey Design Best Practices: Question Success Factors
    • 15. Survey Design Best Practices: Survey Question Example What do you think?
    • 16. Survey Design Best Practices: Bad Question!
    • 17. Survey Design Best Practices: New and Improved Question
    • 18. Survey Design Best Practices: Question Type: Multiple Choice (choose one answer)
    • 19. Survey Design Best Practices: Question Type: Rating Scale (5-point scale)
    • 20. Survey Design Best Practices: Question Type: Checkboxes (multiple selections allowed)
    • 21. Survey Design Best Practices: Question Type: Dropdown Menu
    • 22. Survey Design Best Practices: Question Type: Table/Matrix (3-point rating scale: one answer per sub-question)
    • 23. Survey Tools Overview
    • 24. Survey Tools: Comparing the Tools
      • Pricing (free vs. paid plans)
      • Basic vs. Advanced Features (e.g., Branching/Skip Logic, Piping)
      • Cost-Feature Table
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27. Survey Tools: Question Branching/Skip Logic 1 3 4 6 5 2 Simple Branching Rule: If respondent answers “Yes” , skip to Q4.
    • 28. Survey Tools: Question Branching Example
    • 29. Survey Tools: Survey Launch & Best Practices
      • Email invitations vs. Website deployment
      • Pre-test survey internally:
        • Email subject line
        • Invitation text
        • Questions/instructions
        • Look and feel
      Expert Tip: Test run your survey to identify and correct problem areas before deploying it externally.
    • 30. Survey Tools: Link to Survey for Participants
    • 31. Survey Tools: Survey Reporting & Analysis
      • Real-time response collection
      • Various reporting formats
      • Advanced reporting features in paid plans
    • 32. Survey Tools: Survey Reporting Dashboard
    • 33. Survey Tools: Sample Report (Pie Chart)
    • 34. Survey Tools: Sample Report (Bar Graph)
    • 35. Survey Tools: Sample Report (Matrix)
    • 36. Survey Tools: Survey Reporting/Analysis Best Practices
      • Survey results tied to initial objectives
      • Reports: summary of key findings + actionable recommendations
      • Share the right data with the right people
      Expert Tip: Remember to take action based on the results of your survey.
    • 37. Get the Most Out of TechSoup
      • At TechSoup, you’ll find a range of technology services to help your nonprofit:
        • Read helpful articles in our Learning Center
        • Request donated software , hardware, and online services
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        • Browse upcoming events and conferences
    • 38. TechSoup Stock Vendor Partners
      • Microsoft
      • Symantec
      • Adobe
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    • 39. Continue the discussion…
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    • 40. Thank you to our Webinar Sponsor!
    • 41. For More Information Contact: Kami Griffiths 415-633-9392 [email_address]