Creating a social media marketing plan


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What is your story, goals, audience look like? Take a look at your organization and how to share your social media stories for impact, outreach, fundraising, volunteer growth, advocacy and education in this worksheet (and slides) created by Evonne Heyning for TechSoup Global

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Creating a social media marketing plan

  1. 1. Creating  a  Social  Media  Marketing  Plan  Evonne  Heyning  @amoration    
  2. 2. Creating a Social Media Marketing PlanFill in your gaps! #smplan @CNMsocal @CalEndow Hosted by @amorationCause, campaign or organizational planMission:What do you want to accomplish?Why?Measurable Goals:Call to Action Request:Digital Storytelling: What is your story?Who do you want to participate?How do they participate?Describe your organizational voice and brand:Authority Positions?Timelines:STRATEGIC PLANNINGDELEGATION & PRODUCTIONWELCOMING INITIATIONPROGRAM CONTENT RELEASESCLIMAX & CONCLUSIONANALYSIS & WRAPUP
  3. 3. Transmedia Marketing ElementsCircle channels & storytelling modes appropriate for this campaignVideo (short) Documentary Other film/TV Streaming Media Events GamesGeocaching Online Ads Live Storytelling Comics Entertainment EducationPrint Media Visual Advertising Websites New Channels _______________Social Sites: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ Quora Groups____________________Other Niche Web CommunitiesOutreach Distribution & OutletsWho runs your social sites: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ YouTube CurationCommunities & Groups_________________________________________________________Do you share your content using Creative Commons?Crowdsourcing, Open APIs and other Shareable Data?Hashtags for Analysis TrackingOther Tags & Sites for ResearchBudgetResource & Staff impactNumber of hours needed to succeedNumber of staff members requiredNumber/Time of volunteersTiming and Investment Needed Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan Hosted by Evonne Heyning @amoration For more on how to track, share, collect and curate your stories for the web visit and request software for your 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
  4. 4. Live Collaboration: Interactive, Mobile & Social EventsLive Participatory Events, Webinars, Local and Global ConversationsWatchitoo — TechSoup NPlive web series video integrates images, YouTube and social chat,Q&A, collaborative whiteboard for global meetings, public educational events withparticipation, and remote engagement for dozens via webcam. andwatch our work at — Hashtag conversations, scheduled and topical. Visit a TweetChat #NPtaggingconversation from TechSoup @NCVS or make a room at www.tweetchat.comCoverItLive — Embeddable tool for interactive typed live chat for topical events.www.coveritlive.comUStream Producer — Cloud and mobile application produces HD live audio/video streamingevents with many inputs from video to screen and microphone — Webinar production with integrated slides, screen sharing, live moderated chat,high-quality recorded audio available for download. www.readytalk.comWindows LiveMeeting — Convergence software allowing for integration across Microsoft Officeand Outlook, synchronized audio/video for webinars and meetings. Sharing Information on the Fly, from Your SmartphoneWebExand GoToMeeting, available through TechSoup, offer free iPad and mobile apps for yourdevices. Check this chart for a comparison of web conferencing tools.Facebook — We post frequently to our TechSoup Facebook page from our laptops, tablets andphones by tagging @TechSoup in our updates. Look for TechSoup Global and send us amessage.Twitter — The @TechSoup online team tweets using CoTweet and many mobile applications toshare quick updates or live-tweet events.NPSM Social Media 101 Wiki — The new NPSocialMedia wiki offers a one stop resource guide fornonprofits seeking help with social media at the 101 level. Browse it from your phone right now!Crossplatform ~ Multichannel Integration: Tools, People, andInformationSecond Life — TechSoup formed the Nonprofit Commons five years ago as a virtual communityof nonprofit organizations collaborating, thriving and building complex 3D interactiveenvironments and hosting meetings with streaming media and vast volunteerism/action/learning/simulation experiences.Sliderocket -- Collaborative presentations integrating social media with slides, videos, Twitter.Get Sliderocket through TechSoup.YouTube tutorials — YouTube offers special features just for nonprofits, including the ability to addfundraising links to your videos along with annotations and interactive elements.Streaming — Quicktime Broadcaster for video streaming, Audio Hijack and Nicecast for audio.Skype — Go-to backchannel chat, conference calls, file sharing, recordings.