Is the Xbox 360 Your Best Option for Gaming?


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Is the Xbox 360 Your Best Option for Gaming?

  1. 1. Is the Xbox 360 Your Best Option for Gaming?(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return;js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src ="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, "script", "facebook-jssdk"));FacebookThe Xbox 360 is without a doubt one of the most common names that you come across whenyou explore the world of video games. This console, from Microsoft, has been around for sometime now and has been successful in building up an impressive fan following among passionategaming fans. The games that you can play on Xbox 360 can be downloaded from the internet,bought from game specific stores like GameStop, electronic stores such as Best Buy,department stores like Walmart, and many more retailers. However, the question that remains inthe minds of those who play games regularly and devotedly is whether the Xbox 360 is indeedthe best option? Let us see.The Pros and Cons of Xbox 360:Any person who is well aware of the gaming scenario can tell you that Xbox 360 has somefeatures that are truly admirable. The amount of dedication that Microsoft has shown in buildingit is quite evident. Most will argue that the graphics on Xbox 360 beats its competitors handsdown. This includes the very popular PS3.Any Xbox 360 admirer will also tell you that it has the finesse that one would want while playinggames. The pixilation is negligible, the play is very smooth, and the graphics are of course, highquality. On top of that, this console is not too costly, which may lead you to get the best buy.Whether you buy one from WalMart or elsewhere, the Xbox 360 is value for money.No, we are not saying that this console is very cheap and easy on the pocket. But then, neitherare any of the other consoles in the market. What we are saying is that if you get your hands ona Xbox 360 package, then it might be considerably more affordable. For example, the Xbox 360Walmart price is somewhere around $300. It can be a little more or even less, depending on thepackage that you are opting for. The WalMart price or the Xbox 360 Best Buy packages usuallyinclude a popular game or two.Therefore, prices vary according to this factor. However, the best price or price in general is notthe sole factor in determining the popularity of a gaming console. The other important factor isthe variety and availability of games. As we have mentioned earlier, you can get a whole rangeof Xbox games at GameStop and many other retailers. Apart from this, the Xbox has anothertrick up its sleeve. 1/3
  2. 2. Xbox live is a service that enhances your entire gaming experience on the Xbox 360. You canplay the popular controller or the Kinect games online with friends who might be sitting inanother part of the world, or on the other side of the neighbourhood. Along with that, you couldwatch movies, shows, sports, or whatever else that interests you. Normally, the Xbox livemembership is something you would pay for, however, there are certain days or weekendswhen Microsoft allows these benefits free.The Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Debate: If youare a passionate gamer, you must have had this argument one time or the other. Which isbetter? Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Sony’s PlayStation 3? Let us be frank. This debate has noone-word answer. The fans of both products continue to find the best points within them andpitch them against each other.However, what we can say is that the Xbox is certainly a little more popular in the U.S,than PS3. The best feature of the PlayStation is that one can browse the internet on it. This issomething that Xbox is lacking. However, apart from this, the argument about which consoleoffers an overall better experience, goes on and on. Many will even point out some flaws withthe browsing facility, e.g. it can be hacked easily.Therefore, until there is any concrete development in the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 debate, we can saythat Xbox 360 has its own place with its fans and users.Author: Thomas 2/3
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