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Welcome speech_Efficient project management - Girish Kelkar Welcome speech_Efficient project management - Girish Kelkar Presentation Transcript

  • Efficient Project Management A critical social Need for India Presentation By Girish Kelkar President PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter OnTarget 2012
  • Projects mark Human progress
    • Projects have been part of the development & progress of the human race & this activity will exist as long as human race exists
    • Today it is impossible to carry out any new activity without proper concepts & methods of handling project activity.
      • Large sums are involved in Projects & Profits / ROI are directly dependent on the quality of the project work (a third of world GDP)
    Efficient Projects are essential for advancement of the society
  • What is Better Tomorrow?
    • Are we all heading for better tomorrow??
    • One wonders!
    • India certainly has potential to become superpower, but are we going to make it?
    • It is up to all of us to make it happen. If we unite and decide it certainly is possible!
    • We have done it when meant to do it!!! Let us look at few key issues
  • What is Today in India? Vital few statistics after 65 years of independence
    • 300 million Indians today below poverty line
    • Only 65% literacy in India – Long way to go as yet
    • 25 Million diabetes patients today and expected to grow by 57 million by
    • 2025. Is this healthy? Think
    • Nearly 62% population is in rural India – But there is a huge divide
    • between rural and urban areas and the GAP is increasing
    • Only 15%-20% students coming out of Academic institutions are getting
    • employed.
    There are many great things happening in India today, but we have a long way to go!! Only way to improve is to be diligent at all levels of activities.
  • India has certainly contributed for the development of mankind in the past “ We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count without which no worth while scientific discovery could have been made” --Albert Einstein How long can we bank on these historical achievements?
    • Invention of Number system & Zero
    • The world’s first University in 700 BC
    • Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus came from India
    • In 1001, 33% of the world’s trade was from India
    • Invention of Chess
    • Sushruta is the father of surgery (2600 years ago).
    • Richest Country in the world till early 17 th Century.
    • Contribution for concept of 365 days in a year
    • Leaders with foresight and Right Projects are the catalysts to change India or any organization to build ‘ A Better Tomorrow ’
    • Let look at some of the great projects executed by committed leaders in India that has helped India change
    Can we all Change India?
  • A Better Tomorrow Independent India
    • One of the most successful projects in the world is “Freedom Fight in India through Satyagraha”
    • Leader: Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation) Slogan “Chale Jao”
    • Mahatma Gandhi executed this project for more than 25 years by inspiring millions of Indians
    The result is that we are living in Independent India today
  • A Better Tomorrow Space Technology in the service of human kind
    • Projects to best leverage the advanced technologies to solve real problems of man and society
    • Leader: Dr Vikram Sarabhai (father of Indian Space Program)
    • Results:
      • ISRO- Tele-communications, television broadcasting, weather forecasting and societal application services such as tele-medicine, tele-education etc
    India has established itself as one of the leading Space Technology oriented nations
  • Chandrayaan –We have done this! We have done this in spite of hurdles and set backs Chandrayaan Lands on the Moon
  • Konkan railway–We have done this! Leader Mr. Sridharan-MD This project has transformed many lives!
  • A Better Tomorrow- Leader Ratan Tata
    • Unique Automotive Project
    • $ 3000 USD car, the cheapest car in the world to bring safety to family
    • A common person in India can afford to purchase this car
  • A Better Tomorrow-Leader Dr. Kiran Bedi
    • Projects in the field of prison reforms
    • Better tomorrow for Infants, who are punished for the mistakes of their parents
    • Reduce Women abuse in Prisons
    • Change in Prisoners attitude
    This project has given hope to many souls and have transformed them!!
  • The size of the challenge!!
  • Our Dream: A Better Tomorrow! For Billion Hearts & Billion Minds
    • Billion hearts and billion minds want to live in A Peaceful, Green, Healthy, Prosperous & Happy India
    A Better Tomorrow India Mission 2020 Project Managers have a role to play
  • A Better Tomorrow - India 2020 NEW INDIA - 2020- Expectations from Indians at large 1 Total Employment 2 Enhanced Purchasing Power of People 3 Self reliance for Power, Fuel, Water and Food 4 Global Workforce & Businesses with international quality 5 Healthy & Delighted Citizens 6 Secured & peaceful India with no terror attacks 7 Gender Equal India providing a place of pride for women 8 Thin divide between Rural and Urban Areas 9 Equal education opportunities for all 10 Corruption free Governments & Good Corporate Governance
  • Projects act as Catalysts & Change Agents and play a vital role in National movement to build ‘A Better Tomorrow’ But, we have many challenges to address – What are they? Are we willing to take up these challenges? A Better Tomorrow - India 2020
    • Reality then is
    • Not Many Projects are Successful !!
    • Unless we have successful projects it is difficult to build
    • ‘ A Better Tomorrow’
    • This is a challenge indeed!!
    • Who will bail the cat??
    A Better Tomorrow?? What goes wrong then??
  • Project Risk Management Based on PMBOK 4th Edition Project Risk Management – Do we see this ?? Anything that can go wrong –goes wrong!
  • Project Success Rate Infrastructure Projects – Govt of India
    • 423 of the 925 infrastructure projects monitored by the central government were behind schedule as of March 2009, which will result in cost overruns of about $8.13 billion.
    • Can we afford this?? Who is paying the extra cost??
    • THINK
    Source: Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation - Jan-Mar,2009
  • Project Success Rate IT Projects (General)
  • India Inc-Social Challenges Ahead
    • Slowing Down of Economic Growth (inflation / Shortages especially for Oil & Gas)
    • Inadequate Power & infrastructure for development
    • Low Productivity of assets & installed capacity – low profits- leading to Slow down in Industrial output
    • Population not yet under control – unemployment??
    • Lack of accountability in Public Life
    • Corruption in all the fields of activities (Public & Private)
    • Lack of/ inadequacy of basic infrastructure for education health / hygiene
    • High crime rates & atrocities against women
    • Constant threat of terrorism (External & Internal threats)
    • Regional rifts and disputes over religion / castes etc.
  • India Inc-what is the problem
    • Are we concerned about all this??
    • Indifferent attitudes of educated Indians
    • National aspirations Vs “Self interests”
    • Political compulsions
    • Too much ”red-tape”
    • Decision making paralysis
    • Lack of education / knowledge and hence wisdom
    • Lack of appropriate leadership and team building
    • Lack of initiative for appropriate R&D (Indian conditions
    • Too many interest groups with conflicting expectations
    • Solution to each is new challenge & new project!!
  • Can we generate new Environment?
    • Where will all this stop? We need to change our
    • mind sets for this.
    • Society & Individual
    • Emphasis on development of Leadership at all levels
    • Accepting / Promoting & adopting diversity
    • Thinking in terms of sustainability at all levels
    • Generating self-generated accountability
    • Drive towards excellence in every project and individual activity
    • And of course proactive mind sets
  • Can we generate new Environment?
    • Government & Corporate
    • Improved infrastructure education, healthcare
    • Consistency of policies leading to timely actions
    • Public-Private Partnerships for better Project management
    • Promoting Entrepreneurship
    • Drive for Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
    • Development of rural markets & resources
    • Generating global markets for niche ‘Indian’ products
    • The lesson is that we need to change and that too quickly!! Each new initiative will be a project
  • Execution Excellence from PMs
    • Culture & Environment
      • Executive Sponsorship, Next generation policies, Proactive Planning for new Systems and Change Management
    • Project Management Competency
      • [Project Power] 3 = Project [Management + Leadership + Entrepreneurship ]
      • New Avatar of Project Management
      • Millions of Qualified Project Managers through ‘Applied Project management’
    • Breaking the Myths
      • Change in mindset
    • “ Project Management is Not only for achieving business results but also for transforming the nation”
    • Can we all pledge that we will do our very best that we are in charge and contribute our efforts for a better tomorrow
    • Let the dream of 2020 be reality even if it is 2X2X !!
    • Movement in this direction is welcome!!
    Can PM community act as catalyst to bring about this change?
    • Let me conclude my session with a short film on India 2020
    Can PM community act as catalyst to adopt this change?
  • Can we adopt this mantra in our life and projects ? Become better Project Managers Can PM community act as catalyst to adopt this change?
  • Thank You! Girish Kelkar [email_address] 9890971541 Jai Hind
  • Leadership presentation Gyan Lahari 2012 Girish Kelkar President PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter
  • Leadership Leaders march ahead and accomplish results (in spite of hurdles and problem) with help of others who follow!! Leadership is deciding direction & working towards a goal with confidence, courage and conviction .
  • “ Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.” General Collin Powel Note on Leadership
  • Leadership is driving ahead of others. Acting when others are just thinking about it.
  • Leadership is driving home safe till the destination. There is nothing like “almost reached.”
  • Leadership is generating rhythm & generating disciplined rigor for all team members
  • Leadership is taking care of the supporting team. Not involving into their assignments.
  • Leadership is to strive for reaching the top and staying there..in spite of hardships
  • Leadership is taking a risk and live by the same
  • Leadership is targeting the goal. Totally focused .
  • Leadership is nurturing the team in a new style.
  • Leadership is breaking all records.
  • Leadership is reaching the unreachable
  • Leadership is fun and enjoying work
  • Leadership is a blend of tradition and modern styles
  • Leadership is driving the competition away
  • Leadership is demonstration of courage. Leading by example
  • Leadership is passing on the knowledge and making leaders.
  • Leadership is challenging assumptions
  • Leadership means being in charge & taking control
  • Leadership is bulldozing “old beliefs and limiting thoughts”
  • Leadership is caring for the little ones
  • Leadership is managing the diversity
  • Leadership is managing & driving the challenges
  • Leadership is winning. Come what may.
  • Leadership is comprehending, contemplating conceptualizing & conquering!
  • Leadership is mentoring, monitoring, motivating & marshalling the team to win .
  • Leadership is walking alone if the situation so demands – just based on convictions
  • Leadership is walking along with them & sharing pain with all
  • Leadership is taking a risk and manage the same with help of your team