How to Block Websites on iPhone


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Blocking websites on devices has become very common.Here is the guide to block websites on iPhone and also to block websites on iPad.

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How to Block Websites on iPhone

  1. 1. Search site How to block websites on iPhone By Abinav Pothuganti on Friday, October 11, 2013 You need t o give your iPho ne t o your younger brot her and do not want using it because your brot her may visit cert ain websit es? Not hing impossible, indeed. Thanks t o t he lat est iOS operat ing syst em versions, t he iPhone finally has a feat ure t hat allows you t o rest rict Web browsing by set t ing list s of sit es t o block. If you want t o find out ho w t o blo ck websit es o n t he iPho ne by using it , please follow t he inst ruct ions you find below and t ry t o put t hem int o pract ice. I assure you t hat it is really easy t o set up t his t ype of rest rict ions. In addit ion, POPULAR POST S How T o Block Websites On Android Do you find yourself often to lend your smartphone to friends, brothers, cousins, etc. and you'd like to be able to block certain websi... 10 Facebook T ricks T hat You Always Wanted T o Know! Facebook changes constantly by adding new functions when you least expect it. Serves now a booklet in order to "tame". Here are t... How T o Root Android Phones Easily Compared to iOS , the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, Android is much more open. Anyone can download the apps you want from the Int...
  2. 2. by enabling a special funct ion, you can even rest rict browsing t o a rest rict ed circle of websit es select ed by t he user (i.e. yourself ). Here's everyt hing you need t o know. [Guide]: How T o Develop Windows Phone Apps For Free Would you like to create an application for Windows Phone 8 through which promote your website but do not have advanced knowledge in terms ... Nokia Lumia 2520: Specs, Features And Price! Nokia today introduced its first tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520 .It Looks like a giant Lumia smartphone , which shares the unibody polycar... LABELS HOW T O Before we see in det ail ho w t o blo ck websit es o n t he iPho ne, you must make sure t hat your "melafonino" has iOS 7 inst alled in it . To do t his, go t o t he phone Set t ings (pressing on t he icon on t he home screen) and select General > Abo ut from t he menu t hat appears. APPLE SMART PHONES APPLICAT IONS INT ERNET IPHONE SAMSUNG TABLET S MAC GOOGLE WINDOWS T ECHNOLOGY RECOVER DELET ED FILES SD CARD IPAD If t he versio n field are writ t en 7.xx, means your iPhone is already equipped wit h iOS 7. Ot herwise, you must upgrade t he Terminal following t he direct ions t hat are in my guide on how ANDROID SOCIAL MEDIA BLOCK WEBSIT ES FACEBOOK MAT T CUT T S T ORRENT S SOFT WARES CAMERAS FACEBOOK T RICKS NOKIA YOUT UBE SEO MICROSOFT
  3. 3. t o inst all iOS 7. It is a very simple procedure which does not involve t he loss of any dat a or any app. However , keep in mind t hat iOS 7 cannot be inst alled on earlier iPhone models t o iPhone 4. MOT OROLA MOT O X WINDOWSAPPS IOS
  4. 4. Having iOS 7 inst alled on your device,
  5. 5. you can blo ck websit es o n t he iPho ne by going int o Set t ings> General > Rest rict io ns and pressing Enable Rest rict io ns but t on. Next , t ype a four-digit PIN wit h which t o prot ect t he set t ings of iOS (so t hat t hey cannot be modified by unaut horized persons), scroll down and select WebSit es. Then put a check mark next t o Limit co nt ent fo r adult s (feat ure t o block cont ent unsuit able for children) and press t he but t on Add a websit e ... . In t he screen t hat opens, t ype t he address of t he sit e you want t o block, pressing on Web sit es (t op left ) and you're done. Trying t o open t he sit e just st uck in Safari, t his will be unat t ainable.. Unfort unat ely t he limit at ion does not apply t o any ot her browser inst alled on t he iPhone (eg. Chro me), so I suggest you go back in t he menu t o set t he rest rict ions, select applicat io ns and remove t he check from 17 +. In t his way, all 3rd part y applicat ions deemed not usable by minors, such as browsers, cannot be opened and t he only usable browser is Safari. ALSO READ: How to block websites on
  6. 6. Android
  7. 7. You can also make sure t hat t he iPhone block access t o all websit es except t hose included in a whit e list cust omizat ion. All you need t o do and t o bring you int o Set t ings> General> Rest rict io ns and select Web Sit es from t he menu t hat appears. In t he screen t hat opens, put t he check mark next t o t he it em o nly specific websit es and add t he addresses of websit es which allow viewing on iPhone by scrolling down t he page and pressing t he but t on Add a Websit e. ALSO READ: How to download torrents on iPad and iPhone To disable t he filt ering of Int ernet sit es on your "iPhone by" back in t he menu Set t ings> General> Rest rict io ns> Web Sit es and put t he check mark next t o All Web sit es. To remove an address from t he list of sit es t o block (or allow), make a slide from right t o left on t he lat t er and presses t he but t on Delet e t hat appears t o t he side.
  8. 8. ALSO READ: How to
  9. 9. zip files with iPad Apple Block websit es How t o iPhone About Admin Of The Blog Abinav is t he founder of Tech-St orms. He is a t echie Blogger and writ es art icles on gadget s,applicat ions,lat est t ech news and also on SEO.You can Cont act him here. Follow him @ Google+ | Facebook | Twit t er. New 0 0 0 0 0 RELATED POSTS: 3 Things to do befo re Mo ving to a N...
  10. 10. Ho w to reco ver deleted files fro m i... 5 Things that Apple sho uld Learn fr... iPho ne 5S: Pro blems with all mo tio n... N E W E R P O S T O L D E R P O S T
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