5 Things that Apple Should Learn from Samsung


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As the battle rages for supremacy in the mobile phone market, it seems that companies will stop at nothing to get one step ahead of their competitors. The recent legal case (one of many), which saw Apple successfully defeat their bitter rivals Samsung over a design patent for mobiles and tablets has only succeeded in turning up the heat between these two giants. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery they say, and it’s hard to deny that Apple have certainly led the way when it comes to smartphones in the early years, but it’s fair to say that Samsung have now raised the bar (as well as the stakes) when it comes to the design and production of handsets

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5 Things that Apple Should Learn from Samsung

  1. 1. Search site 5 Things that Apple should Learn from Samsung By Guest Staff on Friday, November 22, 2013 As t he bat t le rages for supremacy in t he mobile phone market , it seems t hat companies will st op at not hing t o get one st ep ahead of t heir compet it ors. The recent legal case (one of many), which saw Apple successfully defeat t heir bit t er rivals Samsung over a design pat ent for mobiles and t ablet s has only succeeded in t urning up t he heat bet ween t hese t wo giant s. Imit at ion is t he great est form of flat t ery t hey say, and it ’s hard t o deny POPULAR POST S How T o Block Websites On Android Do you find yourself often to lend your smartphone to friends, brothers, cousins, etc. and you'd like to be able to block certain websi... 10 Facebook T ricks T hat You Always Wanted T o Know! Facebook changes constantly by adding new functions when you least expect it. Serves now a booklet in order to "tame". Here are t... How T o Root Android Phones Easily Compared to iOS , the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, Android is much more open. Anyone can download the apps you want from the Int... PDFmyURL.com
  2. 2. t hat Apple have cert ainly led t he way when it comes t o smart phones in t he early years, but it ’s fair t o say t hat Samsung have now raised t he bar (as well as t he st akes) when it comes t o t he design and product ion of handset s. [Guide]: How T o Develop Windows Phone Apps For Free Would you like to create an application for Windows Phone 8 through which promote your website but do not have advanced knowledge in terms ... Nokia Lumia 2520: Specs, Features And Price! Nokia today introduced its first tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520 .It Looks like a giant Lumia smartphone , which shares the unibody polycar... LABELS HOW T O APPLE ANDROID APPLICAT IONS INT ERNET So is it t ime t hat Apple - once market leaders and global innovat ors of phone t echnology and design - st art ed t o look around t hem and adopt some of t he ideas (complet ely legally of course) t hat t heir compet it ors are now int roducing? It may be a long shot but here are a few t hings t hey may want t o look at if t hey did... SMART PHONES IPHONE SAMSUNG TABLET S MAC WINDOWS T ECHNOLOGY RECOVER DELET ED FILES SD CARD IPAD GOOGLE SOCIAL MEDIA BLOCK WEBSIT ES FACEBOOK MAT T CUT T S T ORRENT S SOFT WARES CAMERAS FACEBOOK T RICKS NOKIA YOUT UBE SEO MICROSOFT PDFmyURL.com
  3. 3. 1. Removable Battery MOT OROLA MOT O X WINDOWSAPPS IOS Cynics may suggest t hat Apple’s idea of a self-cont ained and sealed bat t ery is a cunning ploy t hat leads t o expensive repair bills or newer and cost lier models being purchased (who me?), but t hey might want t o consider t he int roduct ion of a removable power source for fut ure handset s. Alt hough not ent irely a Samsung invent ion; t he abilit y t o replace a bat t ery or even carry a spare has been a priceless commodit y for many phone users – and one t hat Apple cust omers would cert ainly be grat eful of. 2. Bigger Screen You only have t o place an iPhone next t o any Samsung model t o see how small t hey now appear Of course, t o some . t his is great (who want s t o carry a phone t he size of a post card in t heir pocket ?), but if not hing else it shows t he diverse range of phones Samsung have put out over t he years. Since t he first iPhone was released in 2007, Apple has only made one major change t o t he general size of t he phone, increasing t he display from 3.5 t o 4 inches for t he iPhone 5. If only for movie wat ching and PDFmyURL.com
  4. 4. game playing Apple may want t o consider up-sizing t heir fut ure phones if t hey are t o st ay in t he race. ALSO READ: Apple has infringed a patent from Samsung 3. More Phones They say less is more, but in t he case of t he iPhone; t his doesn’t exact ly ring t rue. On average Apple release a new phone once every 12 mont hs, but such are t he advances in t echnology, t his can oft en mean t hat a smart phone is out of dat e almost as soon as it ’s released. The int roduct ion of t he iPhone 5c has gone some way t o fill t his void, but mixed reviews suggest it is far from being t he ideal solut ion. 4. Adaptability A risky t act ic in light of Samsung’s recent court defeat but it may be t ime for Apple t o run wit h t he pack for a while. As Oscar Wilde said; Talent borrows but genius st eals, and a few “lift ed” ideas from it s compet it ors rat her t han failed at t empt s at t heir own unique product s (Apple Maps) might be PDFmyURL.com
  5. 5. t he news t hat some users would love t o hear . 5. Special Features Samsung’s effort s t o load up it s flagship phones wit h so many ext ra feat ures means even die-hard iOS 7 fans have had t heir heads t urned. Feat ures like t he abilit y t o cust omize set t ings, apps and audio feat ures give users of t he S3 and S4 t he feeling t hat t heir handset is capable of so much more t han ot her models – even if t hey never get round t o using t he t echnology t hat is on offer . So which will you go for? iPhone or Samsung Handset ..? Leave your answer in t he comment sect ion... About Author: This article is written by Matthew Crist on behalf of Concept CAD, specialists in printed circuit board design. Matthew is a blogger and journalist who is currently debating whether to opt for the iPhone or a Samsung handset. Apple Samsung Smart Phones PDFmyURL.com
  6. 6. About Admin Of The Blog Abinav is t he founder of Tech-St orms. He is a t echie Blogger and writ es art icles on gadget s,applicat ions,lat est t ech news and also on SEO.You can Cont act him here. Follow him @ Google+ | Facebook | Twit t er. 6 0 0 0 0 3 RELATED POSTS: iPho ne 5S: Pro blems with all mo tio n... [Guide]:Ho w to reco ver PDFmyURL.com
  7. 7. deleted SMS ... Yo uTube App fo r iOS enables yo u to ... Experts Suggestio n: Ho w to Extend b... N E W E R P O S T O L D E R P O S T 0 COMMENTS: POST A PDFmyURL.com
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