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Georgia State University group project on zappos.

Georgia State University group project on zappos.

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  • •CEO Tony Hsieh one of first on Twitter - period.          .• Twitter is Zappos' main communication medium between customers & company• 8 people on zappos_service
  •  . Welcome tab - customer focused          . Like gate - Grab customer attention by baiting them with exclusive content           . Share your experience transparent WOM          . Fan of the week engagement          . ~180k likes, ~13k talking about
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    • 1.  Established in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn  3 Locations: Los Vegas, Kentucky, and SanFransisco (hometown)  Number of Employees: 2,500 and growing  Specalities: customer service, eCommerce, apparel, and footwear  2009 merged with  Company Growth and Sales for 2010"Zappos and Amazon sitting in a tree..." - Tony Hsieh,CEO of, Inc.
    • 2.  Females ranging in ages 18-49 who already shop online. Most have a college or graduate degree Annual income of $100,000+, No kids Customers main concern is election and customer service Customers less concerned with price
    • 3. Powered by offersonline customersUnparalleled service,selection, anddelivery for almostall their shopping needs.
    • 4. 1. Deliver WOW Through Service2. Embrace and Drive Change3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-minded5. Pursue Growth and Learning6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Customers7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit8. Do More With Less9. Be Passionate and Determined10. Be Humble
    • 5.  “To offer the best customer service in the industry” To “wow” every customer To create emotional connections with customers (becoming a social friend) Create word of mouth (social media)
    • 6. @Zappos_Service - customer@Zappos (Tony Hsieh): servicetweets about the company account •~10,500and its culture followers• ~1.8M •Klout 54: topics incl. customerfollowers • Klout service blogging,61: topics incl. customer style • 8 diff peopleservice, tech, SoMe who answer and theyre very personable@Inside_Zappos - tweets about @ZapposHowTo - niche accountcompany/office that helps customers do specialculture • things/empowers~5,600 them •• Klout 41: topics incl. ~162 followersbusiness, beauty, breast cancer • Klout 12: topics incl. video
    • 7.  21 Blogs on CEO and COO Blogs  28 Posts since 2008
    • 8.  Quantcast Findings Over 9,600 visits vs 9.3 million in 6 months No other channel directs towards blogs readership
    • 9. Benefits of Types of Video Metrics YouTube  Highlight  Founded March  Low Cost Videos 2006  Showcases  Behind-the-  2,500 Subscribers Products Scene Videos  Engage in  Clips  230,000 Channel Communication mentioning Views  Build Loyal  2.5 million Customers  Style Videos Upload Views  Job Recruitment  Employee Office  229 Uploads Videos  Spoof Videos  Commercials
    • 10. Site Categories•••••••
    • 11.  Job Postings Has facts about Zappos employees  Common skills of employees  City they live in  Level of education  College they attended Recommends Zappos family companies Company Awards and Recognitions Shows what other sites were visited
    • 12.  What is it?  Created to help business people with their company culture and customer service Who are the members?  Group Creater and Leader: Christi Scott  162 members  $40 a month subscription to a video service that lets them ask Zappos employee questions  Offers 2 day boot camp where participates visit the headquarters and have meeting with Zappos executives
    • 13.  Twitter is Zappos main communication medium between customers & company They have created a B2B model from their success in B2C Social Media /Customer Service (Training business) Weakness in blogging and organization Needs to elaborate from customer targeting