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Making a 4 Day Work Week Work for You


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Productivity, morale, and the ability to achieve important goals can all be improved by considering a switch to the 4 Day Work Week.

Productivity, morale, and the ability to achieve important goals can all be improved by considering a switch to the 4 Day Work Week.

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  • 1. Making a 4 Day Work Week Work for You Career Resources
  • 2. Summary ! All too often, working longer hours without additional compensation or recognition is expected by companies. As a result, productivity, morale, and the ability to achieve important goals all suffer. ! Treehouse believes that people are the most valuable part of its company. Benefits like the 4 Day Work Week are vital to the long-term success of its people and the company as a whole.
  • 3. Employees work regular hours Monday through Thursday for a total of 32 hours per week; Treehouse offices are closed on Fridays Employees receive full salaries and benefits, all regular holidays off, and a break between Christmas and New Year’s Day Internal chat boards are used to share company news on initiatives, and an in-house project management board records and displays work progress - Email use has been greatly reduced It works! Founded in 2011, Treehouse employs over 75 employees with annual revenues over $10M and over 70,000 customers. How It Works
  • 4. In 2011, Treehouse co-founder
 Ryan Carson established the
 4 Day Work Week as a permanent benefit for all employees.
  • 5. “We are too connected to work, and too connected to social media. I think we would all benefit [from a 4 day work week]... Ryan Carson @ryancarson
  • 6. “There's a core set of people in my life that I care about. If I do not connect with them, [but] I connect with my Twitter followers… What the f*** am I doing?” Ryan Carson @ryancarson
  • 7. Companies and individuals alike can be more productive and enjoy greater work/life balance by implementing a 4 Day Work Week.
  • 8. Work-Life Balance: encourage employees to embrace personal time, do non-work on their free day Focused Work and Schedule: less work time compels employees to focus, achieve more Improved Morale: more time off Attractive Benefit: makes recruiting easier, more competitive Benefits of the 4 Day Work Week
  • 9. Shorter Schedules: weeks have 4 working days instead of 5 Limited Time to Complete Work: it may lead to stress Support Challenges: will customers expect/demand 24/7 support? how will you meet/address it? External Doubts: some people - including potential investors - may not understand or respect the 4 Day Work Week Challenges of the 4 Day Work Week
  • 10. Consider how you can cut back on your working time:
 focus more on projects, less on meetings and email Show results to decision makers to prove it works Work remotely to increase time, reduce commute and expenses Consider time-shifting to cover other days (ex: Tuesday-Friday) It takes discipline, encourage employees to stick to it Lead by example: don't send requests to other employees on Friday or over the weekend How Can It Work for You?
  • 11. Whether you’re working for
 a company or for yourself,
 the 4 Day Work Week can be an
 excellent way to achieve
 a better work/life balance. Good luck from Treehouse!
  • 12. Business and career-related courses Portfolio and job search tips Résumé, cover letter, and interview guides Links to popular job boards… and more! Looking for more career tips? Career Resources at Treehouse include: Learn how to build your own websites, code, and design apps at Use this link to get 1 Month Free at