Team Rynkeby Sponsorship Proposal


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Team Rynkeby Sponsorship Proposal

  1. 1. Team Rynkeby StockholmSponsorship 2013
  2. 2. Team Rynkeby isA Nordic charity project where everydaycyclists: men and women in differentages, with different professions andbackgrounds travel from Scandinavia toParis, France with a goal of raisingmoney for The Swedish ChildhoodCancer Foundation. All participants pay all their own equipment, including bicycle,We fight for life! clothing, food, lodging and other expenses while getting to Paris.
  3. 3. The history of Team RynkebyThe idea behind Team Rynkeby was born during a The trip gave them 38 000 kronas that wasChristmas party in December 2001. forwarded to Børnecancerfonden in Denmark. Since then they have cycled to Paris from Denmark everyKnud Vilstrup, employee at Rynkeby, together year.with former Technical Director Torben MøllerLarsen were sitting and chatting over a beer or The Swedish team came along in 2011. The maintwo. Their conversation slipped into cycling and goal is to raise money and support children withTour de France. cancer together with their families.Knud told Torben that is would be fun to bicycle The fight for life Paris to see the finish at Champs Élysées andasked if he could sponsor with a few litres ofjuice. He was willing to do so, but in return wouldalso like to come along.
  4. 4. 1200 km in 7 days1000 cyclists from 3 countries1 year of preparations6 swedish teams7 tire punctures per day / team2500 km of group training2.000.000 SEK was given to TheSwedish Childhood CancerFoundation in Sweden onlyTarget for 2013 is set to 3.000.000
  5. 5. The Swedish Childhood Cancer FoundationThe Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’spurpose is to raise funds for the prevention andcontrol of cancer in children and to work towards Every fourth childa better health and quality of life for children with does not survive cancercancer and their families.The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation isdriven exclusively by donations from individualsand businesses, and get no contribution fromeither state, municipality of county.Since its inception in 1982, TSCCF contributedmore than one billion to research in childhoodcancer.
  6. 6. The trend of cyclingTrend growth in bicycling is enormous • 38% are bicycling more today than 5 years ago* • Half of them have bicycling as training form to stay fit* • Next popular sport activity - Vätternrundan 2013 sold out in 2,5 hoursAttractive demographic target group • Cyclists are influencers among their peers • The most popular way of training among doctors and lawyers* • Affluent target group *According to Svenskarnas cykelvanor 2012 *In USA, according to research source
  7. 7. PublicityTeam Rynkeby2012 gotattention mediaworth2 000 000 SEK.
  8. 8. Why Team Rynkeby? • Support The Swedish Childhood CancerTeam Rynkeby is a Foundation – be associated with a high-valued charity project for a Sweden’s most well-knownunique charity project foundations.with positive • Huge media attention. Last year several of theassociation and good cyclists involved in the project were interviewed live. Many articles in magazines, dailies and business press.exposure possibilities. • Influential target group – most of those who are interested in cycling are peer influencers, live in cities and have high disposable income.. • Be a part of an expanding project!
  9. 9. DemograficsCycling • Cyclists are typical peer influencersattracts an • • 87% are between 18 and 44 years of age 55% are meninfluential • • 45% are women 70% of all cyclists have a university degree •and affluent • High disposable income High brand loyalty • are driven by value and qualityaudience. *The Cycling Market, The active network, 2007 *Simmons, MRI, USA Cycling Membership,
  10. 10. MarketingPRPress outreach in three stages: before, under and after cycling to Paris. Press releases,blogg meetings, 1:1 interviewsTarget media: Influencers – mostly withn health and hobby press, local press, broadmedia, industry verticals etc.EventsCharity concerts at Nalen in Stockholm, Vätternrundan, Swedish Bike Expo etc.Own channels• Facebook page• Team Rynkeby website• MyNewsdesk pressroom• Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Pintrest, Instagram
  11. 11. Sponshorship possibilitiesIn the early years, the focus has beenplaced on creating basic conditions for PremiumTeam Rynkeby where the main goal hasbeen to ensure the best cycling routes,logistics and accommodation. GoldenWe now know that Team Rynkebymeets both our and participants’expectations so now the main target isto go through a cooperation betweendifferent parties creating the conditions Silverfor increased and highly valuedsponsorships. Together with you.
  12. 12. Premium sponsorshipThe goal is thatTeam Rynkeby will have a maximum of three premiumsponsors and that every premium sponsor will have trade exclusivity.Event Your own event together with Team Rynkeby Tickets to sponsor event to be given out to customers and partners Integrated exhibition at fundraising gala Oppertunity for sampling in goodiebags dring eventsExposure Logo on team clothing (top exposure) Logo on team veicles Logo on website Exhibition on events Press photo from the donation Exposure at races where Team Rynkeby participates (ex. Vätternrundan).Association Association to Team Rynkeby in internal and external marketing. The right to do your own fundraising associated toTeam Rynkeby.Visibility in media Your logo will have the best exposure on our team clothing Mentioning in official press release Right to do integrations on the Team Rynkebys Facebook page.
  13. 13. Sponsorship packaging overview Premium Golden SilverGuaranteed industry exclusivityPossibility to do your own events together with usTop placement of the logotypeBigger logotypeLogotype on team clothingLogotype on service carsLogotype on Team Rynkeby websiteLogotype on event booths / tents etc.Other exposureNewsletter and invitations to our eventsSponsorship diploma 85 -100 K SEK 35 -50 K SEK 25 -35 K SEK
  14. 14. We fight for life!Thank you for showing interest in Team Rynkeby! We will get in touch with you shortly. Team Rynkeby – Stockholm