Japanese youth consumer_behavior


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Japanese youth consumer_behavior

  1. 1. Japanese youth consumer behavior Team MAK 08BN049M Ayaka Kobayashi 08BN121D Kana Moriyama 08BN138L Miki Isobe
  2. 2. Japanese youth consumers 1. Because of the recession, Japanese youths consumers carefully choose products they buy. 2. Japanese youths live in the information society What are factors to catch the youth’s demand?
  3. 3. 4 captivating factors We would define… • Added value • Trend • Brand • Mass psychology are the most essential factors !!
  4. 4. Keys in youth consumer behaviors Added value • Low price • Consumer satisfaction trend • Fashion • Food Brand • Car • Fashion Mass psyche • Word of mouth information internet magazine TV, CM
  5. 5. Added Value 1, Monetary benefits → cheapness, discounting, free gifts 2, Extra Services → free services, high qualified techniques Example ・Hot pepper(Paper/Online coupons) -offers discounting, extra options, free gifts ・Word of mouth by SNS( mixi, twitter) - Users can compare the added value with other shops or restaurants Youths seek added value …for superiority !
  6. 6. Brand and Trend Youths want to… be at the forefront appeal their status 1. Good-looking • youths think using the newest things makes them look good & smart 2. Status ・Having brand/trendy goods directly equals to consumers’ status Vogue senders: Media, Magazines… → very effective to youths!!
  7. 7. Trend2 • Recently, trend makers are shifting from company to consumers( model, product users…)→ very effective!! <Reason> >There are too much information for consumers to choose. >The information made by actual users is the most reliable and newest . Ex, fashion trend is risen in fashion street, Harajuku, Shibuya. Dokumo(読者モデル)became famous as a fashion trender.
  8. 8. Mass psyche Mass psyche works to youths… for a certainty of quality for an unification in the society 1. Certainty of Quality ・Too much information confuses people which to buy → people rely on others’ real opinions. 2. Unification ・Having something everyone-else has makes people feel they are not isolated. Example • Tabe-log(wiki-reviewing restaurants site) • Girls wearing the very similar-styled clothes depending on trends
  9. 9. Analysis –the present state ・Youth consumer’s buying intention graduallyfalls…? 160000 180000 200000 consumer… 1995 2008 62 64 66 68 70 Consumption for fun 1995 2008 % yen
  10. 10. Consumer attitude index •to buy durable consumer goods •参考文献:内閣府のH22年11月統計情報、消費者動向調査による Under 29 30~59 year Over 60 Attitude index 45.4 39.9 40.9 Life style 46.8 42.4 41.4 Increase of income 46.6 39.5 41.9 Employment environment 42.7 36.1 36.4 *Judgment of the timing 45.5 41.7 43.8
  11. 11. Triggers for youth purchasing 参考文献:M1 F1 総研 H22 「若者がモノを買わない要因の考察と 消費を促す方法論」 Consumers buy products that has certain triggers Female • Limited product or offer • For self-treat • For hobby Male • Limited Product • For self-treat • For hobby • For breaking the ice
  12. 12. Factors of youths’ low consuming •Anxious for future willing to save money •Has stereotype relationships a few chance to be inspired by others •Feel low need of something •Dependent to internet give up searching due to too much information
  13. 13. Triggers to motivate thrifty youth consumers Offer products as a self-treat Direct approach by magazine, media ,e-mails give limited sense Simple massage, easy to understand information
  14. 14. CM プロアクティブCM - Katie Perry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDTR-hNzv4Q • Example of Mass psyche
  15. 15. CM2 • Hot Pepper CM • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyYt_m26M4Y • Instance of coupons well-absorbed into the society
  16. 16. Conclusion Important factors to catch the youth demands. Companies have to … 1, pay attention to their shift 2, change the way to tell product’s information .. Not made by companies but also by users and brand icons. Using the consumer’s evaluation more effectively is key factors from now. Added value Trend Brand Mass psychology
  17. 17. References  M1 F1 総研 H22 「若者がモノを買わない要因の考察と消費を 促す方法論」  内閣府のH22年11月統計情報、消費者動向調査  http://www.youtube.com/?gl=JP&hl=ja