Organ izer market size


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Organ izer market size

  1. 1. Technology Entrepreneur Assignment ORGANizer
  2. 2. Contents• Idea Summary• Lessons Learned (& changed made)• Conclusion (worth pursing?)• Survey• Market size analysis
  3. 3. • For the YouTube video, imagine you are giving a short presentation on what you did for OAP project for the class. Start with a brief description of your idea. Explain what you learned from customers and whether you modified the idea as a result of this feedback. Finally, whether you think this opportunity is worth pursuing for the OEP
  4. 4. • Requirements for one pager: You should also write up a short (one page) report on your startup idea, focusing on what you have done to test whether this is a viable opportunity for a business. We want a summary of how many face to face interviews you did with customers and what you learned from the customer feedback. Do customers have the problem that you think they do? If so, how are they currently solving it and how much do they pay for that solution? Are they interested in your solution? Are they willing to pay you for it? Is there a different problem that they are much more interested in having you solve for them? Let us know if you are still pursuing the same idea or if you are changing to a new idea based on customer feedback.
  5. 5. • One pager report• - Startup idea description• - Lessons learned• - Number of face to face interviews• - Market size• Pack• - Startup Idea description• - Lessons learned• - Conclusion on whether this idea is worth pursuing
  6. 6. Market Size• Total Available Market – World internet users (2.4b) – English speaking internet users (287m)• Served Available Market – Through our channels on app stores (287m)• Target Market – Male & female aged 15-65 (250m) – Mobile and web users (250m) – Current downloads existing similar tools (eg: Checkmark to do list 30,000 downloads $4.75 each, Taskos 250,000 installs – free – Personal Coaching market estimated value
  7. 7. Internet users (2.4b) Target Market (english speaking, 15-65, M/F, mobile & web usage) (287m) App industry average # downloaded top 10 productivity/to-do apps 250,000+ per app Average app price ($1.81)Eg RememberthemilkTop visitors USA 28%, Japan 10%) Personal Coaching/Time mgt tools marketRe advertising, average time on site 2.52mins) $600m-1.2billion per year Total target 250,000 x $1.81 x
  8. 8. • Overview team and idea• Survey• Lessons learned• Face to face – how many• Market size
  9. 9. Market Size Internet Users (2.4b) Target Market (287m) English speaking, 15-65yrs, male/female) Avg Price $1.81
  10. 10. Sources include•••• consumerlab•
  11. 11. # app downloads each category today
  12. 12. Users of RememberTheMilk – one of the most popular to do list trackers today