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NRO NC Report as presented by Ron da Silva at ARIN's Public Policy and Members Meeting in April 2014. All ARIN 33 presentations are posted online at:

NRO NC Report as presented by Ron da Silva at ARIN's Public Policy and Members Meeting in April 2014. All ARIN 33 presentations are posted online at:



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  • Three things from this presentation..What is the NRO NC and the ASO AC ?Overview of Global Policies and the PDPReport of recent activities
  • The NRO was established to allow the NRO to:Speak on behalf of the 5 RIRs with one voice.Conduct joint activitiesTo protect the unallocated Number Resource poolTopromote and protect the bottom-up policy development processTo act as a focal point for Internet community input into the RIR systemIt is comprised of the NRO EC, NRO NC, and Secretariat
  • The NRO EC is comprised of one person appointed by each of the 5 RIR’s boards.Historically it has been the RIR CEO, but could be someone else.The NRO EC speaks on behalf of the NRO in all external activities, and allows the 5 RIRs to speak with one voice, when they are in agreement.The NRO EC can designate RIR resources in Support of NRO activates such as fund travel, or commit RIR staff to perform NRO functions.
  • NRO NC is comprised of 15 members, 3 from each regionThe NRO EC has designated the NRO NC to perform the role or the ASO AC.
  • The ASO was formed out of the ASO MoU
  • Within this ICANN framework, there are a number of supporting organizations and advisory committees, such as the GNSO whose members operate the registries and registrars for the generic top level domains, the ccNSO whose members operate country code domain names registries, and the GAC who is the advisory committee made up of government representatives to provide input to the ICANN process. The ASO is one such Supporting Organization for the addressing community.The NRO Number Council’s sole function has been to serve as the ASO Address Council. We, as the Address Supporting Organization, and specifically the Address Council, do our part by:overseeing global policy work for IPs & ASNsappointing Directors to Seats 9 & 10 on the ICANN Boardserving on ICANN bodies such as the NomCom and Review Teams as required by the Affirmation of Commitments which is a letter signed by ICANN and the US Department of Commerce for the continued operation of ICANN independent of the US government contract, andadvising ICANN on number resource matters such as v4 & v6 addresses, ASNs, and the recognition of new RIRs.
  • The ASO Address Council is a 15 member body made up of 3 members from each of the 5 RIR regions. We are elected and appointed from within the stakeholders of each regional community. The stars next to the names show who are the members who have been appointed. In the ARIN region, each of the 3 members serve a 3-year term.Jason is now on his 6th year on the ASO AC, and his term will be up at the end of this year.In the APNIC region, Andy Linton has been replaced by AftabSiddiqui.And in the RIPE region, FilizYilmaz has filled the position that Hans PetterHolen has vacated.Ok, that is the NRO NC and ASO AC and you’ll hear me use them interchangeably, now let’s talk about global policies..
  • So what in the world is the NRO NC doing? I’ll come back to that in a moment..
  • Global Policy Development Process
  • Even though we don’t have any new active global policies under review, we were asked for clarity from IANA on an existing policy.
  • That’s the global policy development process, and now on to other recent activities..
  • Recent Activities
  • This concludes my report. Thank you.

NRO NC Report NRO NC Report Presentation Transcript

  • NRO NC Report: Activities of the ASO AC Ron da Silva ASO Address Council ARIN 33 Chicago, IL 15 April 2014
  • Agenda • The NRO NC / ASO AC • Global Policy & Policy Development Process • ASO AC recent activities 2
  • What is the NRO? 3 ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Performs the IANA function IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Responsible for global coordination of Root DNS, IP address, ASNs, protocol and port numbers ICANN SO ICANN Supporting Organization ASO Address Supporting Organization ASO AC ASO Address Council Review & develop recommendations on IP address policy and recommendations to ICANN Board NRO Number Resource Organization Umbrella organization for the 5 RIRs to speak with one voice and protect RIR interests NRO EC NRO Executive Council Formed by RIR executives. Speak on behalf of NRO NRO NC NRO Number Council Elected & appointed by the 5 RIR communities. Perform the function of ASO AC
  • • Number Resource Organization • Formed by the NRO MoU – 24 October 2003 – understanding • Purpose – Coordination roll for 5 RIRs to act collectively – Perform joint operational / external activities – Protect unallocated number resources – Promote and protect the bottom-up policy development process – Act as a focal point for the Internet community input into the RIR system • Consists of – NRO EC – NRO NC – NRO Secretariat (German Valdez + RIR staff) What is the NRO 4
  • What is the NRO EC • NRO Executive Council – One member appointed from each of the 5 RIR’s boards • Typically the RIR CEO / Managing Director – Represents the NRO in external activity – Represents the RIRs on issues the RIR delegates • Speaks on behalf of the 5 RIRs with one voice – Commits RIR resources in support of NRO activities 5
  • What is the NRO NC • NRO Numbers Council – Three members appointed from each of the 5 RIR’s regions • Two elected by the community • one appointed by RIR board – Performs the function of the ASO AC 6
  • What is the ASO? • ICANN Address Supporting Organization – NRO and ICANN signed the ASO MoU • 19 October 1999 • Updated 30 October 2002 to add LACNIC • Updated 21 October 2004 to add AFRINIC • signed.pdf – Established the NRO NC will perform the function of ASO AC – Defines the roles and process for global policy development – Defines how to provide recommendations to the ICANN board wrt recognition of new RIRs – Defines how to provide advice to the ICANN board regarding number policy 7
  • What is the ASO AC? • ICANN Address Supporting Organization • ASO Address Council function performed by NRO Number Council • Independent body separate from RIR management and board to: – Oversee global number resource policy work – Appoint 2 Directors to the ICANN Board – Serve on various ICANN bodies as needed – Advise ICANN Board on number resource matters 8
  • Registry Member Fiona Asonga Alan Barrett* [Vice Chair] Douglas Onyango Naresh Ajwani [Vice Chair] Tomohiro Fujisaki Aftab Siddiqui* Ron da Silva* Louis Lee [Chair] Jason Schiller Hartmut Glaser* Ricardo Patara Jorge Villa Dmitry Kohmanyuk Wilfried Woeber* Filiz Yilmaz 9
  • Global Policy • A Global Policy – “Global policies are defined within the scope of this agreement as Internet number resource policies that have the agreement of all RIRs [Regional Internet Registries] according to their policy development processes and ICANN, and require specific actions or outcomes on the part of IANA or any other external ICANN-related body in order to be implemented.” – Global policies determine number allocation policy for requests that involve IANA – Global policies may also specify regional number allocation policy • There are currently no new Global Policy Proposals 10
  • Global Policy Development • Each region has its own policy development process – All open, transparent, and bottom-up • Global policy proposals are submitted in all 5 regions • Each region follows its own process • It then gets passed to the NRO for review • And forwarded to the ICANN board 11
  • Global Policy Development • The NRO NC must – Validate the proposal went through the policy development process of each region – Adequate consideration of viewpoints – The same text passed in all regions – Or any rewrite from the NRO EC is not a substantive change compared to what the individual region passed • The NRO NC then recommends to the ICANN board to ratify • ICANN Board can ratify, ask for clarification, or send it back for specific reconsideration of concerns 12
  • ICANN Participation: Global Policy Advice • Interpretation of the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA (ratified in May 2012). Text in question: – "Allocations from the IANA may begin once the pool is declared active." • Question from IANA: (16 Nov 2013) – Allocation from the Recovered IPv4 Pool should be made straight away? Or... – Allocation should happen at the start of the next "IPv4 allocation period," the "6-month period following 1 March or 1 September.” 13
  • ICANN Participation: Global Policy Advice (cont’) • ASO AC consulted global numbering community via each RIR’s policy mailing list. • Advice to ICANN Board & IANA: (14 Apr 2014) – “After consultations with the Internet number communities through the respective RIRs, the ASO Address Council has drawn rough community consensus and advises IANA to implement the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA as follows: 1. Make the first allocation from the IANA recovered pool immediately after the pool is declared active. This first allocation should also be consistent with the rest of the policy. 2. Make all subsequent allocations consistent with the IPv4 allocation period specified in the policy text.” 14apr14-en 14
  • Recent Activities • Operating procedure changes – How to appoint members to various bodies: ICANN NomCom, Affirmation of Commitment Review Teams, Working Groups, etc. 15
  • ICANN Participation • ICANN 48 (Nov 2013) & ICANN 49 (March 2014) – Meetings with ICANN Board, ALAC, ATRT2, NomCom – Discussions: NetMundial, and transition of NTIA’s stewardship of IANA functions • Participate in ICANN outreach – Pre-meeting webinar – ICANN 50 (June 2014) – ASO AC face-to-face meeting 16
  • Current Appointments: ICANN Board Selection • ICANN Board Seat 9 – Raymond A. Plzak – Current term: May 2009 – Annual General Meeting 2015 – Committees: Structural Improvements (Chair), Audit, Board Governance, Compensation, New gTLD Program 17 • ICANN Board Seat 10 – Kuo-Wei Wu – Current term: April 2010 – Annual General Meeting 2016 – Committees: New gTLD Program, Risk, Structural Improvement
  • Current Appointments: other ICANN Bodies 18 • Nominating Committee – Hans Petter Holen • Meeting Strategy Working Group – Dmitry Kohmanyuk – Douglas Onyango • Cross Constituency Working Group on Internet Governance – Filiz Yilmaz – Naresh Ajwani – Martin Levy
  • Thank you. Questions? 19