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Summative Learning Reflection
Summative Learning Reflection
Summative Learning Reflection
Summative Learning Reflection
Summative Learning Reflection
Summative Learning Reflection
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Summative Learning Reflection


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Shafer 1Kristiena Shafer10th Honors World LiteratureMrs. Lester3 May 2012 Summative Learning Reflection1. Throughout my research on PTSD, the organizations that help, the treatments they use andwhat we as a community can do to help, I have gained a much deeper understanding of this issue.At first, I thought PTSD was not as severe of a mental illness as I do now. There are so manyorganizations that devote themselves purely to veterans that suffer from this illness. Veterans canuse these organizations to help them learn to deal with PTSD and its many effects on the veteranand all the people around that veteran. There are so many treatment opportunities for veteransthat suffer from PTSD. There is physical, mental, spiritual, and even animal therapy available forveterans. Each treatment has different effects on recovery and recovery rates vary depending onthe veteran. As a community, there is so much we can do to help veterans that have contractedthese invisible wounds from war. Supporting our troops and veterans is our responsibility and weowe it to them to help them to our upmost ability. A lot of my research came as a shock to mebecause I never had been taught about PTSD and I really did not know how much it affected ourveterans. I also learned the severity of the issue.2. There were not that many challenges with this research project compared to last semestersproject. Finding information that had more depth was slightly difficult, but this was resolved byfinding and using better search terms. Better search terms yielded better results and helped makeour project be more than just surface answers to serious questions. Collaborating with my partnerwent well and I think we work well as a team. Technology is still not my strongest suit.
  • 2. Shafer 2Fortunately for me, Teagan is pretty good with working with technology and she was there tohelp with my computer issues. Time management is something I am usually poor at, butthroughout this project I have done well with it. I think the pressure of knowing that if I did notdo something it would affect more people than me motivated me to keep on track. Overall, mypartner and I had few problems and the problems we did encounter were resolved quickly.3. The most difficult part of this research project was the shaping sheet. Constructing the shapingsheet was pretty much like writing the whole paper. We had to have sources to back up all theinformation we used and then we had to cite all of the sources. I ended up having to put thewhole shaping sheet together because Teagan’s computer broke the weekend we were going toassemble the whole sheet. That was really stressful, but after I finished the shaping sheet, it wasalso the most rewarding part of the project. After it was completed, it felt like the bulk of thework was over and I felt proud that I had completed it even though there were some mishaps.After this point, I felt more comfortable with the project and as if the next steps would developmuch easier.4. The study of our book which we read in class was, All Quiet on the Western Front and theindividual book we choose on our own, The Ghosts of War influenced my choice of the researchtopic. All Quiet on the Western Front was really eye-opening in terms of showing what soldiersgo through and how it affects them way after they return from war. My individual book showedme a more recent perspective of how war can really be. The main character was about my ageand reading about the things that he went through while he was at war and then also what hewent through when he returned from war made the issue of PTSD real to me. After reading thesebooks, I began finding myself thinking about people around me that have been to war andwondering if they were left with this invisible wound of war. Talking about this issue and many
  • 3. Shafer 3more issues on our Fishbowl discussions helped me think about issues in different ways, but Ireally cannot say our discussions influenced my decision about my topic.5. This project has yielded many learning experiences that will have a lasting impact. I willalways be aware of the issue of PTSD in returning veterans and what their families have to gothrough as well. Reading the books showed me the reality of war, and knowing the reality behindthe issue made the issue stick more permanently. Reading the non-fiction articles gave meknowledge to back up the mental pictures the book had put into my head. The articles also taughtme how to begin to understand and to deal with this issue. The Fishbowl discussions willprobably not have a lasting effect on me, but they did give me insights on my topic and othertopics as well. Creating the final product will definitely have a lasting impact on me.Constructing the product let me put all of my research and ideas in one place and I hope myproduct will make a lasting impact on others as well. I feel like this project has benefited memuch more than I ever believed to be possible.6. In the past eight weeks, this research project has been a very rewarding experience. I believethat I was a very good researcher. This topic was difficult to research because of the amount ofbias toward this topic and I had to learn to sort facts from peoples opinions. Learning how to sortthrough the results of my research with this method helped a lot and I was able to find manyresources that were credible and factual, free of bias. I am proud to say that my partner and Ihave worked on this project together. At first I was hesitant about working with a partner, but ithas been a very rewarding experience. We have communicated well together and split the workevenly between us throughout this whole project. I feel that working on this project has given methe knowledge of this topic as well as knowledge of how to better work efficiently on futureprojects.
  • 4. Shafer 47. Though there were few, challenges arose during this project. Technology never seems tocooperate when it is most needed and not being that computer savvy did not make it any better.Other than technology issues, there was the stress that came with the different deadlines. For mypartner and I, deadlines were always met, but the stress that came with them was also always felt.Meeting deadlines is a crucial part of life and I glad to have this pressure so I can better handle itin the future. Dealing with the technology and the stress was not a big problem for us to handle.Working through this project with a partner was beneficial because without a partner I wouldhave been twice as stressed and twice as lost with the technological problems.8. There were many literacy skills that I improved on this semester. The first one that I improvedon was 1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions. I improved onthis skill by finding articles and information that corresponded with the research questions thatwe were trying to answer. 1.1.9 Collaborate with others to broaden and deepen understanding isthe second literacy skill I believe I have improved. During our Fishbowl discussions and whileworking with my partner, I have found that my understanding about my topic has definitelygotten deeper. Third is 1.2.3 Demonstrate creativity by using multiple resources and formats. Bycreating a multi-genre project, my partner and I have used many formats and resources and doingthis made me more creative. 2.3.1 Connect understanding to the real world is the fourth literacyskill I feel I have improved. By researching real stories of veterans suffering from PTSD, mytopic began to have a real world meaning and began to matter more to me. Last but not least,3.1.4 Use Technology and other information tools to organize and display knowledge andunderstanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess. I believe that I have improved onthis skill by creating this project on the computer and I have used so many information tools to
  • 5. Shafer 5organize my research and ideas in a way that others can access. I feel this has helped to advancea plethora of literacy skills.9. The process of composing a multi-genre project enhanced my learning process in this"learning and inquiry" unit. Instead of a traditional research paper or just a digital text we wereable to pull the most beneficial components of each into one project. By doing this, I feel that ourproject reaches more people because they can read about the issue and have visuals as well tomake the issue more realistic because it appeals to more than one of our senses. This multi-genreproject has definitely made me have a better understanding of this topic. The visuals help makepeople want to take a closer look at the topic and that is where the paper explains what peopleare seeing. It is almost like a picture that has a caption.10. My partner and I used Netvibes as our information dashboard and overall we loved it. Weused it to organize all of our pieces of the project such as our paragraphs, pictures, videos, andmulti-genre elements. We shared a Netvibes, but in the future I believe I would create one of myown so that I could have my own dashboard to put things on there that would not be used in thefinal product, but that I found interesting. Using this tool would defiantly be a help to use inanother one of my classes next year. I could just put everything on there and separate things asneeded. I really like how Netvibes can be different for everyone that uses it because the peoplethat use it makes it how they want it. Our Netvibes says that we are organized and resourcefulstudents and I am proud of the way we have put it together.11. This project has prepared me to enter American Literature and Composition next year withconfidence. Specific skills in digital literacy were improved on while doing the project such asworking with the computer to make our Netvibes page and embed information and multi-genreelements into it. Reading the war books that we read was a great help for me to improve in my
  • 6. Shafer 6analytical reading skills by looking deeper into the book and find more than surface issues. I feelthat my writing skills have been improved so much while doing this project because we have putall of our ideas and information into writing. Constructing this project really made me feel like abetter learner and much more prepared to enter American Literature and Composition next year.