CVA – 2011                                                             catherine.victoria@me.comTHV2011Are you ready to MU...
CVA – 2011                                                             catherine.victoria@me.comLine Rider: Jagged Peak Ad...
CVA – 2011                                                        catherine.victoria@me.comThe Joan Ganz Cooney Center at ...
CVA – 2011                                                             catherine.victoria@me.como http://www.powerupthegam...
CVA – 2011                                                               catherine.victoria@me.com10.Dewey, J. (1997 - Ori...
CVA – 2011                                                              catherine.victoria@me.comRiver, NJ: Merrill/Prenti...
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[RESOURCES] Are you Ready to MUVE? An Introduction to Virtual Worlds


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Resource list for presentation given by Catherine Parsons, Pine Plains CSD, during THV's 2011 Summer Institute, Place & The Digital Native: Using Technology & Social Media to Teach the Hudson Valley

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[RESOURCES] Are you Ready to MUVE? An Introduction to Virtual Worlds

  1. 1. CVA – 2011 catherine.victoria@me.comTHV2011Are you ready to MUVE? Introduction to Virtual Environments and GamingConnecting to learners means connecting to the tools of their everyday world. Therefore,Virtual Worlds and video games, now ubiquitous among two full generations, must beconsidered when examining curriculum and instruction. In this session, participants willdeconstruct the learning and design concepts behind virtual worlds and video games,examine how these concepts align with research-based classroom practice, and exploreways in which virtual worlds and gaming should be incorporated into the definition ofwhat it means to be literate in society today.Contact Information:Catherine V. Addor ParsonsAssistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Pupil Personnel ServicesPine Plains Central School Districthttp://www.ppcsd.orgc.parsons@ppcsd.org518.398.7181 x114catherine.victoria@me.comhttp://www.catherinevictoria.net845.418.6760aim: catvparaSLaka Victoria Gloucesterhttp://www.victoriagloucester.netvictoria.gloucester@gmail.comskype: victoria.gloucestertwitter: vgloucesteriWoWaka VyktoreaRealm: Sisters of Elune,Alliance Guild: Cognitive Dissonancehttp://cognitivedissonance.guildportal.comcogdis@me.comtwitter: cogdisguildYoutube Videos:Spoonfull of Sugar Stairs Airplanes in the Sky 1 of 1
  2. 2. CVA – 2011 catherine.victoria@me.comLine Rider: Jagged Peak Adventure Salad Duncan on Digital Nation: McGonigal: TED – Gaming can make a better world. MORPG Examples: • Lord of the Rings Online • EvE • World of Warcraft World Examples:Second Lifeo Towno http://www.whyville.netWizard 101o Penguino Worldso Atlantiso and Resources:Game Researcho Pew Research Center for the People and the Presso• Gillispie: Thesiso 2 of 2
  3. 3. CVA – 2011 catherine.victoria@me.comThe Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Street Workshopo for the Futureo Milky Drinko Center for Collective Intelligenceo for Changeo Reviewo of Playo (Conference): Gaming, Learning and Societyo Review on Play Researcho Business Reviewo Renaud’s Blogo me-a-better-ceo.htmlGamesFreedom Fighters ‘56o the Impossibleo Digitao AboutUsLeapfrog School Houseo;jsessionid=03FD994D77590FAFDB788FE25C7DD308Evokeo Peace Doveso Survival Gameo UpPage 3 of 3
  4. 4. CVA – 2011 catherine.victoria@me.como http://www.powerupthegame.orgWorld Without Oilo Warso Kids Go! o Kids o Street o Scotus o http://www.fantasyscotus.netGlobal Warming Interactive o Rider o Wars o Lakes Community College: Tolken/LoTR Onlineo o to Learn o 201: UNC o Islands in Teen Second Life o in School o Gameso Alice • Scratch • Turtle Art • Game Salad • for Changeo Katrina the Cost of Life• Resource:o Cognitive Dissonanceo Best Practices in Education: Second Lifeo, J. (1910). How we think. Retrieved from 4 of 4
  5. 5. CVA – 2011 catherine.victoria@me.com10.Dewey, J. (1997 - Original Work published 1959). Experience and education. New York:Touchstone Books.Dickey, M. (2005). Brave New (Interactive) Worlds: A review of the design affordancesand constraints of two 3D virtual worlds as interactive learning environments. InteractiveLearning Environments, 13(1), p. 121 - 137. Retrieved from EbscoHost.Friedman, M., Harwell, D.H., & Schnepel, K. C. (2006). Effective instruction: Ahandbook of evidence-based strategies. Columbia, SC: The Institute for Evidence-BasedDecision-Making in Education.Gee, J. (2003). What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy. NY,Palgrave Macmillan.Gee, J. (2007). Good vide games + good learning: Collected essays on video games,learning, and literacy. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.Gillespie, F. (1998). Instructional design for the new technologies. New Directions forTeaching and Learning, 76, p. 39 - 52.Glasser, W. (1990). The quality school: Managing students without coercion. New York,NY: Perennnial Library.Howard, A. (2004). American studies and the new technologies: New paradigms forteaching and learning. Rethinking History, 8(20), p. 277 - 291.Jasko, S. (1997). Education and assessment: How do we measure a game? Education,118(1), 18-21. Retrieved from ProQuest Education Journals database. (Document ID:21746439).Kolb, D. (1984). Experiential learning: Experience as the source of learning anddevelopment. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.Kolb, D., Rubin, I., & Osland, J. (1991). Organizational behavior: An experientialapproach (5th edition) Englewood Cliffs, N J: Prentice-Hall.Malone, T., & Lepper, M. (1987). Making learning fun: A taxonomy of intrinsicmotivations for learning. In R.E. Snow and M. J. Farr (Eds). APtitude, learning andinstruction III: Cognitive and affective process analyses. Hillsdale, NJ: Eribaum.Pai, Y., & Adler, S. A. (2001). Cultural foundations of education (3rd ed.). Upper SaddlePage 5 of 5
  6. 6. CVA – 2011 catherine.victoria@me.comRiver, NJ: Merrill/Prentice-Hall.Papert, S. & Caperton, G. (1999). Vision for education: The Caperton-Papert platform.91st annual National Governors Association. St. Louis, Missouri. Retrieved from, M. (2007). Simulation nation. Edutopia. Retrieved March 26, 2007.Powers, W. (1998). Making sense of behavior: The meaning of control. New Canaan, CT:Benchmark Publications.Sanborn, R., Sanotos, A., Montgomery, A., & Caruthers, J. (2005). Four scenarios for thefuture of education. The Futurist, 38(7), p 26 - 30.Sullo, B. (2007). Activating the desire to learn. VA: Association for Supervision andCurriculum Development.Page 6 of 6