Teaching Technology for Education Issue8 Autumn/Winter 2012


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Teaching Technology for Education is a free online magazine for teachers and trainers www.teachingtechnology.co.uk

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Teaching Technology for Education Issue8 Autumn/Winter 2012

  1. 1. Teaching Issue 08_Autumn_Winter_2012technology for education How technology helps me teach... Free prize draw to win an NEC desktop monitor...Wedgwood AV Limited www.teachingtechnology.co.uk
  2. 2. Teaching technology for educationTeaching Technology for education - how technology helps me teach www.teachingtechnology.co.uk Teaching Technology for education is a free online magazine for teachers and trainers. Current and back issues free download at www.teachingtechnology.co.uk You don’t have to leave your details to download copies. However, if you’d like to receive an email (we do not spam) to remind you when a new issue is ready for downloading, please send your contact details to subscriptions@teachingtechnology.co.uk Twitter: @TeachingTechmag LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/teachingtechnology FREE Audio Visual guides Wedgwood AV Ltd FREE guides on Audio Visual / ICT technology Digital Signage guide www.wedgwood-group.com Projector guide www.multimediaprojectors.co.uk LCD monitor guide www.computermonitors.co.uk Whiteboard guide www.interactive-whiteboards.co.uk02_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  3. 3. WELCOME NEC screens displaying digital signage messages, news feeds, events and activities at Cardinal Newman College Free to win an prize E231W 2 NEC Welcome draw LCD mon3” itor We’d love to hear from if you’d like to share with us how you’re using new technology at your school, was how I ended my last welcome message to you all. So I was delighted when we received ideas from teachers around the world, and you’ll find a small selection of these in our ‘Around the world in 80 ways’ feature. Although Teaching Technology for Education was written for teachers in the UK, I suppose it should come as no surprise to discover that the magazine is being read in schools in Australia, Bangladesh, Morocco, South Africa, Sweden and the USA, and other parts of the world, as it is now available for free download on the Internet. And as we celebrate Teaching Technology’s Teaching Technology Editor second birthday, we’re delighted its proving so successful. Linda Adams editor@teachingtechnology.co.uk We noticed too, that as well as teachers downloading copies (and you can subscribe free to EDITORIAL receive an email to let you know when a new issue is online), that people from other professions Contributions should be sent to were also interested in reading about new AV technology. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce the editor at the above address. the arrival of our new magazine, Teaching Technology for Healthcare, and you can download Every care is taken of materials sent for publication, however these are Issue 1 at www.teachingtechnology.co.uk submitted at the sender’s risk. The views expressed within are We love to hear your views and feedback and can be contacted by email or through our Twitter of the contributors, and not and LinkedIn pages. Best wishes. Your editor, Linda Adams editor@teachingtechnology.co.uk necessarily the TT. Production Wedgwood AV Ltd Contents 01754 769967 20 Case study: University of Sunderland 04 Case study: AVer F30 visualisers help creating collaborative learning zone MAGAZINE COPIES in Mathematics and Design Free quarterly issues from www.teachingtechnology.co.uk Technology lessons 22 Prizewinners 06 Simplifying touch screen technology 23 PRONTO reception desks Wedgwood 08 A Sharp look at new technology in 24 Hitachi launch StarBoard Link EZ2-Pen AV Limited education All information, models and prices are 26 You need an audio visual system but accurate to the best of our knowledge, at 09 Training based on the belief that how do you store it? the time of writing and are intended as a guideline only. You are advised to consult technology doesn’t have to baffle individual manufacturers specification 28 Case study: St Helens College rolls out sheets on interested products. 10 Case study: RepeatSignage delivers CTOUCH interactive displaysUntitled-1 1 Wedgwood AV Ltd is registered in England 9/11/10 10:10:25 information to students at with registered number 3514877. Cantraybridge College 29 Education shopping list Copyright 2011-2012 Wedgwood AV Ltd. 12 Digital signage players 30 Meeting of the Minds: Essex Schools use All rights reserved. Corporate names and trademarks are the property of their respective LifeSize to challenge gifted and talented companies. Specifications subject to change 14 BETT 2013 preview of new technology students through HD video without notice. 16 Feature: Around the world in 80 ways 32 Free prize draws - win an NEC monitor www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_03
  4. 4. AVer F30 visualisers helpsuccess story in Mathematics and Design Technology lessons Newtown Primary School, Gosport is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England school with a mixed catchment, located in an urban setting. Here, Mrs Jenny Wedick, discusses how AVer F30 Visualisers have helped in Mathematics and Design Technology lessons. How was the Visualiser used? What did you enjoy about working with the The Visualiser was used to show the class examples of work which had just been done by children – particularly examples Visualiser? The Visualiser is worth shouting about – its nice and easy to use where the child had made an error and then self corrected! The and the children quickly helped me get the clearest picture using children demonstrated different methods of supporting the ‘mode’ button. We took some camera shots of the different calculations using apparatus such as bead strings and multiplication methods and we tried using the video but Numicon. Whilst working with the pupils it became obvious they went all shy, which was a shame! We intend to have the that many children did not have a method for working out Visualiser in use more regularly for them to get used to this and multiplication. It was really good for other members of the class then we can record their methods and findings. to get involved and do the explaining on the teacher’s behalf. The impact of using the Visualiser What further developments are you planning The Visualiser gave the pupils much more freedom to express to do? themselves, which also meant the quieter members of the class We have already planned in a ‘Key Stage’ meeting in the summer were happy to talk more confidently, which they have found an term where examples of Visualiser useage will be shared with other issue when using the whiteboard. Having a visual aid gave them staff. Following the purchase of Visualisers for all Junior classes we the confidence to talk more about their Maths. The rest of the will have training as part of an INSET day. class were able to understand more easily as they could see what their peers were doing because they could see things I have also shared the use of the Visualiser with my Year 3 happening in front of their own eyes! This made the process far colleagues who have used it for Literacy (showing work and more understandable as a lot of pupils are visual learners. recording performance poetry) History (showing artefacts) as well as Maths and Design Technology. NEWS: If you want your pupils to interact with other schools, AVer has an all-in-one solution, to use out of the box - video conferencing systems for school to school or for 4-sites. 04_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  5. 5. “Show the pupils what the Visualiser success storycan do and they will tell you when itwould be good to use it and they willwant to use time after time.”Jenny Wedick, Teacher, Newtown Primary School F30 Visualiser F30 Visualiser foldedQuotes from pupils:“It was good to be able to show thewhole class what I could do with aVisualiser.”“It helps to see all the parts of anAncient Egyptian chariot model wemade in class.”• 01754 769967• sales@wedgwood-group.com• www.wedgwood-group.com W30 Wireless Visualiser www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_05
  6. 6. touch screens Simplifying touch screen technology Choose the wrong type of touch screen technology and it may not be the best for your specific needs. NEC aims to simpify the solution... NEC MultiSync® X-series for video walls NEC MultiSync® P-series of public displays NEC display solutions NEC, together with its solutions partners, then takes its original P-series screens and add various components to provide a variety NEC has a range of LCD desktop, large format monitors of solutions. For example, the P552 55” screen is stand-alone; the P552PG has the addition of protective glass (PG) for vandal-proof and touchscreens for various applications within training, protection where screens are sited in public areas; P552-DST is a fully education, public sector applications and public displays. integrated touch screen using Dispersive Signal Technology; P551- PCT is a fully integrated touch screen using Projected Capacitive touch The NEC MultiSync® P-series of professional, high definition (1080p) technology; P701-OSTU is a 70” P-series screen with Next Windows public displays, designed for 24/7 operation, such as in reception Optical Sensing technology (OST) with USB interface (U). and other public areas. They can be used on their own to display information, or by using an optional NEC slot-in PC and digital Touch screen technology is also integrated into other series of NEC signage software, can be used for signage applications. screens. For example, the NEC V-series is available with DST and OST touch screen technology. The P-series has DICOM support for medical applications in University teaching hospitals. An important feature for medical The NEC V-series from 32” to 65” are entry level public displays, ideal training is the Programmable Ambient Light Sensor for reduced for education use, although these should not be used where they need power consumption and eye pleasing brightness levels. to be in operation for long lengths of time. Features of the P-series include daisy chaining via DVI (max 9 units) The MultiSync® X-series of specialist public displays are second and DisplayPort (max 25 units); TileMatrix (10 x 10) so that you can generation video wall screens with a mere 6.7mm bezel for impressive build up a matrix of up to 5 monitors by 5 in size so that video walls video walls. With heavy duty performance and high brightness, they can be created over 5 metres wide by 3 metres tall without needing are ideal for displaying information about your education services in any additional hardware; OSD rotation to portrait mode; PIN as theft the schools/university’s main reception area. This series also includes protection and various picture in picture options. DICOM support. As with the P-series there are a number of features including TileMatrix to build a matrix of up to 5 monitors by 5. 06_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  7. 7. NEC DST touch solution touch screensThe range of NEC P-series in sizes 40”, 46” and 55” are fullyintegrated DST (Dispersive Signal Technology) touch solutionsby 3M. The sensor is installed behind the original NEC bezeland gives a fast accurate repeatable touch.DST touch technology works with vibration. This workson taps rather than touch and is therefore ideal forannotation applications or where you want to install the LCDtouchscreens into tabletops. You could put your hand onthe table and it would recognise that you weren’t touching it,but when you tap to touch, it would recognise that and actaccordingly. It is not good for drag and drop nor missioncritical applications. NEC MultiSync® P552 DST 55” touchscreen3M DST touch technology is very robust and does nota require special input device nor a clean surface as the These screens require no recalibration in either a vertical (portraittechnology relies on ‘bending waves’ for locating the point of and landscape) or horizontal position (tabletop). You can usecontact with the surface. The screen can be touched with these screens with an optional NEC slot-in PC for digital signagebare hands or gloves and sensitivity is not affected by dirt, applications, when you will also need digital signage software thatgrease or scratches. has touch screen support, such as Repeat Signage.NEC PCT touch solutionThe range of NEC P-series in sizes 40”, 46”, 55”, 65” and 70”are fitted with a fully integrated Projected Capacitive touchscreen (PCT). The sensor is installed behind the originalNEC bezel and offers Windows® 7 dual touch capability. Itfeatures a resilient all glass touch sensor, ideal for vandalresistant applications offering resistance to scratching andgouging. The sensor is located behind the glass and cannotbe interfered with by the user.PCT technology can operate behind weather-resistanceor vandal-resistance glass. It can also be installed behindwindows, for example, in a school, college or universityfoyer’s window. Projected capacitive touch uses finger orstylus. Works with bare hands or gloves. NEC MultiSync® P551 PCT 55” touchscreen NEC OST touch solution The patrolled NEC P-series in size 70” are fitted with a fully integrated Next Window Optical Sensing touch screen. The sensor is installed behind the original NEC bezel and offers Windows® 7 dual touch capability. Annotations are fast and precise making this touchscreen the ideal solution where handwriting and creative drawing are the principle requirements. Optical sensing technology (OST) has cameras in the corner of the screen and a reflective strip, so that it knows when you are touching the screen. The bezel (surround) on optical sensing touch screens is a little bigger to incorporate the Touchscreens that use Optical Sensing technology are not cameras. Care should be taken when cleaning as cameras in robust, nor vandal resistant and are not suitable for public the corner under the bezel can attract dust and dirt. Touch is display unless sited in a monitored area, for example, in activated by bare fingers, gloved fingers or a stylus. reception with staff presence or museum patroled by security. • 01754 769967 • sales@wedgwood-group.com • www.wedgwood-group.com www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_07
  8. 8. A Sharp look at newTOUCHSCREENS technology in education A Full HD LCD touch screen with interactive whiteboard software PN-L702B Sharp Full HD LCD interactive Display In classrooms, traditional interactive New generation, interactive display efficient LED backlit screen gives off very whiteboards with projectors are technology little heat, making the classroom more making way for new AV solutions Installing a Sharp LCD interactive pleasant. that are versatile and can show whiteboard in the classroom opens images in bright and clear full HD up a whole new world of education Built-in speakers offer the benefit of adding resolution. possibilities. Connectivity with a PC sound to your presentations without the or DVD/Bluray player allows you to need for additional components; and the Using projectors involves using projector incorporate video and online content pen-mouse provided with the units enables screens or interactive whiteboards. into your lesson. Displaying it on a big, users to write freely on to the screen powerful screen ensures that all student using the interactive whiteboard function, Using a projector system has inherent eyes are front and centre. or annotate existing presentations and problems, such as ambient noise levels documents using the pen-soft annotation from the cooling fan, shadows and maybe As they’re designed to be interactive software supplied. dull images which make the screen difficult from the ground up, these displays are to see in bright classrooms, as well as the slim and stylish. They are built around Developed for Sharp touch-screen LCD need for frequent bulb replacements and a proprietary Sharp infrared touch- monitors, Sharp Pen Software allows for cleaning, which dramatically add to the screen system ensuring use in a wide the smooth running of lessons. You can total cost of ownership. range of applications, with no image quickly write and draw directly on the distortions and no physical wear on the screen surface using the touch pen or a touch system, as the user only touches finger. Screen images can be enlarged or a sheet of toughened glass. The units rotated, and handwritten notations such are available in 60”, 70” and 80” screen as text and drawings can be selected and sizes, can be wall or trolley mounted and moved around. There is a split screen when combined with a rear mounted feature for dual display of whiteboard PC, the solution can be fully portable and on-screen applications, as well as an between classrooms. This versatility overlay feature allowing annotation over allows resources to be shared, if required, anything shown on the desktop. thus cutting costs. There are also no • 01754 769967 noisy cooling fans inside and the energy • sales@wedgwood-group.com 08_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967 • www.wedgwood-group.com
  9. 9. LCD monitors TRAiNINGAs a trainingprovider, n-vestfirmly believethat technologydoesn’t have tobaffle and this isa philosophythat is close toeach of theirtrainers’ hearts. • 01754 769967 • sales@wedgwood-group.com • www.wedgwood-group.comTraining based on the belief thattechnology doesn’t have to baffleIn an industry renowned for fast paced technologicalimprovements, it is important to teachers to understand not onlythe products they are using, but also the requirement for thetechnology within your particular working environment. This iswhere n-vest come in.n-vest work closely with education customers to deliverspecialist, bespoke training to accompany the installation of newkit, whether interactive whiteboards, video conferencing ordigital signage. Their trainers are experts in the products theyuse as well as experts in understanding customer needs, thanksto the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) they undergo aspart of the trainer induction process. Beyond trainingn-vest work closely with education customers to develop and Each training session is delivered in a hands-on and facilitativeenhance the use of a new product by focusing on how you use manner meaning that all users get the most from their time andthem specifically to ensure added value to all. efforts. Following the onsite training, n-vest offer 12 months training support for each customer and also offer first or second line technical support.Training sessionsA typical half day training session can be broken down intotwo steps:Step one is an advance contact call or training needs analysis Hertfordshire Business Awards In recognition of this, Pip Thomas and n-vest have receivedcall. This will determine times, dates and location as well as the Hertfordshire Business Awards ‘New Business Award’ inensuring that all equipment is ready for use before any training 2006. As Managing Director of n-vest, Pip ensures all trainersbegins. are kept up to date with current technologies and techniques. As an NLP practitioner, Pip continues to focus on trainingThe second step is the training visit itself. A trainer will visit your methods and the importance of providing a complete servicesite to look at the basics of a product, such as a newly installed that exceeds expectations from the start, rather than justvideo conferencing unit as well as discussing the best practices delivering product knowledge.depending on the level of use per individual user. www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_55 www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_09
  10. 10. RepeatSignage deliversSUCCESS STORY information to students at Cantraybridge College Cantraybridge is a small college for adults with learning difficulties who were looking for an electronic noticeboard that could be used in several locations to update staff and students of the coming week’s events and if possible to allow the students an input into updating the display. “Thanks to funding from the Karten Network we were able to purchase two large display screens and Repeat Signage software”, revealed Frank Ritchie, IT Enabler, at Cantraybridge in Inverness-Shire. 10_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  11. 11. ”One of the things that I particularly like about SUCCESS STORYthe software is its compartmentalisation,”explained Frank Ritchie. “For instance the officeupdates an rtf document which updates ourweekly events list and it doesn’t matter to theoverall display if there are mistakes made inthis area. Similarly the student association aregoing to have a news feed hosted on RepeatSignage’s RepeatServer which they will beallowed to update and again it is not going tocause any problems to the rest of the display ifmistakes are made. The students are alreadyable to update the photo slideshow easily.”“We already have our own news feed on theRepeatServer which the office finds easy toupdate and we also incorporate the ChiefExecutive’s twitter feed.”“Another feature we have found very useful isthat we can have different displays based onthe same information. Apart from the two maindisplays we also have a smaller display runningon an old Windows XP machine which onlydisplays the rtf document with the weekly diaryand the news feed and this is perfect for wherethis display is situated.”“Once it is up and running it is so easy tomaintain and that makes my life so much easier,”says Frank. “At the moment we are only usinga small amount of the software’s capabilities butalready the display is very popular with studentsand staff as well as being very useful.”You can download the evaluation softwarewithout giving your details.www.repeatsoftware.comRepeatServer lets you create your own RSSfeeds and update these, plus there are over athousand images for you to download to use in www.cantraybridge.co.ukyour signage presentations.www.repeatserver.com • 01754 769967 • sales@wedgwood-group.com • www.wedgwood-group.com www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_11
  12. 12. SIGNAGE PLAYERS Digital signage players Booming era of digital signage Digital signage players Digital signage offers good opportunities to provide information Where you wish to display your signage information across a to staff, students and visitors, for example, informing them of large university campus, then using a professional digital signage current activities as well as promoting other services within the player is worthy of consideration. school, college, university, library or museum. With fanless design, NEXCOM PC-based digital signage players In the reception area, digital signage can assist visitors in finding are widely used for advertising, branding, real-time message and their way around the college campus, whilst in the restaurant it for delivering information and entertainment. You can even look can display menus and special meal deals. at generating income by advertising products to your specific targeted audience. A typical digital signage solution would be a 42” LCD public display screen and either a PC or digital signage player and The NEXCOM NDiS series addresses the requirements for a some digital signage software. broad spectrum of digital signage applications. This series of cost-effective digital signage players support single and dual Obviously, there is a big difference between providing a digital display screens. signage system in a large university to that of a small primary school. In the latter case, you may only wish to have an LCD A digital signage solution run on local area network (LAN) for screen in reception and another in the school hall. For this example, could be an NEC 42” P-series LCD high definition public solution you could use a dedicated computer to run your digital display with thin bezel, DICOM support and designed for 24/7 signage software (some display screens have a slot-in area at the use; Repeat Signage digital signage software which has pixel-by- back to accommodate a small PC), or you could use a Nexcom pixel control for Windows; and a NEXCOM NDiS 125-L fanless, digital signage player. PC-based digital signage player. 12_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  13. 13. The NDiS 125-L is powered by 1.8GHz Intel® Atom™ D525 Dual The NEXCOM NDiS 166 1080P signage player is speciallyCore processor. This advanced Intel® based technology boasts designed to be mounted behind the large-size displays such SIGNAGE PLAYERS50% better performance than the previous generation of Atom™ as LCD TV or plasma display panels (PDP). This model is aN270 CPU, with only a small increase in power consumption. compact, fan-less design and has WAN/TV tuner support.Equipped with NVIDIA ION2 GPU, the NDiS 125-L Atom player is With smooth 1080p Full HD video playback on dual displays itcapable of supporting 1080P video playback. NDiS 125-L, with is ideal as an advanced digital signage player for advertising,4GB memory, is housed in a maintenance-free fanless chassis hospitality, brand promotion and digital menu board.which reduces moving parts and therefore increases componentlife span. This means you benefit from a lower total cost of A typical video wall signage solution, for example, would beownership (TCO) yet industrial grade reliability. 4 NEC P-series LCD public screens, Repeat Signage digital signage software and NEXCOM’s NDiS 542 video wall player.College restaurants pose many environmental challenges. With This video wall player is powered by Intel® Core™ 2 Duo/long opening hours and variable temperatures, the NDiS 161 Core™ 2 Quad series processors and S3 4300E GPU, beingsignage player is equipped to handle these conditions to ensure specifically designed for any 2x2 or 1x4 video wall applicationsthe successful playback of menus and promotional content. and can distribute high impact contents on multiple displays. NEC V-series screens • 01754 769967 • sales@wedgwood-group.com • www.wedgwood-group.com NEXCOM NDiS 125-L digital signage player NEXCOM NDiS 166 high performance player with WLAN / TV support NEXCOM NDiS 166 also comes bundled with TV card and signagelive cloud-based digital signage software NEXCOM NDiS 542 video wall player www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_13
  14. 14. NEW TECHNOLOGY Having celebrated an unprecedented and sustained success for the past 28 years at Olympia, Bett 2013 makes the move to ExCeL due to the unrivalled facilities and increasing demand for space to support the sheer number of visitors. The strong international links at ExCeL will support the annual increase in the number of Bett visitors from overseas, seeking to learn from the UK’s experience of technology in learning and development. As the global meeting place for those passionate about the transformational power of learning technology, Bett provides a platform for visitors to discover how technology can improve and enhance learning, from early years to Higher Education right through to workplace learning. More than 700 exhibitors will be showcasing the latest and greatest ideas and innovation within the industry. Visitors will benefit from a wealth of free advice and CPD accredited sessions that can be taken back to their classroom or learning environment. Preview of new technology BETT 2013 takes place from 30 January to 2 February 2013 at ExCel London and brings together more than 700 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors. 14_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  15. 15. How to get there eInstruction is showcasing Flow, a new user-friendly Bett 2013 takes place at ExCeL assessment software that works with student response London, located in the heart of NEW TECHNOLOGY systems, tablets and smartphones. Flow is designed to London’s Royal Docks, within easy correspond to the needs of formative, summative and reach of central London. The venue diagnostic classroom assessment. Fully cloud integrated and is part of a 100 acre campus, LMS ready, it facilitates assessment, continuous evaluation, including three onsite DLR stations, and attendance monitoring. easy access to the Jubilee Line and London City Airport, parking Flow works with eInstruction® student response systems, as for 3,700 cars, six onsite hotels well as smartphones and tablet using iOS and Android, and and numerous on-site bars and computers operating Windows (XP, Vista, or 7) Mac and Linux. restaurants. Flow questions are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, eInstruction Workspace™, Open Office and other software. It also provides the Mobi KWIK and View instant feedback ExCeL Centre, London, E16 1XL features. Visit us on Stand D340. Sales enquiries, contact Wedgwood AV Ltd., Tel: 01754 769967 By Rail/Tube The Jubilee Line is recommended as the quickest route towards ExCeL and ICC London from Central London. Alight at Canning Town to change onto the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) bound for Beckton. ELMO will be showcasing the new Visitors for ExCeL London are wireless visual presenter advised to alight at Custom House. MO-1W at Bett 2013. Smaller than a business envelope, the MO-1w is a high quality imaging mobile Public bus services 147 and 241 presenter. No cable connection will also depart from Canning Town be required between the presenter station to Custom House, or a fully and a projector or monitor by signposted walking route is provided implementing a new wireless system from the main exit of Canning Town WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface), which is bus station for anyone who wishes different from Wi-Fi. The latest WHDI technology to complete their journey to the can transmit a full, uncompressed 1080p signal, venue by foot. Blue directional signs 30fps, at a rate of up to 3GB/sec. Not only guide you to the main west entrancecaptured images but also computer data can be transmitted wirelessly through the of ExCeL London. The walk takesMO-1w’s switching capability. All you have to do is connect the Receiver Module (VPR-1) approximately 12-15 minutes.to the HDMI input on a projector or monitor. Visit ELMO on Stand D30. Sales enquiries,contact Wedgwood AV Ltd., Tel: 01754 769967. www.wedgwood-group.com By Road When driving to ExCeL London follow signs for Royal Docks, City Airport and ExCeL. There is easySMART Technologies recently added the access from the M25, M11, A406SMART Board® 8055i interactive flat panel and A13. For Sat Nav purposes, wefor education customers, which will be on recommend using postcode - E16show at Bett 2013. The SMART Board®8055i combines a high-definition, shadow-free 1DR. ExCeL London offers on-site55” (139.7cm) LCD display with advanced car parking for 3,700 cars.multitouch capability. It includes the SMARTNotebook™ collaborative By Airlearning software. Sales ExCeL London is easy to get to fromenquiries, contact London’s five main airports - LondonWedgwood AV Ltd., Tel: City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted01754 769967 and Luton - via Docklands Light Railway (DLR), underground and NEC UM-series of ultra-short projectors, launched mainline rail services. recently, will be on show at Bett 2013 on Capita stand B250. There are four projectors in this series Located 5-minutes from ExCeL which have Advanced Eco features to substantially London, by car or taxi, London City lower your operating costs without compromising Airport offers direct access to over on quality and flexibility. Less shadow 30 European & UK destinations, and glare gives you more space to with 350 flights per day. Additionally, engage with your students; ideal for connect to ExCeL London by taking use with interactive whiteboards. the DLR from the airport in the Optional user logo allows you to display direction of Bank. Change at Canning your school’s logo on start up. NEC are Town onto a DLR service bound for happy to demonstrate their UM-series Beckton. range at your educational establishment. For demo and or sales enquiries, contact Wedgwood AV Ltd., Tel: 01754 769967. www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_15
  16. 16. Around theTECHNOLOGY world in 80 ways NEC ultra short throw projectors The power of social media to discover how educational establishments around the world use technology We asked, via our LinkedIn page, if teachers would like to share their ideas of how they use ICT and AV technology in their classrooms. We were surprised, but delighted, to hear not only from teachers in the UK but as far afield as the USA and Australia. Thanks to social media and friendly, helpful teachers... Our first idea came from Mark Mark, “might have students using the Burgess who team leads six teachers internet to research some topics or in a school in Sydney, Australia. students might create a web page within Mark tells us they have implemented the school network environment.” a BYOD (bring your own device) program and their entire year 8 “The next level is some curriculum Science and Geography progam is materials are posted online for students delivered online in a face to face to complete as homework. Students use environment. their devices to type up assignments and maybe keep a learning journal. Soon the Mark explains, “in simple terms a possibilities take over and the exercise BYOD program is any policy within a notebook is gone in favour of students school which allows students to bring keeping notes they have created in their own devices and connect to any NEC projectors themselves in Google docs or evernote. combination of the school network or the All curriculum materials are distributed internet. Schools might make a BYOD through the School Course Management program voluntary or compulsory, but the Software like Moodle or Edmodo and key policy decision is to allow students teachers have created differentiated, to choose the device which suits them personalised sequences of learning best. Some students prefer Windows activities with immediate feedback on key machines, other prefer Apple, some outcomes through online testing.” students like the fast response of a tablet. Many schools which implement a BYOD “It becomes addictive and soon teachers program soon find that students are are designing authentic and immersive working on not one device but many.” learning activities where students are creating their own content and publishing The question of “how do you use a device on public web pages or Youtube, ezines in the classroom?” becomes “how do you and powtoons. Teachers and students not?” are communicating helpful links and tips through Twitter, and all this classroom “Entry level BYOD programs”, continues time is leveraged to enable conversations ErgoMounts LCD and iPad mounts NEC desktop monitors Lumens visualisers DisplayLite touchscreens Audio visual equipment for schools and colleges including LCD monitors, visualisers LCD touchscreens, mounts for LCD and iPads, projectors... 16_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  17. 17. where teachers gain insight into theirstudents and can guide students to TECHNOLOGYhigher levels of learning and thinking.”“BYOD creates ownership of thetechnology and assists with ownershipof the learning. Students of all ages canbenefit from BYOD, my work is with13-14 year olds and I see it significantlyimprove digital literacy and technologicalproblem solving. There is a significantdifference between the student who isrunning multiple open source operatingsystems and the one who likes to keeptheir tumblr blog up to date with photo’sof her favourite models, but all along thecontinuum are useful skills that citizens ofthe 21st Century will require.”Mark Burgess, Learning Activist,Northern Beaches Christian School,Sydney, Australia www.nbcs.nsw.edu.au Repeat Signage digital signageStephanie Samaras, a Maths/Scienceteacher at School District 46 in BritishColumbia, Canada, is currently writingher MA thesis on the topic of how to usesocial media to teach social media.“We are raising a generation of childrenand young adults who are educated andprivileged enough to know better, andyet also educated and privileged enoughto know it doesn’t really matter howthey behave online. Is it that people in eInstruction assessment systempositions of power, including teachers,do not really understand the extent ofwhat is going on? Do we, as teachers,administrators, community members,not care enough to lead them? How,therefore, can this be brought to theattention of those that do care, and whatcan we do collectively to make thingschange? How can we use social media toteach social media?”“Last year I became aware of the social CleverLCD Fusion 3-in-1 solutionmedia site, Twitter. I had overheard afew students referring to it in class andwent home to search the Internet for the eInstruction MOBI wireless tabletssite and investigate. I remember one ofthe first trending topics that caught myattention: ThingsIHate. When I clicked Panasonic multi-touch whiteboardson that trending topic, a steady streamof responses cascaded my screen with acommon repeated answer, “You”, weavedin amongst other replies. I continuedto watch the stream in real time as itrefreshed every few seconds and wasamazed at the information being sharedas well as the hatred and violent speechexpressed on a seemingly harmless • 01754 769967social media site. Being a math/science • sales@wedgwood-group.comteacher and characteristically always • www.wedgwood-group.comlooking for patterns, I continued toinvestigate the Twitter site, not knowingexactly what I was looking for, butinstantly drawn into the discussion takingplace in the cyber world. Initially I was Digital signage, voting systems, wireless tablets, 3-in-1 monitor/table/easel, interactive whiteboard... www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_17
  18. 18. TECHNOLOGY iiyama multi-touch screens overwhelmed. I did not know much about “As I reviewed the thousands of accounts greater awareness of the importance of Twitter, trending topics, personal profile that streamed across my screen I began developing socially responsible students accounts or even what the purpose of to focus on profiles of people who had who are proactive in their efforts to tweeting was for. It is not so much that I managed to gain thousands of followers. contribute to an inclusive environment.” assumed these messages were directed at In some cases I was disgusted by the me, more that they were clearly directed at messages of hate and violence they “As a technology teacher, I have been someone, and if not at me, then whom, and were publishing and the support they an advocate of digital technology as why? Why would someone express hatred had received for expressing these a tool in the classroom for my entire for another on a social media website, and viewpoints. I grew concerned about teaching career. It is not my intention why did this seem to be publicly acceptable who these people were, the audience to set out to blame social media for behaviour? Or is it?” they were addressing and their ability to the rise in cyber-bullying. Nor is it my openly spread these types of messages intention to seek out strictly negative Being new to Twitter, the idea of without any consequence. I believed viewpoints regarding particular websites subtweeting and indirect messaging on that their ability to do this was sending or individuals. My research so far has social media sites was new to me. A the wrong message to others about what simply highlighted the ability of the social “subtweet” is when a person does not was acceptable behaviour and what media medium to allow unacceptable directly mention the person they are was not, especially in Canada where behaviour to go relatively unnoticed and referring to, and instead openly criticizes diversity is celebrated and promoted my hope is that through analysing the the person or group of people online in our schools and through politically ways in which social media discourse for personal reasons in an attempt to correct behaviour. While I cannot answer is being used to harm individuals I can embarrass them, bully them or poke fun the question of individual motives, help develop ideas to implement and of them, instead of speaking directly to intent or misunderstandings through my counter this effect. Social media is the person or group involved in order study, I can uncover or render visible here to stay and therefore as educators to try to resolve the issue. Subtweeting to others the violence and brutality of we must learn how to use the tools is a common occurrence on Twitter. what is happening online through public provided to us to work for us as well.” The constant term of the word “you” in discourse from a variety of different social reference to derogatory messages develops media websites.” Stephanie concludes that the purpose blanket statements and makes it difficult for of her study is to investigate the the victim to prove the message is intended “We need to develop a new strategy. question: how we can use social media for them specifically.” Simply blocking social media websites, to teach social media? Her objectives labelling them as distractions in school include identifying social media sites that “Beyond looking at streams of messages and telling students it is wrong to are being used as a medium for cyber- in responses to trending topics, the idea bully others has been ineffective in behind twitter is to create your own profile promoting change, since new cyber and gain followers who are friends or bullying incidents occur daily. If we can’t supporters of you, your thoughts, actions, physically stop cyber-bullying perhaps business, and so on. Certain profiles/ we can use people are constantly streaming through case studies the real time responses to various hash of bullying to tags offering links to other sites. These teach empathy links are sometimes necessary because of to students. the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter. If we can use I began to realize that social media was social media an ever growing business and marketing examples to tool that certain people took very seriously. highlight the As a social media site, the positive usage incredible of Twitter can help develop or promote power of a business, website, blog, or charity. It social media holds incredible power to communicate along with the to like-minded people about things that corresponding matter to you. But, as with all things, there devastatingly is a dark side that emerges when an open harmful effects microphone is provided to any and all we may be individuals in an unsupervised space.” able to raise a Mitsubishi LCD screens 18_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  19. 19. bullying, to engage a group of teachers skills that they can no longer do without.”in a discussion about her findings and to Adriana Ardolino www.linkedin.com/pub/work with a group of teachers to identify diane-adriana-ardolino-knauss/13/46b/822 TECHNOLOGYways in which educators can promotemoral behaviour on the Internet.Stephanie Samaras, Canada ca.linkedin.com/pub/stephanie-samaras/31/892/245 Maryann Moribito, Ph.D. from San Antonio, an area in Texas, USA, has specialisation in Instructional Design for Online Learning.Our next article was submitted by AdrianaArdolino who is a teacher, textbook writer Maryann has a passion for education andand college instructor who has worked is always on the look out for new ideasat the Empire State College in New York, to help teachers and students. Here sheUSA, and Loffredo Editore in Naples, talks about using new technology as aItaly, where she wrote three textbooks “mindtool” to allow creative thinking as she Hitachi TRIO board andfor Italian Middle School students who prepares her lessons. Hitachi ultra short throw projectorare learning the English language.Here Adriana writes about Interactive She tells us, “the capabilities of technologyWhiteboards and their impact on student in education and in the world increaseslearning. exponentially, as we speak. What was considered “high tech” 10 years ago,“There are many forms of technology is now either obsolete or nonexistent. a “mindtool.” That tool that we can use tothat are available for teachers to use in Teachers are constantly trying to follow help us think critically and invent.”the classroom, however the interactive the trends. However computer andwhiteboard has the advantage of being cellular companies continue to put Now, Jonnassen (2011) referredable to cater to the different needs of all out new and exciting gadgets that are to technology, or anything born ofstudents. This digital device brings what especially well suited for both the practice technology, a mindtool. In other words,is being taught to life and keeps students of communicating and the art of active technology was the only tool that trulyengaged.” listening.” allowed the mind to speak, to combine many complex ideas into one, well-“I am a first grade teacher in Naples, “There are iPhones, and smart phones; defined, yet, new and different thought.Italy. I design lesson plans where all parts phones for texting, and others better Granted, we could label paper, pens,of the teaching process are unfolded suited for surfing. There are Android Driven pencils, crayons, etc. as mindtools;through the incredibly potent interactive Tablets, Windows Driven Tablets, and Mac however, the “mindtool” of whichwhiteboard hanging in my classroom. The Driven Tablets. There are Kindles, Nooks, Jonnassen speaks is the only one strongSMART board® is the focal point in my and Sony Readers, just to name a few. and creative enough to get one’s criticalroom.” On top of all of this, we speak of social thinking juices flowing, so that it can networking tools like, Facebook, Google translate a multiplicity of thoughts into one“The keyword is ‘interactive’. This high- Circles, and Twitter. We speak about amazingly beautiful creation.”tech tool allows students to become a expanding our horizons, sharing data withpart of their daily activities. They are no different countries, doing experiments “Once I learned the term “mindtool,”longer passive but active learners. This is together with other schools; we use a (Jonnassen, 2011) I used it as I preparedthe type of learning that leads to retention whiteboard and controllers so that our my lessons. What I noticed was thatof information. Activities can reach students can better express themselves. because of the concept I could be moretactile/kinesthetic learners through simple We take photographs and have a wide creative in what I asked the students totouch and drag activities. Students are variety of software to choose from to edit do. Why? Once they understood how toable to literally manipulate information and add the special effects that create use the tool (specific piece of hardwareas they process it. Auditory learners’ slideshows and movies we never believed a or software) they could take that tool andinterests are sparked through audio first or second grader could do.” take the many different ideas that they hadtracks, sound effects, and the opportunity in their minds and put them together into listen to whiteboard lessons over and “We have programs that digitize voice and a new and seamless way; and boy, wereover again. Students who learn best music which adds to the array of ideas they creative!” References: Jonnassen, D.H. (1996).through visuals, benefit from the multi- and even feelings that the students can Computers in the classrooms: Mindtools formedia presentation of information. Charts share. And now, for the first time, even the critical thinking. Columbus, OH, Merrill/Prenticeor graphs, images, colourful backgrounds thoughts and feelings of the shy become Hall. Maryann Moribito, Ph.D. USA www.and the immediate access to online video transparent; as hard as it seems to believe linkedin.com/in/webandinstructionaldesignclips make learning captivating and clear.” technology is non-threatening.” Disclaimer: The views of the authors in this feature are not“Due to the interactive whiteboard’s “Many times our minds can see things that necessarily the views of Teaching Technology. We love to get teachers involved and welcome your articles on how technologycapability to tap into the interests are so complex, that we do not know how helps you teach, especially using audio visual equipment.of a wide variety of learners and to express them. There are not enoughaccommodate their multifaceted tools available that will make the conceptlearning styles, all students are able to concrete, clear enough, to allow one to Manufacturers brochures, priceswork with ideas and solve problems. share with another.” and product comparisons areThey become more inquisitive as they available in the UK from:can see the results of their decisions There is one tool though, that is not spoken • 01754 769967when manipulating data. The interactive about very often; it is one that has been • sales@wedgwood-group.comwhiteboard is a tool that aids the teacher around longer than the computer, and thein giving students those 21st century abacus. It is in Jonnassen’s (2011) words • www.wedgwood-group.com www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_19
  20. 20. University of SunderlandSUCCESS STORY Creating collaborative learning zones The theme throughout the recent refurbishment of David Goldman Informatics Centre located on the St Peters Campus and the Murray Library located on City Campus has been collaborative learning through technology. Through innovative AV concepts, students at the University of Sunderland are now benefiting from interactive group learning techniques using NEC ultra- short throw projection combined with SMART interactive whiteboards. University of Sunderland Taking great pride in its holistic approach to student learning, under graduates of the University of Sunderland not only benefit from high standards of teaching but From the outset, Dave Hartis was keen also gain the work experience, skills and to take the lead and investigate the confidence required to thrive in the world potential solutions.‘We looked at a beyond University. Former UK Education number of products from a vast range Secretary, Estelle Morris recognised the of manufacturers and realised that University’s success through ‘its ability we had to get the right blend of IT/ to adapt and change both culturally and AV equipment, from the projector, to technologically.’ An innovative and forward- the furniture to the interactive media’ thinking University, it enjoys considerable commented Dave Hartis. Driven by investment to ensure its facilities match the their own research, the University quality of its courses. Recent developments selected a number of key partners to centred on two key refurbishment work with directly including Team Mate, programmes – the David Goldman SMART and NEC. Informatics Centre (DGIC) and The Murray Library Phase 3. The Solution looking to redevelop the cells into what has Within the DGIC, each of the seven The Challenge become the Learning Lab, a unique group cells of PCs for lecturer driven sessions DGIC is home to the Faculty of Applied learning environment, and a focal point at and general open access have been Sciences, predominantly its department of the entrance known as The Triangle with a equipped with a portable SMART multi- computing, engineering and technology. multifunctional design. touch projection facility utilising an NEC The building is an open plan area with ultra short throw U260W projector. The seven PC ‘cells’ in the heart of the building. The Murray Library located at the heart of Learning Lab is a multifunctional area The faculty delivers lectures and course the city campus delivers a diverse provision where learning is driven by individual content across these cells which are heavily of service to a large number of students. sessions and larger group sessions used but had previously offered a distinct The final phase of a three year refurbishment utilising the seven fixed installations lack of AV provision. In bringing these cells project continues the theme of collaborative creating a unique environment where up to a suitable standard, Dave Hartis, IT learning and was envisaged to offer a range content can be shared across all buyer at the University and his team were of flexible and innovative learning spaces. whiteboards. 20_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  21. 21. SUCCESS STORYThe reception area, known as the Triangle, is positioned ‘Our NEC account manager has developed a strongat the main entrance to the building. Whilst this has a relationship with the University and has been involvedmultifunctional use, being in a prominent position, the in some key discussions with the IT/AV procurementaesthetics of the construction was crucial. An NEC U260W team and our executive team within Student andis set up to implement rear projection to create a large Learning Support.’Speaking with great pride in theirprojection area for demonstrations and lecturer driven accomplishments, Hartis commented ‘I like to thinkcontent. we guided ourselves in these projects, but they would not have been possible without dedicated accountWithin the Murray Library, the Design Suite has management from each organisation who shared ourbecome a dedicated suite containing high end Mac vision, accepted our knowledge and requirementsand desktop PCs delivering the latest in Adobe and and delivered.’Apple Software. It includes a portable SMART multitouchprojection facility utilising an NEC U260W projector. The twonew syndicate rooms offer two additional group workingspaces for students, again with an U260W in combinationwith a SMART whiteboard.Dave Hartis commented ‘aesthetically we felt the NECsolution was head and shoulders above the rest ofhe market leaders in the ultra-short throw range. Theenvironmental features also played a key role in our productselection and will contribute towards our green IT agendaand carbon reduction targets.’ With innovative ECO featuresincluding a carbon meter, NEC offers products and toolsto help quantify and reduce carbon emissions to helporganisation meet their Green targets.Dave Hartis and his team were confident that the NECprojectors offered longevity, he commented that they were‘future proofed for IT developments in the 3D arena andbacked by an international company who are very visible inour market place.’ Dave Hartis continued ‘NEC’s projectionsolutions fit perfectly with our furniture and interactivewhiteboard solutions and as a result, we have broughtthree market leaders together to deliver an excellentlearning aid.’ “Academic staff have embraced the technology and we have seen a high levelThe result usage.”The new developments within the DGIC and the Murraylibrary were completed on time and on budget, delivering Only through continual investment can organisationsinnovative functionality with future proof technology maintain their competitive advantage and this is certainlyconforming comfortably to the University’s 5 year true of Universities. More so now than ever before, whenreplacement programme. Bookings are high for the new funding is reduced and budgets are tight, universities mustareas which are in great demand from students and staff. attract fee paying students from home and abroad. Today’sDave Hartis commented ‘academic staff have embraced the students are very familiar with technology and they expecttechnology and we have seen a high level of usage.’ to see it and use it in all aspects of their lives. Students at the University of Sunderland will greatly benefit from itsSince the summer, an additional two portable projection innovative, forward thinking approach where the technologyunits have been installed due to high popularity, one within used to enhance their learning will be used to similar effectthe sports facility and another in an open access area in the in the meeting rooms of their future careers.science complex.‘NEC and our integrator, have both played a crucial role in Equipment listthe success of this work, in terms of availability, flexibility 20 x Ultra short throw projection solutions including U250X andand more importantly product knowledge’ confirmed Dave U260W in combination with SMART interactive whiteboards utilising TEAM MATE VariHite stands. NEC have since launched the UMHartis. series of ultra short throw projectors. • 01754 769967 • sales@wedgwood-group.com • www.wedgwood-group.com www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_21
  22. 22. Prize winners Prize winners Edleston Primary School wins Hitachi CP-X2021WN projector for their school Our delighted winner, Marshall Cartwright of Edleston Primary school in Crewe, receives his prize Hitachi CP-X2021WN projector from Ioan Williams of Hitachi. “Just a quick thank you (during the madness of the end of term) for the prize of an Hitachi projector. A very welcome addition to our ICT resources and it was free! Doesn’t get better than that. Cheers once again.” Marshall Cartwright. Repeat Signage Standard Edition digital signage software Congratulations to the 10 winners, all drawn at random from Issue 6. Comment from one of the winners, Jason Gayler of Harlands Primary School: “That is wonderful news! Thank you, Thank you! Our school is very excited about this and look forward to using it on our TV in the Reception area. WOW!” 22_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  23. 23. PRONTO AV MOUNTS AND DESKSreception desks You r logo hereYour reception is more than a place to greet parents,visitors and answer the telephone, it is also an activeand busy workplace, handling much information, hostingexpensive AV equipment and is your first opportunity tocreate a positive professional impressionTOP-TEC PRONTO secure and customisabledesks have illuminated healthcare branding andintegrated security for your IT equipment. Usefulstorage spaces for paperwork, lockable drawerand secure IT units for computers as well assecure iPad recharging options together with arange of colours, finishes and worktops are justsome of the customisable features available.Collaborative conferencing desks, such asTOP-TEC Synergy, facilitates team basedworking by providing a working space thatencourages colleagues to share ideas andinformation seamlessly.Synergy can be teamed with a range ofconnectivity options including integratedcomputers and AV equipment or mobile devices.You can have the desks in two height optionsand a variety of designs, for instance, SynergyTeardrop has a teardrop style desktop, whilstSynergy Plectrum Revolve allows easier usewith whiteboards and interactive screens forpresentations and video conferencing. • 01754 769967 • sales@wedgwood-group.com • www.wedgwood-group.com www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_23
  24. 24. Interactive Technology Hitachi StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen attached to a dry-wipe whiteboard turns the surface into an interactive area. Hitachi, in addition to its range of multi-user interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors and interactive panels, have a solution to enable you to make use of dry-wipe whiteboards and turn them into interactive surfaces - the finger-touch StarBoard LINK EZ2 and the new StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen, the latter working with battery-free pens. Hitachi StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen As interactive whiteboards became popular in schools, it is likely that many of the old dry-erase whiteboards found themselves confined to storage. Schools can save money and utilise these dry-erase boards with a handy little device, the Link EZ2. The Hitachi StarBoard Link EZ2-Pen comes with two battery-free reflective pens allowing control of all your computer’s operations directly from the interactive area. Being portable, this means schools can further save money as teachers can take the device from classroom to classroom or stored away for safekeeping after use. The system can then be mounted to any flat surface or whiteboard to form an interactive area providing all features of an interactive whiteboard. The interactive area is resizable and can be extended from 60 to 90 inches. The system can be used with new or already acquired The StarBoard Link EZ2-Pen system includes one digitiser and equipment, being compatible with any LCD projector, two reflective pens, magnetic installation for portability and security, whiteboard and computer. The StarBoard Link EZ2-Pen possibility of simultaneous work by up to three users with one comes with Hitachi StarBoard software, a dynamic set of additional pen, whilst the format of projection can be changed from teaching and lesson building tools designed for educators. 4:3 to 16:10 aspect ratio. 24_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  25. 25. Interactive TechnologyHitachi interactive projectors ProjectorsWhere you have meeting and training rooms with existing dry-wipe whiteboards and do not wishto replace with interactive models, then using an interactive projector maybe a solution for you.Interactive projectors work like normal projectors with the additional feature of an interactivepen and StarBoard software. This enables you to transform any dry-erase whiteboard, wall, atable top or a flat surface into an interactive teaching aid. Using the StarBoard software you canannotate and interact with your training material rather than just project static images. However,unlike the multi-user interactive TRIO boards, only one person at a time can annotate using theinteractive projector.Hitachi StarBoard interactive panelsProjectors and interactive whiteboards, or interactive projectorsare ideal for presenting at the front of rooms. Where a trainerwants to move around the room or invite trainees to participateby taking control of the interactive whiteboard without leavingtheir seat, then they can do so with a wireless interactive panel.As it is pen driven and has an icon orientated user interfaceyou can move from digital video applications to annotatingover them.In the lecture theatre, a 17” interactive panel can be used asa confidence monitor. Positioned on a lectern or podium,the lecturer can annotate over the presentation, which theattendees can view on a large screen behind the lecturer. Hitachi are happy to demonstrate their range of whiteboards, panels and projectors at your educational establishment in most parts of the UK.Hitachi FX-TRIOHitachi FX-TRIO multi-touch interactive whiteboards,available in 4:3 or 16:9 formats, allow three users tooperate the board simultaneously.You can connect the TRIO board to a projector to controlall PC operations by using your finger, stylus pen orelectronic pen, depending on your preference. Multi-touchfeatures allow you to operate the board by using handgestures to zoom or scroll pages and images.The board itself has low reflection for sensitive eyes and theboard surface is just about unbreakable. The steel coatingon the surface allows you to attach magnets or to writewith markers using it as an ordinary whiteboard without riskof damage to the interactive features.Another feature of the board is that it can be linked in real-time, so that meeting participants in different locations canparticipate in a virtual meeting.Hitachi FX-TRIO comes with Hitachi StarBoard software.• 01754 769967• sales@wedgwood-group.com• www.wedgwood-group.com www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_25
  26. 26. AV racks Roving Rack You need an audio visual system but where do you store it? The use of audio visual technology within schools, colleges and academies is growing daily and shows no signs of slowing. More and more of you are using AV technology to teach your students. The great thing about AV technology is that it is interactive and All of this technology needs to be connected in order to work increases student engagement improving the learning experience properly and this means that the equipment must be situated overall. But what about the issues of security, safety and storage within close proximity to one another allowing for the cabling that arise when you bring the electrical equipment into the required completing the audio visual system. classroom? With the amount of investment required for the installation of Typical classroom audio visual system an audio visual system that effectively enhances your teaching Typical AV equipment comprises computer, keyboard, mouse, methods it is important that you think about where the system will DVD player, projector, screen, speakers... be housed once it has been installed. You should also think about how it will be used within the classroom. 26_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
  27. 27. There are issues around safety and security when using andstoring audio visual equipment within a classroom. From exposed av rackscables to the potential for equipment to be stolen, the way youchoose to display your audio visual equipment can have a widerimpact than you may have initially thought?Questions to consider when choosing an AV cabinetIs there enough space within the cabinet to house all of your AVequipment?Is the cabinet lockable to prevent potential theft?Is there enough ventilation within the cabinet to preventoverheating?Is the cabinet mobile so that it can be easily moved around andbetween classrooms as required?Does the cabinet have a cable tidy to prevent loose wires?Is the cabinet child proof to prevent knocks, scrapes and trappedfingers?There are many types of audio visual cabinets on the market, butfor schools, colleges and academies one cost effective solution isthe ‘Roving Rack’ manufactured in the UK by JM Supplies.Why the Roving Rack?The Roving Rack audio visual cabinet provides the level of safetyand security at the same time as being manoeverable, compactwith enough space to house your classroom audio visual system.This British made product is sturdy, cost effective and looks good,a great edition to any classroom.Other rack solutionsThe PP1200-15U is a mobile teaching desk with a lockable 15urack cupboard, lockable and removable back panel, 4 castors (2lockable), available in a wide range of wood and veneer finishes.• 01754 769967• sales@wedgwood-group.com• www.wedgwood-group.com PP1200-15u www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_27