Biology an nahl making food from sunlight


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Biology an nahl making food from sunlight

  1. 1. BiologyAn-NahlSE CT I ON 2 : F OOD& NUT R I T I ON L/O/G/OPrepared by : Teacher Sue
  2. 2. Contents 2.1 Making food from sunlight 2.2 Gaining water and nutrients 2.3 Human food and diet 2.4 Digestion in Humans
  3. 3. Making food from sunlight
  4. 4. Learning ObjectivesAt the end of the lesson students should be ableto :• Describe the process of photosynthesis• List the products of photosynthesis
  5. 5. HOW do plants make their own food? How???photosynthesisthe leaf glucose Light energy water oxygen chlorophyll carbon dioxide
  6. 6. Atomic Shuffle
  7. 7. Evidence that light is needed for photosynthesis The leaf on the left is attached to a plant in light. The leaf on the right has been tested for starch. The blue-black colour shows that starch has been produced only where light shone on the leaf Testing a leaf for starch
  8. 8. The leaf structureThe structures in a leaf are arranged so that carbon dioxide and water flow into theleaf and glucose and oxygen can leave easily
  9. 9. Use of Food Glucose : As a supply of energy 1 to make fats and oils (in seed) Made into sucrose 2 - to be made into starch - to be converted into cellulose 3 To make proteins - glucose combined with nitrates 4 To make chlorophyll - Glucose combined with magnesium
  10. 10. Integration & Islamization (I2)Who governs the Plant? Plants are organisms without any traces of consciousness and reason such as decision-making or free will. But as you can see from the information provided this far, the processes carried out by plants do require considerable consciousness and reason. Indeed, plants succeed in performing activities that human beings cannot replicate with their conscious knowledge and advanced technology, and in spaces of time as brief as a millionth of a second. So to whom does this intelligence—which human beings come nowhere near approaching—belong?
  11. 11. Since the day they were first created, plantshave been behaving in the manner inspiredin them by Allah, with His infinite knowledgeand intelligence.Each of the plants’ cell, is told how to behave atevery moment. This is revealed in a verse fromthe Qur’an:It is Allah Who created the seven heavens and of theEarth the same number, the Command descendingdown through all of them, so that you might knowthat Allah has power over all things and thatAllah encompasses all things in His knowledge.(Surat at-Talaq:12)
  12. 12. Whenever Allah wills a thing to comeabout, it is enough for Him just to say,"Be!" As we are told in verses of the Qur’an: His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, “Be!” and it is. (Surah Ya Sin: 82)
  13. 13. QuestionsPlants make their own food using ________energy, carbon dioxide from the air and______ from the soil. The process is called________ . Leaves look ________ becausethey contain chlorophyll. The __________traps light energy. Most chlorophyll is in the_______ cells near the top of the surface.
  14. 14. Questions1 The roots of green plants take up nitrates from the soil. What are the nitrates used to make? A Fat B Glucose C Protein D Starch8 Why is sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis? A It is a catalyst B It is a source of energy C It provides nutrients D It provides oxygen
  15. 15. Thank You!L/O/G/