More information on the moocs


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This is just for upcoming teachers who would like to know more information on MOOC in a more easy way

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More information on the moocs

  1. 1.  What is a mooc?
  2. 2.  A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via web. MOOC provide interactive user for a that help build a community for students, professors and teaching assistants. What is a MOOC?
  3. 3.   On a MOOC information is everywhere  A MOOC is one way of learning  A MOOC is a course that is  Open- accessible, free and work done is shared  Participatory  Distributed  Lifelong network learning  A way to connect and collaborate while engaging in the learning process. What is a MOOC?
  4. 4.   The first MOOC’s emerged from the open educational resources movement. The term mooc was coined by Dave Cormier of the University of Prince Edward Island and Senior Research Fellow Bryan Alexander of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education response to a course called Connectivism and Connective Knowledge  MOOC’s emphasized expanded existing distance learning offerings into free and open online courses. History of MOOC’s
  5. 5.   The MOOC Guide lists these benefits amongst others: 1. Appropriate for any setting that has connectivity 2. Any language or multiple languages 3. Any online tools 4. Escape time zones and physical boundaries 5. Produce and deliver in short timeframe 6. Contextualized content can be shared by all 7. Informal setting Benefits of MOOC’s
  6. 6.   The MOOC Guide list the possible challenges amongst others: 1. Participants must create their own content 2. Digital literacy is necessary 3. Time and effort required from participants 4. It is organic which means the course will take its own trajectory 5. Participants must self-regulate and set their own gaols. Criticisms and challenges
  7. 7.  The connected aspect of learning is brought to the fore in a cMOOCs cMOOCs are not proscriptive and participants set their own learning gaols and type of engagement. More about MOOCs and cMOOCs
  8. 8.  My field of interest is Accounting and business studies. I would like to learn more about the business world in a more simplified way that will not have too much business jargon in it but rather have a lot less than that. Interest Sake…..
  9. 9.  My other field of interest would be religion specifically the Christian religion. I would like to gather more information with people who are religious like me and we share the word. Interest sake…
  10. 10.   Benefits and Challenges of a MOOC. MoocGuide 7 July 2011. Retrieved 4 February 2013 11:27 References