Nina by Izidora Mustak


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A picturebook by student Izido

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Nina by Izidora Mustak

  1. 1. I am Nina. I was born on a hot summerday in a big braided basket. There werefive of us – blind , soft pellets .
  2. 2. Mum was taking care of us and feeding usso we grew up fast. In play-time, soon itwas time when I had to go to school.
  3. 3. I sad goodbye to my brothers and mum. Iwas sad, but I knew that I had to go toschool.
  4. 4. In school I meet many new friends whowere like brothers to me. I was there twoyears. Every one of us studied hard likereal students.
  5. 5. After I finished school, I moved in with a girlZrinka whom I helped because she wasblind. I was taking her for a walk and I tookcare of her in traffic.
  6. 6. I love you, Nina! I love you, too!There were funny and sad days. I lovedZrinka and I was glad to help her. She lovedme very much, too!
  7. 7. We grew up. One day, Zrinka startedpacking and I wasn’t clear why. “Is Zrinkagoing to leave me?” – I wondered.
  8. 8. But when she started packing my things, too Iknew that we were moving out. I was relieved.We moved to Zagreb. Zrinka was sad becauseshe was away from her family. I tried really hardto make her happy.
  9. 9. We were walking in the streets of Zagreb full of danger. I was even more careful guiding her.
  10. 10. There I made a new friend, Buga. She hadthe same coat as me – black. We becamegood friends and loved to help our girls.
  11. 11. I became older and I couldn’t move on thestairs a lot. It was time for retirement. Thatmeans I didn’t have to work anymore.
  12. 12. A girl called Izidora and her mum came forme. I hid under the table and looked atthem distrustfully.
  13. 13. However, I liked them so I happily went withthem to their village. Zrinka explained themeverything about me, put a leash on me andI said goodbye to her and Buga.
  14. 14. That was how I got to the village Podbrest whereIzidora lives. I have become good friend with myIzidora. We go for a walk often and we play ball. Irest a lot because I am very old now. Everyoneloves me and takes care of me.
  15. 15. In the end I can tell you this: “I like it herevery much. I enjoy it! That was a story aboutme, Nina, the guide dog for the blind.”
  16. 16. The end