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Finnish education - Trade Union of Education
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Finnish education - Trade Union of Education


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A presentation by Olavi Arra from Trade Union of Education for teachers from Comenius project "Unity Through Diversity"

A presentation by Olavi Arra from Trade Union of Education for teachers from Comenius project "Unity Through Diversity"

Published in: Education

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  • Ilman ylitunteja, II kalleusluokka. Ylitunnin hinta seuraavilla opetusvelvollisuuksilla EO 22, AO 20, lukio 19, ala-asteen rehtorin alkupalkka pienimmässä koulussa ja loppupalkka suurimmassa
  • Transcript

    • 1. Education Policy and Students’ Learning: The Finnish Experience 4.12.2012Olavi ArraSenior Education ConsultantOpetusalan Ammattijärjestö OAJTrade Union of Education in Finland
    • 2. Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö OAJ Trade Union of Education in Finland Members from early childhood education to university teaching (nearly 120 000) Members also include teacher students and senior teachers Breakdown of the OAJ members by gender: women 74 %, men 26 % Over 95 % of the Finnish teachers are organised trade union members 2
    • 3. Speaker for education OAJ speaks for Finnish training and education Social dialogue with the goverment, parliament, ministries and the National Board of Education Social dialogue at municipal level OAJ has members in education working groups established by ministries etc. OAJ is working together with other unions and NGO´s and parents OAJ is active in media Olavi Arra, OAJ 3
    • 4. Examples of OAJ’s aims in education Better and quality education for all Better working enviroment for teachers, students and pupils Children and students with special needs – more resources and support in services More resources for education Regular inservice training system to teachers Higher education for all teachers Education top on list of political decision-making Olavi Arra, OAJ 4
    • 5. 5
    • 6. Serious attention to equality in education Education of the same high quality throughout the country. A good general education and adequate basic skills for everyone. Attention paid to pupils’ special needs. Back-up from social welfare services. Natural cooperation between pupils and teachers. Evaluation aimed at developing the school system. 6
    • 7. Finnish teachers as educational professionals All teachers have a high standard of education. Teachers are able to act independently in their work. Teachers are expected to update their professional skills. Cooperation between school and home. Teachers responsible for developing their own work. 7
    • 8. Qualifications in basic education (primary and lower secondary levels) Qualified % Spring 2008Principals 99,2Subject teachers 95,3Class teachers and pre primary education 94,3Special teachers 73,1Part time teachers 66,6Part time teachers with under 16 h/week 27,3 8
    • 9. Collaborative development of the educational systemParliament Trade Union of Education in Finland Ministry of Education National Board of Education Local authority departments Teachers (union members) of education 9
    • 10. Problems and challenges for the future Inadequate finance – large classes – decreasing number of lessons taught – declining support for pupils with special needs – inadequate guidance for pupils – economies in teachers’ supplementary training Growing needs for special teaching Improvement of pupil motivation 10
    • 11. Examples of the teacher salaries in Finland 2012 Extra hour pay Working for one weekly Lessons/week Salary € days/weeks lesson €/monthClass teacher, 190 days/ 24 h 2 494 – 3 244 87,29Master level degree 38 weeksSpecial education 190 days/teacher, 22/24 h 2 712 – 3 622 103,56 38 weeksMaster level degreeSubject teacher, 190 days/ 18 – 24 h 1) 2 694 – 3 503 113,13Master level degree 38 weeksUpper secondary school 190 days/teacher, Master level c. 14,5 – 21 h 1) 2) 2 856 – 3 782 126,28 38 weeksdegree AnnualHeadmaster, vacation 1 – 13 h 3 509 – 4 571 -comprehensive school max 8 weeks AnnualHeadmaster, vacation 4 – 11 h 4 147 – 5 029 -upper secondary school max 8 weeksVocational teacher, 190 days/ 24,5 h 2 943 – 3 902 100,91Master level degree 38 weeks 1) depending on the subject 2) includes so called upper secondary school coefficient 1,1
    • 12. Examples of the teacher salaries in Finland 2012 Vacation Weekly worktime Salary 23 – 38 days/Kindergarden 38 h 15 min 2 162 € – depends ofteachers (8 % planning time) (starting salary) the working yearsPreschool teacher in Working 190 days / years 23 lessons in week 2 164school