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Hydrocortisone please! tk pres

Hydrocortisone please! tk pres



Presentation 6 For Med Term

Presentation 6 For Med Term



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    Hydrocortisone please! tk pres Hydrocortisone please! tk pres Presentation Transcript

    • Hydrocortisone Please!
      Allergies, Hives, and Vaccinations
      Takyra Dudley
      Medical Terminology
      Professor Rashidah Abdullah
    • Allergies
      An allergy is a hypersensitivity to a common substance in the environment or to a medication.
      It is in direction relation to the immune system.
      Allergies can be diagnosed using blood tests as well as a scratch test where the body is introduced to allergens.
    • Allergies cont.
      Allergies can be genetically influenced as well as environmentally influenced.
      Allergens can be food, airborne particles such as dust and pollen, as well as medicines like penicillin.
    • Common signs of allergy
      Nose - swelling of the nasal mucosa
      Sinuses - allergic sinusitis
      Eyes - redness and itching
      Airways - Sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, mucus in the lungs
      Ears - feeling of fullness, possibly pain, and impaired hearing
      Skin - rashes, such as eczema and hives
      Gastrointestinal tract - abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea
    • Hives
      Hives is an outbreak of swollen, red bumps that appear on the skin all of a sudden.
      Hives are a type of allergy.
      Usually itch but can also burn or sting.
      These bumps can range in size and are often mistaken for other skin conditions.
    • Hives
      Hives form in response to histamine, and blood plasma leaks out of small blood vessels in the skin causing the bumps.
    • Vaccinations
      Vaccination is the process of introducing the body to viruses and infections to promote the production of antibodies to that disease.
      This can prevent future sickness and control an outbreak of a diseases.
      Most common diseases that people are immunized against are Hepatitis B, diptheria, polio, measles and chicken pox.
    • Vaccinations
      Before vaccines for these diseases hundreds and thousand of people lost their lives.
      Although vaccines save lives they also pose a danger for some who have the adverse response.
    • Chicken Pox
      Effects of Polio
      Adult with Tetanus
    • Treatments
      The easiest way to treat allergies is avoidance. Stay away from foods and animals that may cause an allergic reaction.
      Diagnosis, identify allergens to prevent accidental introduction to such.
      And medications for sudden attacks such as injections of epinephrine.
    • *Takes Bow*
      Thank you, I hope this presentation was informative.