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Step By Step Process Of

  1. 1. Step by step process of designing my music magazine
  2. 2. My final double page spread This is what my final design of my double page spread looked like.
  3. 3. At this stage I was adding the last bits of text and I also titled the double page spread with “Alexi” I used and enlarged it to fill up some of the space. I kept my design quite simple.
  4. 4. On the second stage I set out my text and changed the colours of text.
  5. 5. This was the beginning of my design work. I had taken some original photographs ,uploaded them and then opened up on Photoshop. I cropped this image so you couldn’t see all of the background. I also blurred the background so the image would stand out more strong and the picture would be the main attention. I chose this picture as my main photo for my double page spread. I used to place the text on and then went on to put on more text and the interview.
  6. 6. My final design of the contents page with all my alterations.
  7. 7. I added another image that I had taken and a masthead.
  8. 8. I started to number my content pages and the pictures and then I titled each number with some description of what was going to be included on that particular page
  9. 9. Next I put on a picture that I had taken myself at a festival. I then put some effects on it and planned the text I was going to put on and how I was going to arrange it.
  10. 10. First of all I started by designing a small logo in the left hand corner. Using the name of my magazine so the pages related to each other. I tried to use the same colours throughout using blue red and black mostly. I put some effects on the text and put a red shape behind the text!
  11. 12. Added some cover lines, the price and date, another image and more text!
  12. 13. Firstly I started with an image and stretched it over the page. Then added a shape with some text and effects.
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