Analysing The Contents Page!


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Analysing The Contents Page!

  1. 1. Analysing the contents page !
  2. 2. The magazine editor has used the colours within the front cover also into the contents page and double page spreads. The images on the contents page are of the band “ oasis “ this gives you the theme and nature of the magazine. From the picture it gives you an idea of what kind of style the music magazine is i.e. indie. There are a list of articles numbered in the contents page. But the main article has a place on the contents right in the middle of the page because they want you to read this particular article and it is of highest priority. The page numbers are clearly laid out and is to the right of the subject matter. It also contains a band index so you get a feel of what type of bands that nme features in it. It is nice and clear so it is easy for the reader to navigate through the magazine. It sections the articles into categories to make things even easier to find for example “ news, live, reviews” it also tells you what is include in the magazine to help you decide if this is your type of magazine.
  3. 3. The image is very large and takes up a lot of the contents page. It shows you the band courteeners which gives you a feel for the style of the magazine. The picture is very dull, with the band dressed in black and white. This makes the red categories above the numbered list stand out. The pictures are clearly numbered on the right hand side of the picture so you can easily find it on the contents page and quickly flick over to the right page you want. The list is bold and very easy to see. It also gives you extra information underneath the articles to advertise the article to you. The picture is very naturalistic and doesn’t seem like its very posed. The image is on the top of the hill giving them a sense of power. They are dressed like a quirky band. The style of the magazine feels very relaxed.
  4. 4. There are a lot of images used on this magazine which shows they are of high priority. The pictures are the advertising and selling point of this magazine. They have been placed in the middle to stand out. Looking at the images of “concerts,gigs,tattoos” gives you the idea that the magazine is very rock/punk. It has a lot of attitude and is trying to stand out from other magazines by not being the same. The numbered list is very simple and isn't to long. Above the numbers are the categories in a bright yellow colour with a black box around it to accentuate the text. The text is bold and is in capitals. The pictures are in a box with numbers labelled clearly underneath with a little added extra information underneath. The magazine editor has included an editors note in the top left hand corner with a picture of the front cover next to it. It also includes a quote from the band Metallica in the top right hand corner.