Berenson inspired designs brochure


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Berenson inspired designs brochure

  1. 1. ® D ec o r at i v e H a r D wa r e c ata l o g SupplementForm Function Value Fit
  2. 2. INSPIRATION AND DESIGN One of a kind, unique hardwareInspirationInspiration, or a design influence, cancome from virtually any avenue; fromarchitectural influences to simpleelements found in nature.All of these inspirations collide withimagination. The end result-a productthat is one of a kind. New PuritanThe “New Puritan” concept originatesfrom a simple yet pure design philoso-phy that inspired culture and fashion formany generations.This iconic design continues to maintainit’s appeal in our modern time, as peopleattempt to reconnect with that simplisticlifestyle.Our vision: folded or draped materialhaving weightless fluidic shape, symbol-izing luxury and elegance.DesignWe design the hardware to FIT perfectlyin your kitchen and in your hand.Offering soft-touch, comfortable projec-tions and unique finishes to complimentspecific hardware designs.
  3. 3. The HardwareThe final product is a piece that not only showsthe form of the original inspiration, but alsocaptures the emotion within the inspiration.Our goal is to provide you with a unique designthat is just as unique as your own lifestyle.
  4. 4. CompositionA reflection of simple industrial elements andartfully decorative details. The highlight of theComposition Collection is its geometric patternand unique transitional profile.
  5. 5. CompositioncompoSition96MM CC Pull $ 128MM CC Pull $ 1-13/16 X 7/8 kNOb $1 9466-1BPN-P D 5 9469-1BPN-P D 9 9472-1BPN-P B2 9467-1VTN-P D 6 9470-1VTN-P D 10 9473-1VTN-P B3 9468-10WN-P D 7 9471-10WN-P D 11 9474-10WN-P B4 9581-1WVB-P D 8 9582-1WVB-P D 12 9583-1WVB-P BAvailable Finishes | BPN-BRUSHED NICKEL,VTN-VINTAGE NICKEL, WVB-WEATHERED VERONA BRONZE,WN-WEATHERED NICKEL
  6. 6. HarmonyInspired by the relationship between naturalobjects and man-made objects. The HarmonyCollection illustrates the shape and beauty ofsemi precious gemstones, that havebeen refined by man.
  7. 7. Harmony Harmony3” CC Pull $ 96MM CC Pull $1 9436-10WN-P D 5 9442-10WN-P D2 9437-10VB-P D 6 9443-10VB-P D3 9438-1BPN-P D 7 9444-1BPN-P D4 9576-1VTN-P D 8 9577-1VTN-P D128MM CC Pull $ 160MM CC Pull $ 1-3/16 kNOb $9 9448-10WN-P D 13 9454-10WN-P D 17 9460-10WN-P B10 9449-10VB-P D 14 9455-10VB-P D 18 9461-10VB-P B11 9450-1BPN-P D 15 9456-1BPN-P D 19 9462-1BPN-P B12 9578-1VTN-P D 16 9579-1VTN-P D 20 9580-1VTN-P BAvailable Finishes | BPN-BRUSHED NICKEL,VTN-VINTAGE NICKEL, VB-VERONA BRONZE,WN-WEATHERED NICKEL
  8. 8. BiomimicryInspired by the examination of nature andmimicking organic patterns and textures.The Biomimicry Collection attempts toreconnect us to natural processes.
  9. 9. Biomimicrybiomimicry3” CC Pull $ 96MM CC Pull $ 1-5/16 X 15/16 kNOb $1 9445-1WVT-P C 5 9446-1WVT-P D 9 9447-1WVT-P B2 9493-10VB-P C 6 9496-10VB-P D 10 9499-10VB-P B3 9494-10WN-P C 7 9497-10WN-P D 11 9570-10WN-P B4 9495-1BPN-P C 8 9498-1BPN-P D 12 9571-1BPN-P BAvailable Finishes | BPN-BRUSHED NICKEL,WVT-WEATHERED VINTAGE BRONZE, VB-VERONA BRONZE,WN-WEATHERED NICKEL
  10. 10. PuritanInfluenced by fashion and shapes that aregeometric, folded and draped. Aspect isprecise, feminine and sensual at the sametime.
  11. 11. puritan Puritan3” CC Pull $ 96MM CC Pull $1 9487-1BPN-P D 5 9481-1BPN-P D2 9488-10VB-P D 6 9482-10VB-P D3 9489-10BT-P D 7 9483-10BT-P D4 9574-1014-P D 8 9572-1014-P D128MM CC Pull $ 1-5/16 X 1” kNOb $9 9484-1BPN-P D 13 9490-1BPN-P B10 9485-10VB-P D 14 9491-10VB-P B11 9486-10BT-P D 15 9492-10BT-P B12 9573-1014-P D 16 9575-1014-P BAvailable Finishes | BPN-BRUSHED NICKEL,BT-BRUSHED TIN, VB-VERONA BRONZE, 14-POLISHED NICKEL
  12. 12. FluidicInspired by natural curves that form in fluids.The fluidic design offers an aggressive appearancewithout being overwhelming .
  13. 13. FluidicfluiDic96MM CC Pull $ 128MM CC Pull $ 1-3/16 X 1-1/16 kNOb $1 9439-1055-P D 4 9440-1055-P D 7 9441-1055-P B2 9475-1026-P D 5 9477-1026-P D 8 9479-1026-P B3 9476-1BPN-P D 6 9478-1BPN-P D 9 9480-1BPN-P BAvailable Finishes | BPN-BRUSHED NICKEL,55-MATTE BLACK, 26-POLISHED CHROME
  14. 14. Display BoardsComposition 0312-7000-03 Now available online Register at to order Display Boards online. Price Coded Display Boards Price range identification codes are featured on all display boards allowing you to quickly identify the MSRP range, and provide your customer with a hardware selectionHarmony 0313-7000-03 that fits within the project budget. Lifestyle Identification Display boards are color coded by Lifestyle Segment, allowing you to direct your customer to the appropriate style that coordinates with the kitchen design.Biomimicry 0316-7000-03Puritan 0315-7000-03 Fluidic 0314-7000-03
  15. 15. HARDwARE SElECTION kITUsing the Inspired Designs sample kit is a greatway for the traveling sales person or designer topresent all five new collections on-the-go.The kit features a total of ten items, and displaysall finishes offered throughout the five newcollections.The item ID map is placed within the kit to assistyou with the hardware orderingprocess.The item ID map serves as areference guide to each itemdisplayed in the kit, and allowsyou to reference item numbers,alternative available finishes andthe MSRP price range.Register online to order up to five FREE samples ofthe line listed items and have them delivered rightto your office or your client’s home.
  16. 16. ® Solutions that Fit Register today at to take advantage of all of the benefits! SAMPlE PROGRAM• Place sample orders online 24hours a day• Free samples for registeredIndustry Professionals• Free sample clip is included withevery sample order PRICE CODES• Quick access to pricing - Based on Suggested Retail Pricealphabetical code next to item $0.00-$4.99numbers for fast price rangeidentifications $5.00-$6.99• Allows you to easily answer $7.00-$9.99clients questions about pricing and $10.00-$19.99recommend hardware that is a FIT $20.00 & Abovefor their budget INTERACTIvE wEbSITE•• Access new productnotifications, promotions,pricing, and item line drawings• Download literature, sales files,and high resolution product photos Berenson Corpanytime, day or night 2 495 main Stree t, Suite 111 buffalo, ny 1 421 4-2152 pHone 800.333.0578 fa x 7 16.833.2402 email