Isle of Wight County Press Website Analysis.
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Isle of Wight County Press Website Analysis.






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Isle of Wight County Press Website Analysis. Isle of Wight County Press Website Analysis. Presentation Transcript

  • Colour In terms of colours and font, the newspaper’s website design has some similarities to the Isle of Wight County Press newspaper. The main colours of the newspaper’s website are red, white and black. These colours could be associated with travel by representing the red jet. Like the print version (not necessarily the colour red) ,the colours black and white are used to keep up the look of a traditional form of a newspaper. However, the website also uses other various colours to try and modernise the newspaper’s website. The name of the newspaper has been kept to the same design and colours on the newspaper’s website. The font itself is quite gothic and fancy (using traditional colours black and grey) ,whereas next to the name of the newspaper is the word ‘online’, which uses a more modern type of font. The colour of this font is a bright red which grabs the audience’s attention, to advertise that the newspaper has now got it’s own website. Other than the newspaper name, the text is typed in a ‘sans serif’ name font to fit with the style of a ‘modern’ website and to keep up with the media. Layout The articles and other features on the newspaper website are sorted into more defined columns. The website’s section bar is placed underneath the mast head. Also featuring on the mast head is the search bar, and above the mast head are the tabs for ‘Marketplace’, ‘IWCP Gallery’ and ‘yoppul (as well as the main IWCP online tab). Symbols for the social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter are also placed above the mast head, along with a subscription symbol. The main news articles are placed at the top of website’s homepage, with one article from that section that is slightly larger than the other surrounding articles. This is the layout for most of the other features/ articles that are on the website’s home page. Underneath you then have the ‘More News’ section, which is layed out in a slightly more
  • landscape style. This section is split into two small columns, of two lists of different articles. Other sections that are placed on the middle of the homepage are the ‘Lost at Sea Festival’ and the Sport section. On the top and middle right hand side of the homepage are advertisements, along with the ‘Most Read’ articles and the IOW interactive road works map. An advertisement also features above the mast head. Social media also features on the homepage, on the right hand side. Tweets from IOW Twitter accounts such the ‘Island Roads’ ‘Southern Vectis’ and ‘dtm_iow’ are shown, informing the public about the travel situations going on, on the Island. At the bottom of the website homepage is a list of all of the different headings. Underneath each subheading are lists , where each feature from the website is sorted into one of the where each feature from the website is sorted into one of the lists, under the appropriate subheading, (using defined columns). The main news section is split into three columns, which are, ‘News’, ‘More News’ and ‘Most Read’. The same page layout as the ‘News section’ applies to some of the sections from the website’s section bar, such as ‘Sport’, ‘Features’ and ‘Entertainment’. The ‘Most Read’ column appears of almost every section page (with the exception of the ‘Jobs’, ‘Motors’ and ‘Property’ sections). where the seemingly most important articles are placed. Sections The first column from the ‘News’ section, is the ‘News’ column. Each of the different articles from the ‘News column are same size, with all of them including a short summary of the article, and most of the articles include a small image. All of the articles are all sorted by the dates that they were all published, having the most recently published articles at the top of the page (with the day, date and year being noted under each article heading). By clicking on either the image or the article heading, you can read the whole article and the picture will be enlarged. The next column is ‘More News’, (which is a slightly smaller column than the ‘News’ column). No images have been provided for the
  • article headings in this column, (some articles provide an image once you click on the article heading). But like the ‘News’ column, all of the articles have been sorted into the dates that they were published. The third and smallest column is the ‘Most Read’ column, where listed are the top five most read articles (the article dates have also been added underneath the article heading). Underneath the main ‘News’ section are three other sections, which are ‘Obituaries’, ‘Wedding Reports’ and ‘Video’. By clicking on the Obituaries section, you will find that all of the most recent deaths are found at the top of the page, and they are all sorted into one column. A summary of the deceased’s early background, life , and the cause and date of their death, are able to see once you have clicked on the deceased’s name. The ‘Wedding Reports’ section, (like the ‘Obituaries’ section) is sorted into one column, where the most recent wedding reports are at the top of the page. You can click on each wedding report to read about each of the couple’s backgrounds, details of the bride’s wedding dress an the flowers, and where they got married, along with an image from the couple’s wedding day. The ‘Wedding Reports’ section also provides useful information if you yourself are planning your own wedding day. If you click on ‘Wedding Planner’, it gives you a list of all of the things that you must get done for the wedding in the appropriate months. Other wedding information includes ‘Bridal Fairs’ , where each bridal fair from the list taking place includes the location, the time and date, and the contact details. The ‘Wedding Dress Guide’ provides style ideas ,and how to match your dress with the theme of your wedding, and gives you some ideas and advice as to what kind of dress would best suit to your body shape. The ‘Guides to veils and trains’ also includes a list and a description of all of the different veils and trains that you can choose from (also offering advice on what veils and trains would suit you best). The ‘Wedding Flowers’ section sorts all of the different
  • flowers by each of the seasons, placing the flowers into groups that would appeal the most to the appropriate season. For example, the Daffodils and Tulips are sorted into the Spring season, whereas the Sweet Pea and the Freesia are sorted into the Summer season. There is also a list of flowers, such as Roses and Orchids that can appeal to any season. The final guide from the ‘Wedding Reports’ section is the ‘Wedding Favours’. This guide offers helpful suggestions such as offering advice on traditional favours, provided favour ideas like miniature bottles of alcohol or lottery tickets, and you’re very own guide on how to make your own designed favour box. The ‘Video’ section includes all of the Island’s latest news, all sorted in order by date (most recent at the top of the page). All of these videos you can freely access. There is also a ‘More Videos’ option where you can watch all the of the . videos that are related to the following subjects, ‘News’, ‘Music’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Carnivals’. The next section along the section bar is the ‘Sports News’, which provides all of the latest news and events for the following sporting activities, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Sailing, Cricket and Speedway. Other sporting events from this section include the ‘Island Games’ and ‘Cowes Week’. Under the heading ‘Football’, is all of the latest Football news (which has been divided into the two columns layout, ‘Football’ and ‘More Sport’.). The Football news articles include the success of the Wessex League, Newport, the fall of football teams, such as The Vics, who lost to Lymington Town, and the triumph from St George's Park, Newport, who beat Verwood Town. Another triumph was reported from Westwood Park by Cowes Sports, who were up against AFC Fawley. Rugby news includes Sandown
  • and Shanklin Rugby Club hosting London Irish, in able to run a junior rugby camp. Another rugby article questions whether or not the Sandown and Shanklin Rugby Club will stand a chance in London after being moved up third from the bottom in the league tables. Articles on recent Rugby victories have also been posted. An article about the IW Barbarians, who beat Romsey 63-0, and won a tournament was published. Another article talks of how the Sandown and Shanklin Hurricanes triumphed over Belgrave. Many articles have been published about the successful season of the IW Hockey team. Articles include the win against Salisbury, and winning the Hampshire title. The Ice Hockey section focuses on the Wightlink Raiders Ice Hockey team. It talks of the wins and defeats of the Wightlink Raiders, charity events that the Wightlink Raiders take part in, and any injuries that any of the players have suffered. One of the articles that features on the website is when the team dressed up in a pink ice hockey kit to raise money for St Mary’s Hospital. Sailing News includes more than 40 boats apparently took part in Royal Victoria’s Yacht Club’s annual regatta, where five trophy titles were up to claim. The weather conditions were also mentioned, having had the sailing race on Cowes Week. The event took place in August, (and the win of Sir Keith Mills at Cowes Week is also mentioned). More published victories are found on the website for the cricket section. Talk of Newport Cricket Club possibly having a chance of competing in the Harwoods Renault IW league. Other articles include the frustration for Ryde Cricket club when weather conditions lost the team valuable points. The Speedway section looks at Adam Ellis, who has kept up a record of impressive speedway scores. This section also looks at the rise in injuries for speedway competitors, after one rider was ruled out of one match and two others were involved in a crash
  • whilst competing. A list of games and fundraising that took place for the NatWest Island Games over the summer are listed in the Island Games section. The games include Swimming, Golf and Sailing. Triathlon’, the ‘Quadrathlon’ and the ‘Boxing Day Fun Run’. The videos on the website date as far back as 2008. Under ‘Features’ is a list of different topics, where many articles related to that particular topic are published. The first topic The Cowes Week is ‘Gardening’, where section looks at new Richard White writes records that have been articles, discussing broken, sailing gardening. The next topic successes/victories along the list is ‘Wight and cancelled races. Living’’ which discusses issues such as keeping food real, but also looks at positive news such as an In the Sports Videos section, you can watch increasingly growing social enterprise for Care a series of games and in the Garden interest events. Videos that feature on the website company. are the ‘West Wight ‘Property of the Week’ looks at a range of different properties that have been chosen for ‘Property of the Week’. Properties include a converted barn, which is located in Carisbrooke. It has four bedrooms and is designed for people with horses. Another property is a three bedroom flat which is located along Ventnor beach. The ‘Letters’ section looks at all of the letters sent to the editor by the public, discussing issues, or raising awareness about topics that concern them. Letters from this section discuss the number of public toilets along the sea front, dog attacks, and the lack of enthusiasm for the Isle of Wight Carnivals. ‘Islanders Reunited’ helps people to trace missing loved ones, bands and properties. The public writes in to the IWCP asking for help to trace someone that they once knew. Underneath some of the appeals to find their loved ones, are links to websites such as www.adoptionsearchreunio The ‘Looking Back’ section looks back on all of the memorable events that took place on the same day that each article was published, 100 years ago.
  • Looking back on September 6th , 1913, looks at how a man escaped after being hit by a wagon. August 30th, 1913 looks at how the chairman of Cowes District Council christened four lion cubs with champagne. Articles from the nature section include the effects of the weather, animal reports, and a look at different types of flowers. These articles date as far back as 2011. his opinion and comment on different topics/pressuring issues. These topics include choosing the right shampoo for your hair, how language is effected by television and politics and the Isle of Wight election. The ‘View From Here’ section is very similar to the ‘Island Life’ section, with a selection of different The ‘Island Life’ section articles that have no is filled with a group of relevance to each randomly selected other, have been articles, where a man, grouped together. named Keith Newberry This section looks at gives a family of quadruplets who have all managed to secure a place at University, how the talk of how summer is coming to an end and other various articles. The features section is split up into four sections, which are ‘Gigs and Guide Events’, ‘Cinema Listings’, ‘Stage Reviews’, ‘Cinema Listings’ and ‘Music’. The ‘Gigs and Guide’ section has three filter menus for you to use to find a particular music/other events. The first filter looks at each of the different categories, such as theatre, festival, courses/workshops and fairs/markets/sales. The second filter gives you a list of all of the different towns on the Isle of Wight, to try and help you narrow down the search for the event that you are interested in. Or you can just use this filter to see what other events are going on around other parts of the Island. The third filter looks at the dates at when certain events take place. You can either, use the drop down menu to look at the events that are taking place today, in the next week and in the next two weeks. Or you can type in the date to see what other events are happening
  • on that date, and how long the event lasts for. Underneath all three filter menus, is a list of ‘Today’s Events’ (which are happening on that day), which includes the name of the event, the time of when the event starts and finishes and the location. There is also the option to submit for a free listing from the Gig Guide and Events section by getting in contact with the editor of the Isle of County Press. Looking at the ‘Cinema Listings’ section, the latest film releases are found at the top of page, under the sub heading ‘ Hot Ticket’. Next to the film title, there is a short summary of the film plot, along with the age certificate of that film, and the name of the cinema where the film is being screened. The next paragraph down is exactly the same as ‘Hot Ticket’ section, except this section looks at the films that are still being shown in cinemas (underneath the heading ‘Still Showing’). The ‘Arthouse’ section looks at all of the screenings and events that will be taking place there. There also a list of cinemas and theatres where films are being screened, some of which. have provided links to their website/s. The ‘Stage Reviews’ section looks at a variety of different performances that have been happening all over the Island. Some of these performances include, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Black Widow. Various music related articles are found in the ‘Music’ section. Most of these articles are to do with people hosting music events or singing to raise money for various charities. Articles include a music event that has been organised to raise money for a children’s charity, called Layla’s Trust, and the Phoenix choir who are helping to raise money for new lightweight wheelchairs. Other articles from this section include a tribute show for the 30th anniversary for the late Billy Fury, and a singer-songwriter, named Steve Appleton, who came and performed on the Island during the summer. The ‘Info Desk’ section covers all of the useful information that you would need if you were visiting the
  • Island (or just in need of general information). This section looks at the ‘Isle of Wight Weather’, which includes a brief overview of the weather for the next five days, and a much more detailed overview of the weather for the next five days. provides you with links for the different ferry/boat links, which will provide you with the ferry timetables, fares and other information. The ‘Traffic Information’ informs you of any road closures or of any new The ‘High Tides’ section updates weekly, giving you traffic lights put in place. It also gives you a list of all the different the time and date of high tides times that will be occurring in the current when the traffic lights towns, Cowes and Wooton, will be placed or how long the road closure Freshwater, Newtown, will last. It is updated Ryde and Bembridge, weekly. Sandown and Shanklin, Ventnor and Yarmouth. The ‘Useful Numbers’ The ‘Ferry Times’ offers a list of numbers that would possibly be useful to you or someone you know in a state of emergency. Numbers for helpful services include ‘Health Adviser, Aids Information’, the ‘IW Woman’s Refuge’ and ‘St Mary’s Hospital’. A ‘Chemist Rota’ is also published for all of the local Island chemists. A range of different web links have been submitted to the Isle of Wight County( under the heading ‘Web Links’). There is also a link that allows you to submit your own link for your website. The ‘Contact section’ offers the numbers and email addresses that you would need if you wanted to get in contact with either, the Editorial, Advertising, General Enquiries. The Isle of Wight County Press address is placed underneath. This section also mentions the opening and closing times of the County Press Office and the County Press Shop. It also advertises the County Press website’s services, by encouraging people to submit stories, pictures and videos via email for the website. If you have any queiries, there is the option to send a message to the either the editorial
  • advertising, or the webmaster section. You would also need to provide your contact details. The ‘Wedding Reports’ section allows you to submit wedding reports by downloading a form to fill in (either in PDF format or the document version, links are included). The subscriptions section offers a range of different deals. For example, the ‘Special Offers for Islanders’ only charges £4 for four issues of the County Press. Other deals include £17.50 for thirteen copies of the Isle of Wight County Press, £35.00 for twenty six copies, and £70.00 for UK Postal Subscription. Also, on the website’s homepage, the search bar has the option whether you either want to search for articles or family announcements. Press website It also tells you the exact number of people that have visited a specific advertisement section on the website. For example the ‘Property’ section has had 6,773 visitors, and the ‘Jobs’ section has had 24,986 visitors. This main advertisement page Adverts offers advertisement With the ‘Advertising deals such as the ‘Single-ad bookings’ section’ you have the and ‘Multi-ad option to advertise a bookings’, as well as family announcement advertising the ‘Isle of or place your own advertisement. You can Wight County Press Marketplace’ and do this by either advertising on the sending in County Press mobile advertisements to the County Press office, or website . advertise via the County You can Place Your Ad’, where you can either put in an advertisement for either the ‘Isle of Wight County Press Marketplace’, or for the County Press newspaper. All the sections that you need information for advertising with the County Press newspaper are available with contact details. The ‘Jobs’ section has four drop down menus to help you find the specific job that you are looking for. The first drop down menu is named ‘Category’, which shows a variety of different types of jobs. The other drop down menus look at the location, the date that each job advertisement was
  • published, and how many The Property section has four advertisements that you main tabs. These are ‘Home’, want shown per page. ‘For Sale’, ‘Letting’ and ‘Commercial and Land’, This is the same with the where all the of the ‘Motors’ section. The first properties are sorted into the drop down menu looks at appropriate sections. The the different types of cars, ‘Property Section’ drop down and the next drop down menus include the ‘Type of menu looks at the different Property’, ‘Minimum makes of cars. The other bedrooms’, ‘Minimum Price drop down menus include and ‘Maximum Price’. You the date that the can find the location of a advertisement was specific property by going on published, how many the drop down menu ‘Listed’ advertisements that you (which lists all of the towns would want shown to you on the Isle of Wight. And you per page. Another menu is can find out when the named ‘Model’, where you property advertisements were actually type in what published within 24 hours, 5 model car you are looking days or 10 days. There is also for (if you are being really a drop down menu for it you specific). were looking for a specific property, ( examples would be Holiday home, and Equestrian Home, Chalet). An image of the Isle of Wight features at the top of the page where you can click to look at properties in different parts of the Island. A few images of different properties also feature near the bottom of the page. When you click on the other three main tabs (‘For Sale’, ‘Letting’ and ‘Commercial’), each page presents you with a list of properties (related to the heading). Each of the properties provide a detailed description of that property, the location , the price and the name of the estate agent that is trying to sell that property. Another heading that features in this section is ‘Private Properties’. By clicking on the ‘Private Properties’ heading, it takes you to a new page where you can search for private properties ,using the search engine provided. By clicking on the ‘Private Properties’ heading, it takes you to a new page where you can search for private properties ,using the search engine
  • provided. The drop down menus also feature again at the top of the page. The ‘Classfields’ section includes advertisements for the ‘Isle of Wight County Press Marketplace’. By clicking on the advert, it takes you directly to the Marketplace homepage. You can browse the different sections of this webpage, sections include ‘Books and Magazines’, ‘Electronics’, ‘Furniture and Household Items’ and ‘Leisure, Sport and Camping’. You can either do this by clicking on the appropriate section/s, or using the search engine at the top of the page. The search engine includes searching for the item, specific categories (or one particular category), and by price range. By signing up with Marketplace, you can place your own listing, and you are given all the information for the benefits of being a buyer or seller of Marketplace (see under the ‘Features’ section). If you are unsure of anything, the webpage’s ‘Help’ section will provide you with all of the information or answers that you may need. If you have any other queries, the website provides you with the contact details on how to get in touch. The ‘Marketplace’ tab that features on the website’s homepage also takes you directly to the Marketplace webpage. A range of different services have been provided. These services include Accountancy, Computers and Internet services, Insurance and Finance and Security Services. If you want to be a part of the ‘Services’ section, there is an email address that you can contact about getting involved. The ‘IWCP Gallery tab’ lists different events that have taken place on the Isle of Wight, and provides you with pictures from that event/s. Some of these events include, ‘Wight Challenge’ , ‘Reader’s Gallery’ and the ‘West Wight Swim’. Photos from the Isle of Wight Bestival also are included. There is the option to buy any photos, where you can look through the photo collection from that event (giving you the option to buy the whole photo collection instead of buying just one or two). You can also look at the slideshow from the event and look at the collection
  • products and prices of the photo/s. You can sign up with ‘Photobox’ and create your own photo gallery and browse other photo galleries that people have created. The ‘Yoppul’ tab takes you to the main Yoppul website where you can read all of the latest articles. Social Media By clicking on the Twitter icon (that is found along the top of the masthead) it takes you directly to the Isle of Wight County Press Twitter account, where you can keep up to date with the latest news from the Isle of Wight County Press by scrolling through the accounts’ ‘tweets’. You can also share the County Press’s tweets by retweeting certain tweets from the other account to share with other followers. Or you can ‘Favourite’ a certain tweet or tweets, so you can look back on them if you want to read them/need them again. (Tweets also feature from different Isle of Wight Twitter accounts that are associated with travel on the website homepage). This is the same with the Facebook icon. Once you have clicked on the Facebook icon, you are taken directly to the Isle of Wight County Press Facebook page where you can either like or comment on a status posted from the County Press page and look at photos that have been published. There is also a map which you can click on, and it pin points the location of the Isle of Wight County Press Office, and provides you all of the contact details. You can share articles from the County Press website either through Facebook, Twitter or another social networking site ‘Delicious’. RRS Feed The RRS Feed is a list of chosen news articles, which you can sort by the date that the article was published, or by the title of the article. Interactivity The website features an Interactive road works map. You can use this to look out for any delays, road closures/works, look at the Island’s public transport etc. Masthead The mast head features a search bar (giving you the option to either search for news articles or family announcements. The tabs for the ‘Marketplace’, the Gallery and the Yoppul
  • tab feature on the top half of the mast head, along with the symbols for social media.