Puma #love12 feat. Yuvraj Singh


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When Puma signed Yuvraj Singh as their brand ambassador, we came up with a unique way to communicate this. This is the story of the campaign that launched millions of Twitter impressions in just 15 days.

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Puma #love12 feat. Yuvraj Singh

  1. 1. ReportDuration: October 20th- November 2nd
  2. 2. #LOVE12 is a Twitter tag that bridges the gap between YUVI + PUMA + Fans
  3. 3. Phase 1: Intrigue• Yuvi tweets about #tag Love12 and asks users guess why he #Love12• Everyone started guessing what #Love12 was…even Kevin Pietersen tweeted
  4. 4. Phase 1: Intrigue• Even Kevin Pietersen joined the #Love12 gang
  5. 5. Phase 2: Participation• We asked people to tweet a picture about what #Love12 means to them.• The best 12 entries were flown from across India to attend the #Love12 launch on November 1st and meet Yuvraj Singh.
  6. 6. Phase 3: Launch• A press event to announce Yuvraj Singh as the brand ambassador for PUMA
  7. 7. Analytic ReportNo. of Tweets on #Love12 : 7.3 k TweetsImpressions (Total no. of people that have seen the a tweet with #Love12): 69.3 million impressions (1st Nov the impressions were 35 million)Reach (Total no. of people who have interacted and/or have interacted with the tweetvia somebody they are following) :2.0 million reachTotal Contributors (People who have interacted via a tweet, RT, @mention etc with#Love12): 2.0 K
  8. 8. Analytic Report- Tweet StatsThe no. of @mentions signifies that the campaign has been a success with the masses online. General twitter users have been the major contributors to #Love12 The Top 50 users have been general twitter who have given us max reach
  9. 9. Analytic Report- ImpressionsMaximum impressions have come via @messages and original tweets.
  10. 10. Pre- Event
  11. 11. WHAT’S TRENDING? #Love12 trending in India on Day 1 at the No. 1 spot
  12. 12. WHAT’S TRENDING?#Love12 trending in India on Day 3 at No. 2 spot
  13. 13. During/Post- Announcement
  14. 14. PUMA trending at the No.1 spot in IndiaPUMA CONQUERS #LOVE12
  15. 15. PUMA Cricket trending at the No.1 spot in India for a while
  16. 16. Highlights
  17. 17. Tweets BY ESPNCricinfo giving an impression of total of 354 KTweets BY @MandyBedi giving an impression of total of 176 K
  18. 18. Tweets BY @HoeZaay giving an impression of total of 89.1 KTweets BY @Sophie_Choudry giving an impression of total of 82.5 K
  19. 19. Tweets BY @KenGhosh giving an impression of total of 53.7 KTweets BY @RannvijaySingha giving an impression of total of 58.0 K
  20. 20. Conversation between@yuvsingh09 & @kevinpp24
  21. 21. 600 + Entriesfor the #Love12 contest .
  22. 22. From the Top 20 users with maximum impressions, 12 have been general users.
  23. 23. #Love12 Press Launch
  24. 24. And the #Love12 fun continues….