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Sam's Club Mobile Solution

  1. 1. Sam’s Club Mobile SolutionRockfish Interactive Insights & Innovations
  2. 2. Competitive Mobile LandscapeCompetitive Mobile Landscape
  3. 3. Mobile Landscape 03 115 Million homes in the U.S. 15% have a smart phone 17,250,000 estimated households with a smart phone Smart Phone Mix Mobile App Usage (frequency) 1% Blackberry 1% Java 7% Android 20% Other 53% Blackberry 91% iPhone 27% iPhone Competitive Mobile Landscape
  4. 4. Members & Competition 04 Competitive Mobile Landscape
  5. 5. Phase 1 Q1-Q2: Application LaunchPhase 1 Q1-Q2
  6. 6. Application Launch Q1 iPhone Q2 Android & BlackBerry 06 Load Screen Determine Features Enter Member Number Home Page Phase 1 Q1-Q2
  7. 7. Application Phase 1 07 Become A Member If a user is not currently a Member, they will have the ability to get a Membership right on their phone. All Membership types would be available. Begin Screen Non-Member Prompt Phase 1 Q1-Q2
  8. 8. Application Phase 1 08 Club Maps (Static) View a layout of your local Club. Sections of the Club will be labeled to allow Members to easily find products and services. Sam’s Club Events Update Members with the latest information on Sam’s Club events both online and In-Club. Could also allow updated events specific to individual Clubs. Club Map Phase 1 Q1-Q2
  9. 9. Application Phase 1 09 eValues Create an easy way to check current and upcoming eValues on the go. Add eValues to your mobile shopping list. Featured This section features special buys, new products and other Sam’s Club promotions. Viewing Current eValues Phase 1 Q1-Q2
  10. 10. Application Phase 1 10 Product Search Search for products and find details such as price, reviews, specifications and availability. The searched items can then be added to your shopping list. Product Search In-Depth Product Info. Phase 1 Q1-Q2
  11. 11. Application Phase 1 11 Shopping List Create a shopping list with suggested search. Add specific products that are in-stock at your local Club to your list. Saved Lists Smart Search Auto Organization Send List Phase 1 Q1-Q2
  12. 12. Application Phase 1 12 Club Finder Use Google maps and GPS to find locations and directions to Sam’s Club. Club Finder Phase 1 Q1-Q2
  13. 13. Phase 2 Q2-Q4: Monthly UpdatesPhase 2 Q2-Q4
  14. 14. Application Phase 2 14 Membership Card View your current Membership information. Unique barcode on phone can be scanned at checkout to validate Membership. In addition to scheduled alerts, Members will have the ability to renew or upgrade their membership at any time. Membership Card One Touch Renewal One Touch Upgrade Phase 2 Q2-Q4
  15. 15. Application Phase 2 15 Alerts Members are alerted at intervals of 3 months prior, 1 month and day of needed renewal. All alerts for renewals, product information, etc. are stored in the alerts feature. Archived Alerts New Alert One-Touch Renewal Phase 2 Q2-Q4
  16. 16. Application Phase 2 16 Product Search (added functionality) When searching for a specific product, users can also comparison shop simply by rotating their phone. When interested, they can tap a product for supplier videos. Product Information Quick Compare Video Phase 2 Q2-Q4
  17. 17. Application Phase 2 17 Shopping List (added functionality) Users can add items to a shopping list by scanning barcodes (such as an empty cereal box). They can also schedule Click ‘n’ Pull, plot items on a Club map, or share via email. Full List- Scan Feature Click ‘n’ Pull & Map It Added Time Alert for Click ‘n’ Pull Map Out Your List Phase 2 Q2-Q4
  18. 18. Application Phase 2 18 Product Comparisons Take a picture of a barcode in Club for reviews, ratings and side by side comparisons. Scan Barcode Assist in Item Determination Compare to Similar Products Phase 2 Q2-Q4
  19. 19. Application Phase 2 19 Purchase & Savings History Show purchase history broken down graphically by segment (fresh, HBA, etc). Show exact savings overall and percentage by category. (Rotate to expand views.) Quick View- Savings Extended View- Savings Phase 2 Q2-Q4
  20. 20. Application Phase 2 20 Member Services Gas Price Display Could include robust tools for areas Display current gas prices at the such as Travel and the new Member local Club on home screen of the Marketplace. application. Pharmacy Sam’s Club Credit Management Order refills and receive alerts when View statements and pay bills. prescriptions are ready for pickup. Photo Sam’s Club Events Price and order prints. Update Members with the latest Upload and download pictures. information on Sam’s Club events Create and edit albums. both online and in club. Could also Create and purchase photo books. allow updated events specific to individual Clubs. Phase 2 Q2-Q4
  21. 21. TimelinesTimelines
  22. 22. Phase 1 22 January 2010 April June Begin iPhone Development Launch iPhone App BlackBerry & Android Platforms Club Maps Club Maps Sam’s Club Events Sam’s Club Events eValues eValues Featured Featured Product Search Product Search Your Lists Your Lists Club Finder Club Finder Timeline Phase 1
  23. 23. Phase 2 23 July August September October November December Jan. 2011 Finances Adv. Product Search Adv. Shopping List Member Services Gas Price Display Sam’s Club Events Photo Comparison Click ‘n’ Pull Video Product Mapping Membership Card Credit Mgmt. Pharmacy Barcode Scanner Timeline Phase 2
  24. 24. Supplier Participation OpportunitiesSupplier Participation Opportunities
  25. 25. Supplier Participation Opportunities 25 Featured Products Product Plotter Purchase space under the “featured” Purchase pin placement in the section of the app for new product product plotter map for your releases and special buys. products. Product Videos Alerts Increase overall app usability by Purchase a new product or submitting product videos for special buys alert that is sent to all placement within app. application users. Product Search/Shopping List Purchase prime placement for your product when users search products by category or use suggested search while creating a shopping list. Supplier Participation Opportunities
  26. 26. SMS OpportunitiesSMS Opportunities
  27. 27. SMS Opportunities 27 The rise of the smart phone will eventually lessen the need for comprehensive SMS strategies, but for the next several years this is still a significant segment in the mobile market. Sam’s Club Events eValues Receive alerts about special events at Receive a text message alerting you your local club. about your new eValues. Pharmacy Click ‘n’ Pull Prescription refill reminders and Receive an alert when your items are pick-up alerts. ready for pick-up. Featured Products Issue alerts for special buys, new products and other Sam’s Club promotions. SMS Opportunities
  28. 28. Thank you for your time. Questions?