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A showcase of my work as an Interior Design Student at Oklahoma State University.

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Taylor Hoskins Portfolio

  1. 1. PortfolioTaylor Meyer Hoskins
  2. 2. The point of this project was to take an existing logo andredesign it.LOGO REDESIGN
  3. 3. Original LogoRedesigned Logo
  4. 4. The initial project involved taking an existing house andredrawing the floor plan. The next step was to render andfurnish the floor plan. The third step included drawing two,two-point perspectives of the living room. The final step wasto draw an elevation of the fireplace in the living room andan elevation of the wet bar in the kitchen.HOUSE FLOOR PLAN 1
  5. 5. Floor Plan 1 Not Rendered
  6. 6. Floor Plan 1 Rendered and Furnished
  7. 7. Floor Plan 1 Living Room Two-Point Perspective
  8. 8. Floor Plan 1 Living Room Two-Point Perspective
  9. 9. Floor Plan 1 Fireplace Design Floor Plan 1 Wet Bar Design
  10. 10. The purpose of this project was to create a picture usingonly geometric shapes and then paint it using only blackand white. The gray areas represent where the black andwhite shapes overlap.SHAPE
  11. 11. This project included the design of two functional hotelrooms utilizing less than 500 square feet each. One roomincluded a king bed and the other two queen beds. Keyproject elements included areas for sitting, dressing, andsleeping. The location of the hotel as well as the theme werethe student’s choice. No budget was suggested.HOTEL ROOM DESIGN
  12. 12. Hotel Floor Plan
  13. 13. Room with King Bed Room with Queen Beds Floor Plan Floor Plan
  14. 14. Room with Two Queen Beds Two-Point Perspective
  15. 15. Materials Board for Hotel Room Bed Sheets: White Duvet: Navy Blue Material Headboards: Padded and Covered with White Material All Furniture (Nightstands/Tables): Dark, Cherry Wood Wall With Headboards: Navy Blue All Other Walls: Cream Carpet: Short, Durable Material Tan in Color to Minimize Visibility of Stains.
  16. 16. The direction of this project was to begin to understandrendering materials. Each swatch represents a differentmaterial including glass, brick, wood, stone, and a textile.2D MATERIALS
  17. 17. GlassColor Swatch Stone Textile Wood Color Swatch Brick
  18. 18. This project provided a floor plan of a pre-existing livingroom and kitchen. The student was to render the floorplan with color. The next step was to provide two colorrendered elevations, one of the east wall and one of thewest wall.2D COLOR RENDERING
  19. 19. Floor Plan Elevations
  20. 20. This project presented students with the floor plan of a house thatwas in the process of being built. Students were to take the existingfloor plan and make any changes to it only if those changes wereeffective. The students were then instructed to draw and render afloor plan. The third portion of the assignment involved selectingvarious focal points in the house. I chose the living room, kitchen,and dining rooms. I then drew one-point perspectives of each roomHOUSE DESIGN
  21. 21. Rendered Floor Plan
  22. 22. Living Room Perspective
  23. 23. Dining Room Perspective
  24. 24. Kitchen Perspective
  25. 25. This assignment was a final course project. The instructorgave the students two pictures of interior spaces out of amagazine and asked us to sketch and render them.DRAWINGS
  26. 26. Drawing 1: Living Room
  27. 27. Drawing 2: Cafe
  28. 28. A required class for the first year of design is one basedon design theory. In this class, the elements andproperties of design are the main focus of the projects.These include things such as unity, lines, expressivequality of color, color harmonies, and color wheel.ELEMENTS OF DESIGN PROJECTS
  29. 29. This project focused on unity.We were instructed to firstfind a famous painting. Thenwe were to choose picturesfrom a magazine thatconsisted of the same colorsin the painting, yet,represented different aspectsof unity. These aspectsincluded proximity,continuation, and repetition.
  30. 30. This project concentrated on different types of lines including vertical,horizontal, diagonal, curved, zigzag, contour, actual, psychic, implied,explicit, and gesture. We were instructed to choose an artist and usetheir photos or paintings to find examples of these lines. I used photostaken by my friend Kimmy Munoz’s for my project.
  31. 31. This project fixated on the emphasis on quality of color. We wereinstructed to take a photo (either of ourselves or someone else)and paint it using only tints and shades of one single color. I used aphoto of myself and the color purple to represent majesty andconfidence.
  32. 32. This project centered on color harmonies. Theseinclude monochromatic, analogous, complementary,and triadic. We were instructed to find photosrepresenting each of these color harmonies.
  33. 33. This project required students to create an apartment for a seniorliving community that allowed for aging-in-place. This apartmentcould only be 1,400 square feet and had to accommodate thosewho desired to move in after retirement as well as accommodatethem as they aged and required more assistance including use of awheelchair. I designed a floor plan using AutoCAD and includedtwo, one-point perspectives as well as a 3D model.SENIOR LIVING APARTMENT
  34. 34. Floor Plan Senior Living
  35. 35. Senior Living Facility Kitchen
  36. 36. Senior Living Facility Living Room
  37. 37. Senior Living Facility 3D Model
  38. 38. This project mandated students to use SketchUp torender a café.CAFE
  39. 39. This project involved choosing the CEO of a famous corporation (I chosethe CEO of Coach, Inc.) and creating a 500 square foot executive officealong with a color rendered floor plan. Then we were to create twocolor rendered perspectives and a color rendered elevation. We thenwere instructed to incorporate a display case that presented somethingof importance to the CEO. I chose to do a display table that allowed forshowcasing purses of the current style or of an older vintage style.CEO OFFICE
  40. 40. CEO Office Floor Plan
  41. 41. Conference Room Perspective
  42. 42. Office Desk Perspective
  43. 43. Display Case Elevation