Developing my Personal Brand

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My personal brand - a work in progress!

My personal brand - a work in progress!

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  • 1. Tawnia Eva Politis Personal Brand Plan
  • 2. Brand THIS.
    • They call me the Spartan PRincess .
    • Let me break it down for you.
    • Spartan : a strong and self-disciplined person.
    • - Also a native of Sparta Princess : a woman who is ranked highly in her field ( of PR ), or who has other outstanding qualities.
    • Now that we have that established, I’m going to dive right into this battle with personal brand (with my shield, of course).
  • 3. Brand THIS.
    • Define personal brand? Standing out amongst the PR crowd, highlighting your strengths and talents, having an online presence, communicating with your audience - etc, etc. Well, defining personal brand is one thing; actually creating one is another.
    • I feel that my main apprehensions concerning personal brand were feelings of being limited, being confined to one idea or image and feeling that others could define mine. I’d like to consider myself the anti-brand in that sense - limitless, adaptable; like a chameleon of public relations . I’m also a bit of a paradox , but I’d like to believe it works to my benefit.
  • 4. Brand THIS.
    • one little word has kept me motivated and has also helped me understand my personal brand. That word is conquer ; to succeed, overcome and persist.
    • This Spartan PRincess is armed with passion, drive, creativity, exceptional writing skills and wit – and she’s ready to take on the world. Challenge me; I dare you.
    • I am interested in both corporate communications and media relations, and these two things are no simple task. Neither is defining my unique and complex identity with one statement…
  • 5. My Personal Brand in 15 Words
  • 6. Goals
    • To graduate from the Humber Public Relations Certificate program with experience, knowledge and a stronger skill set
    • To strengthen and develop my online presence and personal brand within the corporate sector of PR between now and graduation
    • To gain more knowledge about my field (Business 101)
    • To establish solid networking connections
    • To earn a full-time job offer within my fields of interest by September 2010
  • 7. Key Messages
  • 8. Key Messages Cont’d
    • I’m an artist, writer, performer and overall perfectionist – which makes me put that extra oomph into everything I do until my heart is happy 
    • I’ve been around numerous social circles whether it be friends, school or work, which has made me adaptable and able to interact with practically every type of person.
    • I am quite the social butterfly ; If I’m quiet; it usually means I’m thinking. Think, think, think…that’s all I do.
    • I use both my heart and my head .
    • I’m a pleasant paradox and I’m full of surprises .
  • 9. Objectives & Critical Path
    • To contribute meaningful and interesting material to set myself apart from the rest
    • Acquire over 150 followers on Twitter between now and January 2010
    • Become a master Tweeter
    • Create 2 original blog posts per month
    • Develop relationships with 3 PR professionals involved in corporate communications and media relations by March, 2010
    • Watch 3 different news casts per week
    • Attract 10 followers to my blog by January, 2010
    • Join CPRS in December, 2009
    • Land internship in fields of interest in May, 2010
    • Continue to evolve my personal brand after graduation
  • 10. Channels
    • Twitter - @tawniaEVA
    • Vox Blog –
    • Youtube
    • LinkedIn
    • Google Reader
    • Ning
  • 11.  
  • 12. Strategies
    • Increase online participation in social media applications, particularly Twitter and Blogs
    • Create content that can be linked back to me to generate more Google search hits
    • Display both my writing skills and creative talents
    • Participate more frequently on Twitter to strengthen personal brand and build connections
    • Take on several volunteer opportunities to gain experience
    • Establish networking connections among PR professionals and Humber PR Certificate students
    • Update resume on LinkedIn
  • 13. Target Audience
    • Public relations divisions in corporations and agencies throughout Ontario, particularly in Toronto.
  • 14. Tactics
    • Network, network, network!! How?
    • Become member of IABC and CPRS
    • Update blog frequently/Respond to blogs
    • Tweet blog updates
    • Search and follow PR professionals on Twitter in different fields
    • Add professionally relevant contacts on LinkedIn
    • Take on several volunteer opportunities specific to my interests to gain experience, make connections
    • Conduct research on corporations of interest
    • Update resume frequently
  • 15. SWOT Analysis
  • 16. Spartan Strength
    • Exceptional writing skills – Graduated from English Specialist Program at UofT
    • Communication skills – have taken presentation and speaking classes
    • Excellent interview skills
    • Knowledgeable about corporate communications and media relations from working at a bank
    • Artistic background – very creative/innovative
    • Thinks outside the box
    • Adds “extra oomph” to stand out
    • Resourceful
    • Bilingual in Greek
    • Active Twitter account growing daily
    • Business cards available
  • 17. Spartan + Weakness = Oxymoron
    • But.. I admit that I can improve/make changes towards the following:
    • Not a member of IABC or CPRS
    • Lack of public relations volunteer and work experience
    • Lack of PR contacts
    • Not particularly html savvy
  • 18. Opportunities
    • Join IABC/CPRS
    • Humber – strong professional reputation
    • Frequent volunteer opportunities
    • Frequent networking opportunities
    • Internship
  • 19. The Enemy
    • Competitive industry
    • Slow economy
    • Competitors with more experience and contacts
    • School and work taking time away from experiences/opportunities
  • 20. Look out world – Here I come!