Critical thinking skills ppt


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Critical thinking skills ppt

  1. 1. Critical thinking Skills Presented by: Sufyan Ali Tauqeer Abbas Zain Abid
  2. 2. Objectives of the training: To explain what is critical thinking and how we can use different techniques to improve our critical thinking abilities and skills for affective decision making in our lives.
  3. 3. Expected Outcomes of the training: After the training, you will be able to understand different affective techniques which can be used while making judgments and decisions through thinking critically.
  4. 4.  “Critical thinking is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, partially true, or false.”
  5. 5. Video 1: Critical thinking explained
  6. 6. Components of Critical Thinking Critical thinking consists of a skill-set and attitude. There are six major components of critical thinking:  • Interpretation  • Analysis  • inference  • explanation  • evaluation  • self-regulation
  7. 7. Attitude towards critical thinking: This component helps a critical thinker to evaluate these questions: • Do you try to solve problem using reasoning? • Are you willing to reconsider what you believe? -Example: • Which thing is more important, the skill or the attitude? Changing belief & attitude based upon results is difficult
  8. 8. 3 Easy Techniques To Improve Critical Thinking Skills
  9. 9. Technique no.1 ‘How does someone know that?’  How does someone know what they claim to know?  Do they claim through the result of a reliable process? -It increases the likelihood of claim to be true.
  10. 10. Bad ways that people use when they claim to know things: Someone told them. Saw it on internet/TV. Everyone knows it.  not a reliable way to reach accurate conclusion. Good reasons/ways to know: Knowing something from evidence is best way to come to knowledge. -logics, proofs….
  11. 11. Dunning Kruger Effect  When one lack metacognitive tools to make reliable judgments. -Example:
  12. 12. Technique no.02 ‘Counter Examples’ The odd numbers 3,5,7 are prime therefore, all odd numbers are prime (False) Everything natural is good for you. (False) Where there is smoke, there is fire. (False)
  13. 13. Video 2: How Not To Be Stupid: A Guide To Critical Thinking
  14. 14. Technique no. 03 How could my belief be wrong? What conditions have to be in place so my belief could be an error? Create possibility of Doubts.
  15. 15. Discussion Are cellphones safe? Do they cause brain tumor?
  16. 16. Video 3: Cellphones cause brain tumor
  17. 17. Thank You