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Cadac Group Holding
The Cadac Group specialises in providing automated solutions
for creating, managing and sharing digita...
Architecture, Engineering &                                               DeModus
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Training@Cadac is the training centre of the Cadac Group and provides
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Cadac Organice
Cadac Organice is the name of an Engineering Document Management solution developed
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Cadac Corporate Folder English


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Cadac Corporate Folder English

  1. 1. Create, manage & share digital design information ►
  2. 2. Cadac Group Holding The Cadac Group specialises in providing automated solutions for creating, managing and sharing digital design information. In addition, Cadac is an independent in-house developer of soft- ware for applications on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform. This Cadac Organice Product Suite is applied successfully all over the world, in particular by project-oriented organisations. The Cadac Group has a reputation as a reliable and pragmatic partner for its clients, with a focus on helping them to improve their design processes and project communication. The Cadac Group is an Autodesk Premier Solution Provider, a Microsoft Gold Cer tified Par tner and an Oracle Cer tified Par tner. The Cadac Group was established in 1986 by Jan Baggen, who was 20 years old at the time. While still studying architecture at Hogeschool Zuyd (Zuyd University) in Heerlen, he estab- lished the CAD Advies Centrum (advisor y centre), which ► later became the basis for the present Cadac Group. Under his leadership, the company grew to become an international organisation with branches in Europe, the US and Australia. Not surprisingly, in 1998, he became the youngest entrepreneur ever to be named Manager of the Year in the Netherlands. At the end of 2008, the Cadac Group had a staff of 200 consultants and generated annual revenues of approx. 30 million euros. Jan Baggen still lives in Heerlen with his wife and three children. Jan Baggen (may 11, 1965) Chief Executive Officer ►
  3. 3. Architecture, Engineering & DeModus Construction Solutions The Cadac Group uses DeModus, a practical working method which From its very beginnings, the Cadac Group was an integral part of aims to provide the client with an effective operating environment the architectural market. Its client base includes a great many archi- from the very start. DeModus is an operating environment devel- tectural and engineering consulting firms, ranging from small to very oped in-house by the Cadac Group, it also has a library for Autodesk large. All of them can count on receiving the best support avail- Revit. Developed on the basis of Dutch and Belgian architectural able from true specialists. Cadac’s consultants have a background in practices in relation to design, drawing and construction, it is very architecture as well as practical hands-on experience and are inti- focused on productivity and enables users to get the maximum mately familiar with the conceptual world of architects. These char- from the Autodesk Revit package. DeModus is interdisciplinary in acteristics are becoming increasingly valuable, in particular as the nature and therefore suitable for Revit Architecture as well as Revit world of architecture and construction is now facing important new Structure. developments in the area of CAD software and document manage- ment.The step to Building Information Modelling (BIM) will also play a significant role in this respect. ► Manufacturing Solutions NXTdim The mechanical engineering team at the Cadac Group helps clients The use of 3D design processes results in more precise construc- to design better products, machines and industrial plants more quickly tion drawings and therefore fewer production errors. It provides and at lower cost. They help optimise and automate design processes clients with the tools to convert the design into a structure more by ensuring that they are carried out digitally.The designs are created intelligently and to document the process in an error-free fash- in 3D with Autodesk Inventor and in 2D with AutoCAD Mechanical, ion. And the savings in terms of time and energy are even greater Electrical and P&ID. The result is a digital prototype with a photo- outside the drawing office than inside. NXTdim enables you to get realistic visualisation that can be used for simulation purposes. better control of design time. It does so by optimising the design process with the help of standardised and tried and tested “best To prevent any loss of information, during each design phase, infor- practices” developed by the Cadac Group on the basis of over two mation is added to this digital prototype and safely stored in the decades of experience. Product Data Management (PDM) system, which can be linked to the client’s ERP system if desired. During the design process, the NXTdim consists of a documented method for implementing the digital prototype can also be shared with others. With the help of engineering environment and for working with it. In addition, it Autodesk Navisworks, it is possible to combine CAD data from provides Dutch content, handy tools and a Product Configurator various systems in order to analyse a total project. After your (PCF) which you can easily set up yourself. NXTdim is available for system is up and running, the Cadac Group continues to serve you Autodesk Inventor, the Autodesk Vault products and for Autodesk with ongoing developments and improvements. For example, they ProductStream Professional (NXTdim PDM). are initiator of the Autodesk Inventor user group, which enables them to regularly update its clients and share experiences. ►
  4. 4. Training@Cadac Training@Cadac is the training centre of the Cadac Group and provides courses for users of Autodesk software, Microsoft Office,Windows Server and SharePoint. As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for Learning Solutions and an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre, the training centre has a sharp focus on quality. Our training consultants will be happy to advise you with regard to the training solution that best fits your needs. All of the Cadac trainers are certified and also have the necessary work experience and background to bridge the gap between training and actual practice. Training@Cadac provides training in Heerlen, Gouda, Meppel, Vianen and Hasselt (Belgium). If desired, Training@Cadac can conduct courses for clients on-site using its own laptops. ► Cadac Professional Resources Cadac Professional Resources carries out a wide range of projects for its clients in the areas of mechanical engineering, architecture and structural engi- neering, electrical engineering and GIS. It does so at the client’s site or in its own drawing offices with the help of Autodesk software such as AutoCAD and 3D packages such as Inventor, Revit and Civil 3D. The projects are carried out by highly trained specialists who are part of the permanent staff at Cadac Professional Resources and have been trained to work with the latest design and drawing software. Besides calling on help from our specialists, our clients also have the option of renting a complete CAD system. Cadac Professional Resources also provides recruitment and selection services. ►
  5. 5. ► NedGraphics ► NedGraphics has been part of the Cadac Group since 2007 and produces design and geographic information systems for the public sector and the civil engineering sector. The extensive client base served by NedGraphics includes the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works, various Dutch provinces and over half of the municipalities in the Netherlands as well as their suppliers such as engineering firms, contractors and specialised agencies. NedGraphics specialises in providing automated solutions for designing, managing and publishing digital drawings and maps, often linked to other infor- mation from applications used by third parties. As an open and independent supplier, NedGraphics provides solutions that work with a great many different technologies and ensures that these solutions can be linked to and integrated with the applications used by its clients. It does the latter at its own risk and cost.Innovation and continuity are at the heart of NedGraphics. Accordingly, a broad team of development specialists is continually working on new applica- tions as well as functional or technological modifications to existing products. Two striking examples of this are NedInfra and Aviation. NedInfra With NedInfra from NedGraphics, clients can get the maximum possible benefit from their AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map software. Although these software products offer a great many functionalities and function as global standards, they are not always in line with specific national requirements. NedInfra bridges this gap by providing a collection of applications for civil engi- neering design purposes, which allows clients to optimise their work in line with national standards. Of course, the focus is also on productivity and on providing an effective and balanced operating environment. NedGraphics Aviation NedGraphics developed smartGlobe, an aeronautical charting system, espe- cially for the aviation market. The companies it does business with include airline companies and air traffic authorities such as EUROCONTROL, NATS and NAV CANADA. The system enables users to produce and manage maps together with the relevant aviation information. The smartGlobe Web Data Manager is a web-based application for accessing, visualising and managing static aviation information. MapTrans is a map conversion utility.
  6. 6. ► Cadac Organice Cadac Organice is the name of an Engineering Document Management solution developed by Cadac in-house. It draws on years of experience and expertise in the discipline of project-driven industries and is completely based on the Microsoft SharePoint plat- form. Cadac Organice integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Office, Outlook and lead- ing CAD applications. It offers clients improved document availability, accessibility and distribution. Cadac Organice provides major benefits to project-driven organisations operating in technical markets, which depend upon accurate documentation and where knowledge and intellectual property are stored and distributed in the form of docu- ments. These markets include the building industry (architects, consulting engineers and contractors), the process industry and the mechanical engineering sector. Cadac Organice is easy to use and is quickly adopted by users. It helps to improve the input & creation, management & control and output & distribution of project documen- tation. The use of Cadac Organice ensures that everyone is working with the correct and latest version of a document. It also ensures that all documents are distributed to project partners efficiently and at the same time keeps track of which information has been sent to whom, when and why. This immediately results in increased project efficiency and improved project and business results. Boston ( u s a ) Sydney ( a u s ) Heerlen, main office ( nl ) 859 Willard Street, Suite 400 Level 39, 2 Park St Nieuw Eyckholt 282 Quincy, MA 02169-7469 (USA) Sydney, NSW 2000 (AUS) 6419 DJ Heerlen (NL) Tel: +1 781 353 6486 Tel: +61 29 004 7927 Tel: +31 (0)45 400 1000 Fax: +1 781 353 6499 Fax: +61 29 004 7070 Fax: +31 (0)45 400 1001 Gouda ( n l ) Meppel ( n l ) 00800 - CALL CADAC Tielweg 30 Blankenstein 134 00800 - 2 255 2 2 3 2 2 2803 PK Gouda (NL) 7943 PE Meppel (NL) Tel: +31 (0)18 262 5000 Tel: +31 (0)52 223 8850 Fax: +31 (0)18 262 5001 Fax: +31 (0)52 223 8851 Vianen ( n l ) Hasselt ( b ) Ir. D.S. Tuynmanweg 10 Luikersteenweg 167, bus 2 4131 PN Vianen (NL) 3500 Hasselt (B) Tel: +31 (0)34 732 9600 Tel: +32 (0)1 130 0911 Fax: +31 (0)34 732 9666 Fax: +32 (0)1 130 0910