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Ad File Presentation

Ad File Presentation






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    Ad File Presentation Ad File Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Ad File by Tatyana Danilova MCOMMS 230
      • A Good Ad Mac vs. PC
      Mac vs. PC is one of the most creative and entertaining ads. They are very clever and describe the weaknesses of Windows/PC.
    • 2. A Bad Ad It not clear what is advertised unless the audience knows that Wrangler is the brand of jeans. The tag line does not make much sense either.
    • 3. Brand Ad
    • 4. Public Service Ad
    • 5. Example of Inaccuracy The picture of the rustic oven chips does not correspond with the slogan “ Eat your greens”. In reality the slogan refers to the FSA green Lights on the packaging. But the implication on the ad is aimed at the product itself.
    • 6. Puffery It praises the weight-loss product with the pictures of a man who supposedly got a six-pack in 8 weeks. It is a subjective opinion, which is not proved by independent research or the government.
    • 7. Bad Taste It is a bad taste ad because it is not appropriate art and location. Children are exposed to it besides the target market.
    • 8. Harmful Female Stereotype
    • 9. Harmful Minority Stereotype
    • 10. Harmful Older Stereotype
    • 11. Violent Ad
    • 12. Controversial Product
    • 13. Gambling Ad
    • 14. Subliminal Ad It is a subliminal ad because it pictures beautiful teenage model drinking milk. Subconsciously, it affects the younger crowd with the message that it is “cool” to drink milk.
    • 15. Describe the Target Market of an Ad This ad targets younger as well as older progressive people. The ad shows that the product is fun, hip and cool to have.
    • 16. A Bad Newspaper Ad
    • 17. Internet Ad
    • 18. Example of a Good Media Buy This is a great media buy because it definitely attracts attention of people who use shopping carts to buy groceries. It affects the feelings when placing the food in the little kid’s hands and seeing the hungry eyes. It inspires to donate to the food bank or other charity.
    • 19. Creative Approaches a. Hard Sell It is an ad for a hard sell, because people do more research when purchasing a car. It is a pricy product with many compe- titors. The ad must be very creative.
    • 19. Creative Approaches b. Soft Sell It is an ad for a soft sell, since it advertises the product that is consumed almost every day.
    • 19. Creative Approaches c. Lecture The person in the ad talks to the reader and shares important information regarding the drug.
    • 19. Creative Approaches d. Drama The ad illustrates the mingling among the participants. They are not addressing the consumer looking at the ad.
    • 20. Message Formats a. Straightforward Factual
    • 20. Message Formats b. Demonstration
    • 20. Message Formats c. Comparison
    • 20. Message Formats d. Problem - Solution
    • 20. Message Formats e. Slice of Life
    • 20. Message Formats f. Spokesperson/Endorser
    • 20. Message Formats g. Teaser
    • 21. Example of Slogan
    • 22. Example of a Tag Line
    • 23. Ad That Delivers Learning
    • 24. Ad That Stimulates Action
    • 25. Headlines a. Direct Benefit
    • 25. Headlines b. Reverse Benefit
    • 25. Headlines c. Factual ”THE COUNTRY LIVES BY THE SOCCER!” - a billboard in Ukraine, which describes the main sport everybody is passionate about. FYI: The next European Cup is hosted by Ukraine.
    • 25. Headlines d. Command
    • 25. Headlines e. How to
    • 25. Headlines f. News
    • 25. Headlines g. Curiosity
    • 25. Headlines h. Question (Ad for an English-learning center in Ukraine. Below the headline it says “Your English will be understood everywhere in the world”)
    • 25. Headlines i. Association
    • 25. Headlines j. Humor
    • 26. Example of Bad Typography It is hard to read the message. The idea is good, but a different font would work better.
    • 27. Layout Formats a. Picture Window
    • 27. Layout Formats b. All Art
    • 27. Layout Formats c. Grid
    • 27. Layout Formats d. Dominant Type
    • 27. Layout Formats e. Circus
    • 27. Layout Formats f. Frame
    • 27. Layout Formats g. Mondrian
    • 27. Layout Formats h. Silhouette
    • 27. Layout Formats i. Band
    • 27. Layout Formats j. Axial
    • 28. Principles of Design a. Direction Visually the slogan is connected to the product. The art directs the attention of the reader to the Aspirin box.
    • 28. Principles of Design b. Dominance The art depicts the dominant element in the middle of the ad.
    • 28. Principles of Design c. Unity Several elements in the art are united into one forming a picture of a blueberry cup.
    • 28. Principles of Design d. White Space There is a lot of white space, which makes it look clean and uncluttered.
    • 28. Principles of Design e. Contrast The art colors used for the ad create a contrast with a clear message.
    • 28. Principles of Design f. Balance The art is very creative and depicts a visual balance of the graphics.
    • 28. Principles of Design g. Proportion The art is proportionate in a creative way, which does not make the ad boring.
    • 28. Principles of Design h. Simplify Simple design, very clean and to the point.
    • 29. Direct Mail Piece
    • 30. Direct Response Ad
    • 31. Sale Promotion Piece Example 1
    • 31. Sale Promotion Piece Example 2
    • 32. B-2-B Ad