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Seahorse tattoo
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Seahorse tattoo


Seahorse tattoo

Seahorse tattoo

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  • 1. Seahorse Tattoo GETTING A TATTOO?5 TIPS ON HOW TO GET A GREAT TATTOO AND NEVER REGRET IT Ryan Luna © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 2. Seahorse TattooINTRODUCTION• Choosing a tattoo can be stressful because it is for the most part a permanent decision.• Making the wrong choice can be painful, costly and inconvenient.• But dont worry, if you take into consideration these 5 tips that I am about to share with you then youll be well on your way to getting a great tattoo that youll never regret.Here they are... Find your dream tattoo design here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 3. Seahorse TattooGETTING A TATTOO?Tip 1 - Know Why You Are Getting A Tattoo.• Before you get a tattoo you need to know the reason(s) why you are getting a tattoo in the first place.• Are you getting it because its an artistic, cool, whimsically, adventurous, fun thing to do?• Or, are you getting a tattoo because there is some kind of a deep profound meaning behind your actions?• To be perfectly honest, non of the reasons outlined above are bad on their own, neither are they bad in smaller groupings.• However, if you are considering on getting a tattoo, you must be decisive with regards to your individual reason(s) for getting it. Find your dream tattoo design here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 4. Seahorse TattooGETTING A TATTOO?Tip 2 - Choose The Right Tattoo Artist.• When getting a tattoo its important to find a tattoo artist that is experienced and one who you trust will do the best work possible.• Your chosen tattoo artist should be able to advice you on your design style options, tattoo elements and placement on your body among other things.• Your chosen tattoo artist should ensure that his/her instruments and work environment is 100% sterilized before tattooing you. Find your dream tattoo design here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 5. Seahorse TattooGETTING A TATTOO?Tip 3 - Select A Design/Concept/Style That You Adore.• Tattoos, for the most part, are permanent, individual, works of art.• As such it is absolutely important that you choose a tattoo design/concept/style that is either 1. Meaningful to you and/or 2. Represents you and/or 3. That you have always loved and will always love. Find your dream tattoo design here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 6. Seahorse TattooGETTING A TATTOO?Tip 4 - Let The Tattoo Artist Do His/Her Job.• After all whos the qualified tattoo artist here ha? so why interfere with his/her artistry.• Relax. You know why you are getting a tattoo, right? Youve chosen the right tattoo artist, right? Youve selected a design that you adore, right? So relax and let your tattoo artist do his/her job that you are paying him/her to do.• When you pay somebody, and thats their profession, their livelihood, and what they do, its more than likely that theyre going to be able to provide you with an incredible set of art, that you would have never even considered. Its good to give guidelines and ideas, dont get me wrong, but afterwards, leave the creativity in the hands of your qualified tattoo artist. Find your dream tattoo design here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 7. Seahorse TattooGETTING A TATTOO?Tip 5 - Take Care Of Your Tattoo• So now that you have gotten your dream tattoo, you must take good care of it and let it heal properly.• Dont pick at it and dont scratch it.• With regards to what type of aftercare products that you should apply to your tattoo after getting it, there are a lot of products on the market these days, so be sure to ask your qualified tattoo artist for some recommendations. Find your dream tattoo design here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 8. Seahorse TattooFINAL WORD• I hope that you have benefited from my 5 major tips on "How To Get A Great Tattoo And Never Regret It" and I trust that you will take them into consideration before getting inked.• A great website that I have been visiting online, for tattoo design inspiration, is Chopper Tattoo. They have thousands of high quality, original and creative designs to choose from and over 50 popular tattoo design categories for both men and women. Youll certainly be impressed.• As a professional tattoo artist, as well as a bona fide tattoo fanatic, Chopper Tattoo has inspired me with my own creations.• I highly recommend visiting their website as its a good online tattoo resource, for thousands of remarkable, up-to-date, tattoo designs, in a variety of styles. Also, they provide valuable information about reliable tattoo artists that may be located in your area and they even offer free tattoo magazine and music downloads.• If you are planning on getting your next tattoo, and even more so if you are planning on getting your very first tattoo, do check out Chopper Tattoos website. As I believe that after seeing what they have to offer, Im sure that the chances of you regretting having gotten your next tattoo, will definitely not be the case. Find your dream tattoo design here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 9. Seahorse TattooMY BACKGROUNDRyan Luna: Who Am I?A professional, tattoo artist and illustrator. Since a very early age I have always beenfascinated with tattoos, comic books and illustrative art.I got my first tattoo at age 18, and ever since then, I have been consistently addingto my personal masterpiece.Loving what I do as a professional tattoo artist Im always making sure that I amup-to-date at all times on the latest tattoo trends, designs and industry players.For the past couple of years, one of the most resourceful websites that I havecome across online that has thousands of various categories of quality tattoodesigns, with an ever growing, easily searchable database is thing that I really like about is that they have aparlour locator integrated on the website as well, that offers suggestions as toqualified tattoo artist that may be located in your area. So whenever you havefound your ideal design in their gallery, all you literally have to do next, is toprint it out and take it to an artist.If you are thinking of getting a tattoo done, whether you are a male or a female,then I highly recommend that one of the first places that you check out online To discover the largest selection of award winning tattoo designs available online click below: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®
  • 10. Seahorse TattooFor The Largest Online Selection Of Award Winning Tattoo Designs Click Here: © 2012 Kissa Smith All Rights Reserved STANDOUT CONCEPTS®