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RESUME360 Business Plan for GREE Idea Jam 2011
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RESUME360 Business Plan for GREE Idea Jam 2011


GREE Idea Jam 2011 アイディア部門で審査員の方にお渡ししたビジネスプランです。

GREE Idea Jam 2011 アイディア部門で審査員の方にお渡ししたビジネスプランです。

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Service Outline Person Folksonomy Recommendation Most RT/Like/SBM Blog Posts Most Watched & Forked Repo Reputations            etc. Friend Fellow Alumni Online Self-branding Find Talented People Co- worker Mentor ・・・ You
  • 2. Marketing Strategy Basic Plan Premium Plan Product Price Promotion ・ Visualize Social Social Capital    - Person folksonomy on Facebook    - LinkedIn Recommendation    - Famous blog/tumblr/twitter posts ・ Invitation to closed meet-up ・ More Effective Self-branding    - Designed templates    - Blog parts ・ Finding Talented People    - Tag search & bundle messaging ・ Invitation to closed premium meet-up ・ Free ・ $5/Month ・ Involve Opinion Leaders at SF ・ Tech/SNS Geeks ⇒ Mass ・ Buzz Promotion through Folksonomy    - Tag +3 friends for registration    - SNS post when tagging & tagged    - Need to tag to be tagged ・ Induce from Basic Plan Users Competitor Customer ・ Socially active people all over the world (150M est. = 750M FB Users × 20%)    - Active users of Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Tumblr/Blog etc.    - Interested in establishing self-brand online    - Attending & holding meet-up events frequently through SNS Place FeaturesServices Zerply Connect.me RESUME360 Person Folksonomy △ (Opened) ○ (Closed) ○ (Closed) LinkedIn Recommendation × × ○ Famous Blog Posts △ (Account Only) △ (Account Only) ○ Famous Tumblr Posts △ (Account Only) △ (Account Only) ○ Famous Twitter Posts △ (Account Only) △ (Account Only) ○ Finding Talented People ○ (free) ○ (free) ○ (premium)
  • 3. Winning Story “ SCOUTER” The world of “DRAGON BALL” is waiting just around the corner. RESUME360 + AR + Facial Recognition Technology = “SCOUTER” for the 21 st century. It will revolutionize physical meet-up event & future human interaction. Viral Loop In order to create new resume, you need to tag +3 of your friends. To activate the tags on you & to ask for being tagged, mutual tagging is needed. Tagging & tagged activities will be posted on your Facebook news feeds. Because of your need for approval, it will spread like infection. 1 st Target=GEEKs in SF The first target is enthusiasts of Tech & SNS & Start-ups in San Francisco. Involve opinion leaders of their community (ex. Famous bloggers, tech medias, VCs, angels, evangelists, engineers etc.) as promoters and they will be the first spark. Database=Competence Once the user get a certain amount of tags, the switching-cost rises drastically. Cloning is easy, but catching up is difficult. Dominating the innovator & early adapter market in the first 3 months is the Key Success Factor. Social Capital Infrastructure Because of the rise of SNS, the concept of “Social Capital” is becoming more and more important. Invisible & obscure “” trust network in the current physical community will be visualized in the near future by RESUME360. We are leading the next social infrastructure for the 21 st century.
  • 4. Execution & Economics Salary $3,000 Server $5,000 @Tokyo Official Launch $90M/Year = 750M ( *1 ) × 10%(*2) × 2%(*3) × $10/Month × 12Months *1: Approximate number of Facebook users *2: Target rate of RESUME360/Facebook users (ref. FarmVille/Facebook users: 15%) *3: Target rate of Premium/Basic users (ref. average of Premium/Basic users of Facebook App: 2%) 40M 20M 60M 4M 2M $7.5M $0.1M $3M Total Users ( Users ) ( $ ) @Tokyo Engineer×1 Designer×1 Engineer×1 Designer×1 CEO×1 @San Francisco Engineer×3 Designer×1 Promoters×10 CEO×1 2011/9 2011/12 2012/12 2012/3 2012/6 2012/9 6M Closed β Launch Salary $3,000 Server $50 Salary $30,000 Office $1,000 Server $50,000 Salary $100,000 Office $5,000 Server $100,000 Salary $50,000 Office $3,000 Server $75,000 IPO Exit