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Brain selecta midterm Brain selecta midterm Presentation Transcript

  • 0 BrainSelecta Tatiana Smirnova, MIT/Skoltech Special Student Roman Cybin MIT Neurotech Ventures ~ Executive Presentation ~ Fall 2013
  • 1 Business Concept • WHAT: decision-making assistance system/analysis of inclination • PROBLEM: ambivalence in decision-making • Decidophobia (70s), astrology, palm readings, looking up at stars, crystals, numerology, fortune-tellers, magic 8ball • Technology: simulating the situation in which selective attention is used, techniques to pick your selection from your subconscious • Cognitive science-based (vs fortune-tellers), quick (vs psychoterapy) MIT Neurotech Ventures ~ Executive Presentation ~ Fall 2013
  • 2 Sales & Marketing • Users – almost everyone experienced difficulties in decision-making • Companies that try to evaluate their prevalence • Many working hours are spend to market analysis, it can be done easier and quicker • For users – assistance, revealing “what your intuition wants” (special questions), showing alternative options, “Are you really concerned about it?” • Companies – after you new advertisement, how many people think about you? Do they prefer you among others? • Collaboration with psychotherapists, decision-making techniques providers, market analysis for companies with many competitors (e.g. Nike, Puma, Adidas etc) MIT Neurotech Ventures ~ Executive Presentation ~ Fall 2013
  • 3 Competitive Advantage •, – analysis of your decision strategy • Market analysis, adcertisement • In market – guide you through analysis pathway • 1. Cognitive science based (people tend to believe) • 2. Question “if a person really concerned with this topic?” • (e.g. marriage/pregnancy) • There is a huge gap between cognitive science and its applications MIT Neurotech Ventures ~ Executive Presentation ~ Fall 2013
  • 4 Business Model In development. What is done: -beta-version of website -feedback from testers Future: -other techniques -application to market research Idea is quickly developing from starting point (problem > analysis of options > suggestions > “Are you sure you care?” > market analysis) MIT Neurotech Ventures ~ Executive Presentation ~ Fall 2013
  • 5 Team • Tatiana Smirnova – Background research, data acquisition, general design – MIT/Skoltech Special Master Student, BSc in Cognitive Science • Roman Cybin – Implementation, website creation. • MSc in Computer Science, Bonch-Bruevich Technical Institute, Saint-Petersburg • Advisors are looking for • We need people for: idea development (brainstorming and concept development), market value development MIT Neurotech Ventures ~ Executive Presentation ~ Fall 2013
  • Challenge • Proper situation simulation • Balance between personalized/real selective attention • Market? > idea is currently developed so that to become both user-oriented and market-meaningful • Further application? > brainstromers needed (:
  • 6 Thank you! • Any feedback is strongly appreciated, idea is a complete newborn (: MIT Neurotech Ventures ~ Executive Presentation ~ Fall 2013