Edtc 6340 tatiana canales copyrights 4th rev
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Edtc 6340 tatiana canales copyrights 4th rev






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  • Libraries are working to make digital collections open to the public. There are laws and policies that protect author’s works.
  • Notice is no longer needed to protect worksAny tangible expression is automatically copyright protected
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  • Get it in writingdifficulty identifying owner and unresponsive or unidentifiable owner

Edtc 6340 tatiana canales copyrights 4th rev Edtc 6340 tatiana canales copyrights 4th rev Presentation Transcript

  • EDTC 6340 Summer I 2013 Dr. Linda Newell UTB Copyrights Tatiana Canales
  • (Data Creche Solutions)
  • (Levi, 2010)
  • Copyright Act
  • (“Fair Use”, 2013)
  • (“Fair Use”, 2013)
  • Teach ACT
  • Getting permission
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