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Gbk international indonesia

  1. 1. A presentation by “GOLDEN BARN Inc” (GBK) for the Government of Republic of Indonesia Harvesting the Potentialities of World-Standard Rice Production Technologies
  2. 2. Indonesia Agriculture at a GlanceThe agricultural sector in Indonesia reportedly employs over 40 percent of the national workforcewhile contributing approximately 17 percent of GDP. It is one of the pillars of the country’seconomy. Rice is the staple food grain of Indonesia. While ranks 3rd in the world in riceproduction, but also one of the top rice importer of the world.However, in recentyears total riceconsumption hasbeen rising fasterthan production, asthe growth rate ofnational rice areaand yield hasfaltered. Ref: Bangladesh MOA 2011-2012
  3. 3. The ChallengeIn 2012 Indonesia will import around1.45MMT of miller rice. For the 238million people of Indonesia, the status ofits domestic rice supply is synonymouswith its food security and become thebiggest challenge to overcomeThe Solution GBK Turnkey Mechanized Rice Cultivation Project could be the best possible solution to achieve self sufficiency in rice production and ensure food security for the generations to comeRef: Bangladesh MOA and CIA Country Report
  4. 4. The Company: GBK Golden Barn Inc. Pte Ltd, registered in Objective Singapore. HQ in Taiwan. GBK is a company working dedicatedly for the dissemination of most productive rice Introduction of most modern AgroTech cultivation technology. The goal of Introduction of HYV inbred rice (Over 10 GBK is to support the farmers MT/HA yield) globally to increase the rice Introduction of Short Duration Rice production introducing GBK Method, Variety (70 Days) to change traditional cropping pattern by inducting new potential Facilities and Location(s) short variety of rice and various cash crops. This advanced eco-friendly technology from Taiwan is integrated Operations in Taiwan, Cambodia, with agricultural methods from all and Bangladesh over the globe and will be promoted throughout the world.
  5. 5. The Leadership & Expertise The Leadership GBK ExpertiseGBKs researchers have over thirtyyears experience in rice-growing, Mr. Shahdab Akbar, Managingseedling cultivation and applied Director of GBK is anagriculture researches. international businessman having 30 years of businessGBK mastered the most advanced experience.rice technology in the world. Mr. Shahdab Akbar is working relentlessly to change the livelihood of Bangladeshi framers by implementing an innovative model of mechanized agriculture.
  6. 6. The Leadership & Expertise Huang Che-Liang PresidentEducated in USA, one of the mostdynamic Agro Entrepreneur of TaiwanConcurrent Position Rich-Power(USA) Investment Group-Preside Lai Fu-Tsung Rich-Power(Taiwan) Investment Co.-President - Director Golden Barn Inc.-President Golden Barn Khmer Investment co., Ltd.-President Educated in USA, having vast Sintai Creation Inc. – President experience in managing infrastructure and agriculture investment management companies. Concurrent Position:  Bodhi Gang investment Co., Ltd.-Chairman  Beijing sysmoto group Co., Ltd. - ChairmanLin Ching YuanChief technology OfficerExperiencesOver 30 years experience in working at National Level in Taiwan in agriculturalMechanization and technological improvements in rice seedling production processAwards and Honors In 2010 variety developed by Lin was elected as the "no. 1 in Top Ten Classic Rice” In 2008 the President of Taiwan awarded him the title "Shen Nong award“ (means God of Agriculture).
  7. 7. The Vision Implementing GBK mechanized rice cultivation technology to minimize yield gap and help feed the ever increasing world population while mitigating the adverse impact of climate change, thus ensuring food security for generations to come 2015Strategy Targets EnviromentalYield Gap minimizeand ensure food Targets Gradually Replacesecurity Chemical Fertiliser with Organic Fertiliser. Process Targets Business Targets Creating new cropping People Targets Increase Production. cycle and intorduct Ensuring farmer’s level Reduce Production new variety of HY profitability. Cost. rices Generating high tech rural employments.
  8. 8. The TechnologyHighly Advanced mechanized rice cultivation technology which also known as“Precision Agriculture Technology” ORIGIN OF THE TECHNOLOGY: originated in Japan in 1960, this is the most advanced and proven mechanized rice cultivation technology in the world  DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Fully mature technology. Perfected by decades of intensive research.  FLEXIBILITY: Any rice variety for any climatic zone can be cultivated, any type of transplanting by various seedling combinations per hill and various spacing is possible.  ADAPTED COUNTRIES: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan is 98% mechanized using this technology. China, Malaysia etc are adapting this technology at an accelerated speed
  9. 9. The Technology: Flowchart• Mechanized multi stage nursery operation Seedling Raising • Seedling of optimal consisting seed age are transplanted soaking and seed • After germination trays onto farmers land by treatment to prevent are placed on open mechanized rice diseases field for growing for transplanter• Seed placed on trays upto 15-20 days. and Kept in controlled • Seedlings are rolled environment for as mats and ready for Mechanized germination transportation to the Transplanting Fully Automated farmers land. Nursery
  10. 10. The GBK Model: Major Features  Efficient use of resources by saving on labor cost  Timely transplanting of seedlings of optimal age  Ensures uniform spacing and optimum plant  Higher productivity compared to traditional methods  No transplanting shock, early vigor of seedling, better tillering and uniform maturity of crop that facilitate timely harvest and reduce harvest losses
  11. 11. GBK vs. Traditional Method Manual transplanting is labor intensive, time  With a transplanter, the same work can beconsuming, and expensive, large number of done by an operator & an assistant. Possibleworkers (25-40/ha) required. to transplant more than 2 Ha/eight hours by 4row machine and more by higher capacity transplanter.
  12. 12. GBK vs. Traditional Method Seedling growing requires large area  Required very small area (seedling--(seedling--transplant ratio max 1:20/Ha) transplant ratio is minimum 1:400/Ha) Seedling kept in seed bed 30-50 days  After 20 days seedlings are transplanted Seedling raised at open field, thus cannot  Seedlings are protected by plastic shadingbe protected from natural hazard. during natural hazard
  13. 13. GBK vs. Traditional Method Hand planting results in inconsistent row  Mechanized transplanting ensures uniformdistances, hill space, & uneven planting depth spacing, planting depth & optimum plant density Seedling suffer transplanting shock  No transplanting shock
  14. 14. GBK Operations: Taiwan A. B. C. • GBK and its partner • GBK has its large • GBK R&D operation organizations has scale automated in Taiwan includes over 300 experts in rice seedling improved High Taiwan that an be nursery and Yield & Short used to expands research facility in Duarte rice variety, operations Taiwan HY Sweet Corn, throughout the Sugarcane, Golden world Tilapia, Vegetables, etc
  15. 15. GBK Operations: Taiwan GBK high yield Sweet Corn has average yield of 35MT/Ha in 75-80days GBK HY pineapple research GBK R&D facility at Taiwan
  16. 16. GBK Operations: Taiwan GBK high yield Golden Tilapia pond at Taiwan, which grows faster in high density pond and can be cultivated every 75days GBK cow fattening. Each cow will grow to produce 500kg meat in 1.8years
  17. 17. GBK Operations: Cambodia A. B. C. • GBK is cultivating • GBK is conducting • GBK has completed both HY Taiwan R&D in Cambodia all necessary variety and local for production preparations to rice variety in improvement of cultivate 10,000Ha Cambodia using various local rice mechanically in GBK’s own varieties Cambodia in next technology cultivation season
  18. 18. GBK Operations: Cambodia GBK Cambodia office inaugurated by the Chairman of GBK GBK officials visiting Cambodia rice field
  19. 19. GBK Operations: Bangladesh a-Strategic-Priority 2012 (Aman Season) Introducing Mechanized Transplantation in BD by starting pilot scale commercial operation 2012-13 (Boro Season) Full scale commercial operation begins, creating GBK technology to rural jobs by unique business model minimize the yield gap and transform Bangladesh from a 2014 rice importer to an Achieving self sufficiency in rice production, exporter introducing new 70Day HY rice variety, change in crop pattern 2015 Achieve rice exporting capability, transform Bangladesh from rice importer to exporter
  20. 20. GBK Operations in Bangladesh: Projects & Partners BADC • GBK is working in collaboration with “Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC)” of Bangladesh Governments Ministry of Agriculture to introduce short duration HY rice variety and gradually transform manual seed production into a mechanical one BRAC • GBK is working in collaboration with BRAC (the largest grass root NGO in the word) to establish pilot scale 5000Ha Capacity mechanized rice cultivation project in next Cropping Season (Nov2012-Feb2013). Once fully implemented the project is expected to reach over 500,000Ha capacity within next three years RDA • GBK working in collaboration with Rural Development Academy (RDA) of Bangladesh Governments Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperative to implement a 2500Ha Capacity Project in Northern Bangladesh in next Cropping Season (Nov2012-Feb2013) KAB • GBK also working with rural entrepreneurs in a Agriculture Franchise Model to implement a 1000Ha Capacity Project in Southern Districts of Bangladesh
  21. 21. GBK Bangladesh Operation: Ongoing Aman-2012 Seed soaking treatment at GBK nursery Seedling Machine at Operation (seeds are placed uniformly on tray mechanically)
  22. 22. GBK Bangladesh Operation: Ongoing Aman-2012 Sprouted seeds are placed on green field nursery Seedling Grown at Greenfield Nursery
  23. 23. GBK Bangladesh Operation: Ongoing Aman-2012 15days old Seedling are rolled for transportation Seedling loaded on truck for transportation
  24. 24. GBK Bangladesh Operation: Ongoing Aman-2012 Transplanting operation inaugurated by the MD of GBK at BRAC Center Rice seedlings are transplanted by 4 row walk behind rice transplanter
  25. 25. GBK Bangladesh Operation: Ongoing Aman-2012 Faster growth, healthy plants because of no transplanting shock Amazing results, dark green healthy plants, disease free & shiny leaves
  26. 26. GBK Bangladesh Operation: Ongoing Aman-2012 Faster growth, stronger and much higher number of tillers per hill Comparison of mechanized and manual transplanting (left field transplanted mechanically and right field transplanted manually)
  27. 27. GBK Achieving Milestone in Rice Yield GBK achieved 9.8 MT/Ha We have achieved a milestone in record yield in rice cultivation in Bangladesh by yield in 80 days our field trial in BADC Kashimpur farm by cultivating a new GBK rice short duration Inbred rice variety. cultivation The rice was cultivated using GBK in south technology and the official yield was 9.8MT/Ha. Moreover this was Asia and our first field trial and we are South East expecting more than 12MT/Ha yield Asians from this variety. countries
  28. 28. Crop Cutting of Record Yield at BADC Farm Crop Cutting ceremony preside by the Chairman of BADC and MD of GBK.
  29. 29. Sample Official Records of Yield ComparisonRajshahi, Bangladesh: Crop Cutting Report of GBK & Traditional Technology 45.71% more yield by GBK technologyBogra Bangladesh: Crop Cutting Report of GBK & Traditional Technology 47.43% more yield by GBK technology On average in Bangladesh farmers get 43% more rice yield by GBK technology
  30. 30. Presenting GBK Achievements to Honourable PM GBK MD is presenting the achievements of GBK to Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
  31. 31. What We Can Do: Turnkey Project Solution GBK provide technical and technological support to set up agriculture production systems & infrastructure GBK provide complete production management service to ensure highly efficient, high yield & low cost crop production to maximize profitability GBK Turnkey Rice Production System consists A-Z of Complete rice productions for any rice variety and anywhere in the world Agriculture Solution
  32. 32. GBK Turnkey Solution: A – Z of Rice Cultivation Automated Mechanized Seedling Land Seed Transplanting Nursery for preparation production of seedling Seedling for harvesting production Milling and CompletePackaging for other post retail Harvesting agronomics harvest managementconsumption treatment
  33. 33. GBK Project for IndonesiaGBK offers to implement a fully mechanized rice cultivation project of 200,000Ha incollaboration with Indonesia Government as a Public Private Partnership initiative tosolve the challenge of rice demand of current and future times
  34. 34. GBK Project for Indonesia GBK PPP project collaboration offers most favorable terms and condition for the Indonesia Government
  35. 35. GBK Project: Benefits for IndonesiaStrategic National Benefit Indonesia achieve self sufficiency in rice cultivation Possibility of rice export by introducing GBK technology to generalfarmersNational Economic Benefit Saving of foreign currency that used for rice import Help improving national BOP (Balance of Payment)Contribution to National GDP Increase in total rice production will increase National GDP Also Contributing by bringing in Foreign Investment
  36. 36. GBK Project: Benefits for IndonesiaNational R&D Cost Savings GBK Technology and HYV will save hundreds of millions of dollarcurrently spent for research to increase rice productionSocial Impact Creating new employment opportunity Ensuring food security for generation to comePeoples Impact Making general urban people happy by reducing or stabilizing the riceprice Making rural farmers happy by spreading introducing GBKtechnology for them
  37. 37. GBK Project : The Way Forward GBK has the Capability to implement project within shortest possible timeGBK is ready to implement a GBK can expand that topilot scale project in 5000Ha 25000Ha by the third by the next crop season of cropping season of year April 2013 GBK project capacity started from August 2013 will reach 50,000 Ha by nest irrigated cropping season of 2013-14 GBK project will gradually reach 200,000Ha capacity by the end of 2015
  38. 38. The Bottom-line of GBK Technology • GBK technology ensure at least 25% lower Lower Cost cost of production than contemporary rice of Production cultivation technologies currently available Higher Rice • GBK technology ensures at least 20% Production higher production of rice with lower costs Increased • Because of 25% lowering of costs and 20% increase in productivity the profitability is Profitability expected to increase significantly
  39. 39. GBK Solution: Excellence in Agriculture Productivity Proven Reliable Flexible • GBK production • GBK work in • GBK can provide turn management collaboration with key solution for large technology is the world renowned agriculture projects most advanced & companies to setup ranging from 5,000Ha most productive, yet production related to 500,000Ha low cost production infrastructures and anywhere in the system that is also processing facilities world easy to implement
  40. 40. Thank You