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Resume of Tariq Ali, a summery of his works and qualifications.

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Resume tariq ali

  1. 1. Resume of Tariq Ali ACMA, CGMA, Management ConsultantExpertise & QualificationsMain area of expertise is financial management especially in budgeting andmanagement reporting, organizational development and knowledge management..A full time consultant for five years. Before that worked for fifteen years in companies,NGOs and government. Has hands on experience in a wide variety of organizational andbusiness settings; ranging from government, private companies, multinationalcompanies, national and international NGOs. This gives a perspective on what wouldwork in a given context of culture, technology, and resource continuum. This coupledwith a passion for efficiency, change and success; makes analyses andrecommendations free from stereotypical easy fixes.Has excellent interpersonal and exceptional communication skills. Has trainer-levelexpertise in desktop IT applications. Motivated to deliver high quality service and thrivein environments where things are done with a view to realize a mission in fair andefficient ways.Areas of Expertise, Work & Interests- Financial Management- Document creating, mapping and Knowledge Management- Project Conceptualizing, Planning and Evaluation- Feasibility Studies and Economic Analysis- Budgeting and Financial Planning- Organizational Planning and Performance Management- Management Information System (MIS) Development and Implementation- Process Mapping and Policy Development- Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Planning- Regulatory and Contractual Compliance Management- Corporate GovernanceEducationDegree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)Institute: Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka UniversityYear: 1992 Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)Institute: Dhaka UniversityYear: 1988Work ExperienceConsultingPosition: Cost Benefit AnalystTitle of the assignment: External Evaluation of for the Women by the Women projectClient: Action Aid Bangladesh through the Resource Foundation Period: August 2012– September 2012Responsibility:Assessed cost benefit ratio of interventions targeted for the women beneficiaries of 20small women headed NGOs. Quantified impact of the project at organizational level ofthe implementing NGOs, women’s groups, and at societal, group and household levelsof the beneficiaries. Separated the benefit that had come to lives of the beneficiariesfrom the benefits attributable to macroeconomic changes of the recent years. Workedout the ratio of investment and benefits in Excel and visually showed the logic oralgorithms using Excel’s drawing features.Position: Performance Enhancement SpecialistTitle of the assignment: Developing and Strengthening Enterprise SystemsClient: A group of companies in ship repair, building and salvaging business, Prantik, Desh Shipbuilding Ltd. Period: April 2012– continuing with breaksResponsibility:Created, updated and smoothed the progress in implementing policies, documents, andsystems to develop the working culture from ad hoc, founder driven one to where roleof the founder owner is limited at providing strategic leadership. Determined the cut offrent or price that the Company could charge to profitably build and operate a crew boatthat it was contemplating. Identified redundancies in job descriptions by making adatabase of all the activities that operatives needed to do. Numbered and standardisedeach of the activities so that a database analysis would reveal the persons who aredoing the same activities, who is supervising what activity and thus facilitate creation ofa fact based accountability culture. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Position: Finance SpecialistTitle of the assignment: Backstopping Service to the National Tuberculosis Program on Grant ClosingFunding agency: USAIDName of the firm: University Research Co., LLCPeriod: March 2011– June 2011Responsibility:Provided backstopping service to the National Tuberculosis Program implemented bythe Government of Bangladesh, funded by the GFATM for the objective of properlyclosing the grants. Created financial reports for the grants from basic ledger level dataand classified expenses according to programme objectives by analysing transactions’origin, goals, budgets, and timing. Accomplished this by having iterative and in-depthdiscussions with many people who were responsible for the expenses including peoplewho had left the job at the time of the assignment.Identified all assets that were bought with donor’s funds from incomplete and often,rudimentary data by discussing, analysing, and bringing all sources of records to bear onthe problem. This was made possible by swiftly mapping work patterns employed at theimplementing agency and securing access and commitment of staff at different levels.Made assessment on gaps in skills and systems, and provided recommendations andtrainings to the operatives for rectifying the gaps.Position: ConsultantTitle of the assignment: Developing Finance Standard Operating ProceduresFunding agency: DFIDName of the client: Institute of MicrofinancePeriod: September 2010 to December 2010Responsibility:Drafted a comprehensive finance manual for the Institute of Microfinance, a subsidiaryof the Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF), leading funding and capacity buildingbody for micro finance providing NGOs in Bangladesh. It enumerated periodic and dayto day finance functions in a way that a reasonably competent accountant without priorexperience t the organisation or for a particular task, would know what to do, when ,how, the authority and quality checks that needs to be employed to fulfil therequirements of the individual tasks. The finance manual exhaustively coveredprocedures for procurement and payment of salary, reimbursements, bonus, andallowances of staff. The client has been profitably using the manual since it wasfinalized with their iterative inputs. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Position: Performance Enhancement SpecialistTitle of the assignment: Aligning Budget with Business PrioritiesClient: Cross World Ltd.Period: January 2010– August 2010Responsibility:Provided financial and administrative backstopping service to Cross World group, one ofthe largest vendors of diesel generators and maintenance service in Bangladesh. Thiswas an eight months project aimed at bringing qualitative improvement to theirplanning and execution capacity.Updated accounting software Tally by partitioning data, calling the vendor to enablestandard features and trained staff on their use. This speeded up transaction processingand in turn helped in faster invoicing, which in turn freed up working capital. Appliedexperience of accounts closing that was honed at CARE to bring the accounts up todate. Analysed bottlenecks and found that delivery of generators and cash flow werebeing help up for depending upon inadequate number of locally made accessorysuppliers. Solved the bottlenecks by signing up new suppliers, negotiated standing pricewith them, and brought quality checks in confirming dependable local supplier status.This work contributed to the company’s establishing a goal driven work culture and wasempowered to go for ambitious business objectives in sales and service.Position: Financial SpecialistTitle of the study: End line study of CIDA’s assistance to Acid Survivors Foundation Phase II.Funding agency: CIDAPeriod: September 2009– January 2010Responsibility:This was a multi disciplinary, multi week in-depth evaluation of the project. Assessedperformance of finance, HR, and IT functions of the NGO. Provided concrete reasonedsuggestions for improvement in those sectors including designing and maintainingdatabase of the programme for better organizational effectiveness. Assessed businessperformance of the NGO’s income generating projects in relation to generating freecash flow and providing work and skill development opportunities for its stakeholders.Provided second opinion on the work of other consultants on core programmatic areasas part of the mandate in order to get a rounded view of the programme.Position: Financial & Tax SpecialistTitle of the study: The State of Tax Law on Donations and General Tax Burden of the Non Profit Charitable Sector in Bangladesh Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Funding agency: Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (Formerly Ford Foundation, Bangladesh)Period: February – April 2008Responsibility:Wrote a policy paper for the Bangladesh Freedom Foundation on taxation laws andpractices on NGOs and the general treatment of charity in taxation. The paper detailedthe current anomalies in the tax structure that is faced by NGOs and the way thecurrent law discourages official donation by the better off sections of the society,though there is a long culture of informal giving in the country. Made a comparativeanalysis of tax burden of NGOs and tax incentive for donations made to them for USA,Philippines, India and Bangladesh.Position: Governance SpecialistTitle of the study: Corporate Governance Best Practices for NGOsClient: Bangladesh Enterprise InstitutePeriod: November 2007– January 2008Responsibility:Developed a module for Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, for compiling anddisseminating better corporate governance practices for NGOs. This was in line withglobal best practices after taking into account local laws, capacity and practices. Theguideline was made in a way that organizations intending to enhance corporategovernance would be able to self-score on their current standing vis-à-vis therecommended best practices.Non-Consulting Work ExperienceDesignation: Section Manager, BudgetCompany name: CARE BangladeshPeriod: October 2003 - October 2007Responsibility:Was responsible for invoicing donors; contractual and regulatory compliance; makingfinal financial project closing to donors and for budgetary planning for new projects andongoing operations. Was in charge of the account receivable module of the Scalacomputerized Financial Information System.Developed a risk-based sub grant monitoring system and trained staff on implementingit. Prepared background documentation for USAID mandated A-133 audit byinternational auditors and carried out post audit adjustment and communication fortwo audit cycles. Balanced intra-country receivables including ones which were Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. inconsistent for over a decade. Actively lead the process of analysing jobs and identifyopportunities for cost saving by rationalising administrative positions.Designation: Senior Management AccountantCompany name: BRACPeriod: November 2001 - October 2003Responsibility:Discharged company secretarial functions of BRAC and its subsidiary BRAC Bank Ltd.Advised directors on important regulatory matters, led budget preparation projects forthe subsidiary and the main organization. Made feasibility studies and led processimprovement initiatives for in-house business ventures. Made changes in internalprocesses in transactions among group companies that resulted in lower tax liability.Made the first multi-year budget for the Bank. Drafted the Bank’s first pay structure andhuman resource policy.Company name: National Board of Revenue, Government of BangladeshDesignation: Deputy Commissioner of TaxesPeriod: April 1994 – September 2001Responsibility:Assessed business and individuals’ incomes. Created a large number of new tax payersthrough hands on follow up of directives in this regard. Filed appeals and foughtappeals for and against decision of the Deputy Commissioner’s office according to bestunderstanding of law and application of law having regards to intrinsic justness of theparticular cases. Later in the tenure, shifted to the training wing on own volition wheretrained staff and junior officers and developed training processes.MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIESName of the organization: Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, (CIMA), UKAssociate member (entitled to use the letters ACMA as per UK law).PERSONAL DETAILSDate of Birth July 02, 1968Nationality BangladeshiContact DetailsAddress Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh (please ask for full address if needed)Tel + 88 01715 425 669E-mail ali.tariq2000@gmail.comWeb Page 6 of 6