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Please Contact Us

Please Contact Us

TARAPATA Production&Show

call: +380 97 434 29 25
skype: show.production



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Show Production Presentation Transcript

  • 1. TECHNICALPRODUCTION private events, concerts, tours, show programs, artists, festivals SINCE 1990CLIENTS: mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 2. You don’t know me…But I want you to have my contacts!You opened “Tarapata Production & Show" presentation. It is possible thatyou already know about me from the Internet or you have attended one ofmy event works. But if you havent, it would be better for you to knoweverything about me as soon as possible. I work for you.MOST of the projects are limited by the standard stages, unsatisfactorysound and light and are also lack of fences and backstage. Moreover, MOSTof the managers forget that it is one of the most essential part of the project!There are projects which are already different today. The qualitative soundand light are used there, including the uniqueness, safety and comfort.Events which gather 30, 20 or even 12 thousand spectators have alreadyachieved great success. In order to achieve success you need the professional production. Every daywe hear that production is not the main thing, but what is really important isyour attitude towards the project. And somehow we hear it from people whoseem to want to persuade us in this. However, in fact, we only try to excuseour own negligence before ourselves.
  • 3. PRODUCTIONcomplex production of the projects of various standards and complexity. TARAPATA Production & Show: •  Conception development •  Technical provision of the project •  Risks of safety and quality reduction •  High level of installations and decorations •  Professional team on every stage of the production mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 4. PROJECTS 80 years of football club "Dynamo"it is only a small part of productioncapacity "Dynamo" stadium, Kiev Independence Day Anniversary of "Aval" "October Palace", Kiev Tuborg Green Fest "Independence Square", Kiev "European area", Kiev "Sports Palace", Kiev The Prodigy KISS FM Birthday «Invaders Must Die» "Expoplaza", Kiev "Sports Palace", Kiev ”IEC", Kiev "IEC", Kiev «Чайка OPEN AIR» "Aerodrome Chaika", Kiev Fashion Ukraine HIT FM Disco Awards "Sports Palace", Kiev "Independence Square", Kiev MTV Birthday "Green Theatre", Kiev
  • 5. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES BUSINESS EVENTS mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 6. "BY", Kiev
  • 7. «Business Wisdom Summit», Kiev
  • 8. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES PUBLIC EVENTS mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 9. "Independence Day", Kiev
  • 10. "Day of the City", Astrakhan
  • 11. Tver, Russia
  • 12. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES ELITE PRIVATE EVENT mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 13. Ukraine
  • 14. Ukraine
  • 15. Ukraine
  • 16. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES SPORTING EVENTS mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 17. "Formula 1", Kiev
  • 18. Snowboard World Cup
  • 19. "80 years of FC Dinamo" Kiev
  • 20. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES CORPORATE EVENTS mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 21. "Communication for the future", Kiev
  • 22. "Launch Gillette," Киев
  • 23. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES SHOW PROGRAM mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 24. "HIT FM 2008", Kiev
  • 25. "HIT FM 2007", Kiev
  • 26. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES CONCERTS mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 27. «Shakira», Georgia
  • 28. «PRODIGY», Kiev
  • 29. "Presentation Chaika XI», Kiev
  • 30. «Bloodhound Gang», Kiev
  • 31. «De Phazz», Kiev
  • 32. «Garou», Kiev
  • 33. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES FESTIVALS mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 34. «Radio Day 2012», Kiev
  • 35. «Tuborg Green Revolution», Kiev
  • 36. «MTV EMA», Kiev
  • 37. «MTV EXIT», Киев
  • 38. «Чайка ХI», Киев
  • 39. «Чайка 10», Kiev
  • 40. «POSITIVUS», Riga
  • 41. «KISS FM», Kiev
  • 42. "Slavonic Bazaar", Vitebsk
  • 43. "Krayina Mriy", Kiev
  • 44. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES FASHION EVENT mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 45. We are interested in you to succeed. The aim of our company is to help you to create big and unique events with all the experience we have which we also use to carry out our own projects… We also help you to act differently in order to stop creating standard and identical events. We can help you to cope with the chaos and understand the exact technical equipment you need. We help you to choose the definite equipment, experts and suppliers. With all our experience we help to create the event in order to achieve your desirable result. We help to believe in yourself and your abilities. We support you when you think that your event is going to be simple and plain
  • 46. We are interested in you to succeed. Sound system we work with and we trust in is the international leader. The range of production isexpanding constantly. During the recent years, the new etalon of sound was represented, which combinesdensity and the high quality of design with remarkable quality if the sound. Integration of soundstrengtheningsysten is being used all over the world. The headquarters of the company are situated inBacknang, Germany.  d&b audiotechnik – is the professional sound device of the premium class which can serve as for eventsegment (concerts, live performances, exhibitions, tours, shows etc.) and for installation segment (operahalls, theatres, discos, cinemas, conference centers, churches etc.). mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 47. WHY ARE WE BETTER? from idea - to decision! from decision - to the show!1 We were among the first who started production We are in partnership with the best production 2 companies in the world and we are constantly negotiating with companies that are the most influential in Ukraine3 We are active in the market and always reflect a few steps ahead of the competition4 We build long-term relationships, and make sure that whatever brand has always been among the leaders 5 We are involved at every stage of the event, to ensure that only positive reviews and create a mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 branded event skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 48. TARAPATA PRODUCTIONcomplex production projects of any scale and complexity PRE PRODUCTION CONCEPT PRODUCTION LOGISTICS §  Selection of location §  Program development §  Create clear plans for §  Layout area activities logistics and installation §  Choice of equipment §  Directorial and staging of work §  Create flowcharts, §  Preparation of the §  Development of the diagrams and visualization program of activities scheme of §  Drafting of project §  Scenery §  Accreditation and documentation §  Creative development of approval of all services §  Selection of contractor events §  Customs clearance equipment §  Ensuring riders artist §  Administration activities mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 49. FREE STUDENTS OPEN-AIR “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” RADIO DAY – is the annual open-air party which is devoted to all TV, radio and communication employees, which gathers thousands of guests and fans of dance music. Becoming more popular and widespread events, during the 5 years this party has gained thousands of visitors, which leads to the full-featured holiday. Every year RADIO DAY shows the growth of its popularity and in 2011 it was attended by more than 10 000 people! MANAGER’S REVIW RADIO DAY is carried out once a year but the emotions of the festival last for several weeks and the memory and expectations - the whole year! We made an attempt to make everything more exciting and entertaining - thanks to Tarapata Production (respect to them, by the way) who persuaded us to change the stage location, helped to choose the technical provision of the project, which was actually essential to create the mood and drive! The cooperation with Tarapata is our best decision during the existence of the project. We didn’t have any doubts about the efficiency of the cooperation with the production company, and solutions which were proposed by Vitalii really made the quality of the project higher and solved many issues which we face every year. This cooperation gave us the opportunity to achieve even higher rate of the project! KRUS, of the festival mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 50. STOP DREAMING AND START DOING!My name is Vitalii Tarapata…my history started in 90s…The concert of band “KINO” – festival MusEco90 and Iwant to make my confession... My 22 year experience andmy company will help you with the production and we willhelp you to avoid unpleasant surprises. mobile.: +38 (097) 434-29-25 skype: show.produсtion e-mail: site:
  • 51. Take the first step - very easy! Full professional projects production! +38 (097) 434-29-25 show.production