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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis Taran Basi
  2. 2. Classic fM cover Selling line A metallic gold font has been used for the main cover line and other red, black and white colours have been used to show a Christmas themed colour scheme The audience are expected to know who Bach is, showing they have a very clear target audience The main image of the featured artist dominates the cover but there has been some use of the rule of thirds with the strap lines A recurring use of red background is used to make features stand out
  3. 3. Classic fM cover All have white clothing on to connote purity like angels ,the smaller images also have a typical band pose to show that they’re professional. This is further shown by the ‘all angels’ cover line that anchors in the image and shows their angelic qualities Masthead in serif font which is more traditional and old fashioned and it reflects the target audiences’ preference as they would be an older audience and this would appeal to them more than it would to a younger audience The ‘f’ in classic fm has been accentuated in red and made to look like the musical sign for ‘forte’ further showing its links to music and classical music
  4. 4. NME cover Dominant masthead Blue colour band used to highlight the special issue White sans serif font used over a coloured background to make the features pop and look contemporary Images of featured artists used to draw the audience in, showing that they are interested in this type of music Typical music performance image As the main theme of the cover is Glastonbury, the layout is based around this, with the images all placed around the main cover line to show they’re linked The way slang is used and the way artists are named assuming the audience knows them shows their target audience are young people who appreciate indie / rock / rap music Red is continuously used as a theme as it ties in with the masthead
  5. 5. Kerrang! cover Black colour bands used to highlight the text Eye line is in the top third of the cover, in keeping with the rule of thirds Contrasting masthead, it’s a well established name so it can cover some of it with image White and yellow sans serif font are used to stand out on a coloured background and to appeal to the young target audience The target audience for this magazine are probably 15-35 year olds who are interested in rock, you can see this as bands are named and the audience are expected to know who they are The layout is centred around the main cover line, however, the cut out image ,separated by a border and other strap lines all stay in one vertical third
  6. 6. Classic fM contents There is a house style colour scheme of red and black font on a white background or white font on a red background which is also used on the cover Images of churches in keep with the classical theme Performance shots Uses a title and strap line uniform to keep a theme and house style Captions anchor the images Three column layout used with a red colour band on the bottom of the page to bring something different to the page The masthead is also used as a logo and is used consistently Serif font used apart from ‘free CD’s and ‘buy us..’ to make them stand out
  7. 7. NME contents Title dominates the page A red, black and white house theme used on both the contents and the cover to maintain its professionalism, with white font always used on a coloured background Page features contain strap lines and the black colour bands conforms to house style Coloured graphical boxes used to draw attention to the features Sans serif font used as this style of contemporary font appeals to the target audience Magazine name Rule of thirds used slightly where the features and images are ,the layout is centred around the main image The mock image of the painting shows they know sense of humour the audience has
  8. 8. MOJO contents Magazine name The target audience will most likely be 16-35 males as the minimalist colour scheme and black and white image of a young person with alcohol would appeal to them The house style of white and red coloured sans serif font is used on a coloured background Date and issue number The black and white image is a house style of MOJO’s and the image of a band member drink alcohol reflects the genre as usually rock music is associated with drinking Grab quote from a featured article Title enlarged and bold then strap line in smaller font The text is all placed to the left, allowing room for the artist in the image and borders separating the different features
  9. 9. Classic fM double spread The images dominate the top half of the page, the performance shots and other images relate to the article and the black and white colour scheme is in keeping with the house style A black graphical box is used to draw attention to that particular part of the article There is a three column layout within the article which takes up about half of the page with the images taking up the other half The headline is the largest piece of text, its then followed by a stand first Drop cap and grab quote used to draw attention to the article
  10. 10. Classic fM double spread A plain colour block background with black text and black and white images in keep with the house style and reflect the target audiences’ preferences The target audience would most likely be late 20’s and above of both genders and this is reflected in the minimalist yet artistic colour scheme and images as vivid colours and images aren’t as important to this audience Image captions The text is a black coloured serif font which sticks to the house style and as its more formal it conforms to the genre
  11. 11. MOJO double spread The graffiti style font for the title appeals to the target audience and brings attention to the article Stand first used to entice the reader with a lilac and grey graphical box to entice the audience and to also tie in with the main image opposite The image takes up half of the page as the artist appeals to the target audience and shows the artist in a more informal light to make the audience interested 2 column layout in the article A drop cap in graffiti style to contrast the background and break up the bulk of text Image caption Drop cap
  12. 12. MOJO double spread The text is in white serif font for the actual article to show the serious content of the article but white sans serif font for the larger bits of text to appeal to the audience as it is a more modern style A house style of white font on a coloured background has been used, with the lilac, grey and black colours being used to appeal to the younger audience as the colours stand out without being too garish for their tastes The target audience will most likely be 16-35 year olds and this is reflected in the muted colour schemes used and the artist image, which isn’t a typical posed photo, but more informal, which will relate to the audience more
  13. 13. NME double spread The play on words used in the title will appeal to the audience as they will appreciate the pun The pun is further highlighted with the top half being in red and the second half in black The image dominates the full second page and the white clothing and red background tie in with the house style. The image reflects the target audience as the simple image shows the audience are meant to know who the artist is The images illustrate the article A conventional 4 column article layout with a graphical box on the image and in the article to separate the features Red, white and black bold sans serif font used to show informality Black serif font used in the article
  14. 14. NME double spread A drop cap with a graphical box background to break it up from the article A stand first to introduce the article A grab quote with a graphical box background to break it up from the article A caption for the image The target audience is probably 14-30 year old males and this is shown in the masculine choice of colours and the way puns and images have been used A house style of red and black text on a white background or white or red text on a coloured background is used and shows the masculinity of the magazine