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Music Videos

  1. 1. Music Videos By Tara Peak
  2. 2. In Theory I have to not only look at the normal elements such as genre, music, lyrics, camera work, intertextuality and editing, I have to look at the relationships between them, the song and the persona or iconic image of the singer/s. The relationships between the music and the video are normally very close and relate down to each individual beat and word. However sometimes vidoes can contridict to establish a bigger issue- which ultimately links with the theme of the song. Representation- Voyeurism- mainly it can be against women. Looking at screens within screens and film cameras. Showing iconic images of the band such as the video to 'Warriors Dance'- from the prodigy.
  3. 3. Nightwish- Amaranth
  4. 4. Extra Information The first official single named "Amaranth" was released August 24th respectively 31st in different versions. directed by Antti Jokinen The costs of making their new album were 500 000 euros. Nightwish is clearly targeting to mainstream and expects good sales. Started to direct the later videos such as Amaranth and Nemo which created more promotion for the band.
  5. 5. Music If we look at the style of music we can see that it is heavy metal which is lead mainly by the guitars. Yet the Vocals and more I can see how they also act around their harmonic sounds take a big part to. instruments. For example if we look at the . In relation to the video, Jokinen made guitarist in the video, we can see that he sure the sounds held a strong bond with the dances with it- for example head banging. story of the two bothers, happening above. The hair plays a huge part because it shows his hard rock image. I have noticed The music is ment to be played loud- as that this look when playing the guitar is very they do when live- which is another iconic popular. If you see the advert for guitar style of the heavy metal music. hero, they don't play the guitar softly. At the beginning the music is calm which (though the advert is showing the depicks the overall scene at that time. representation of women a bit differently) This reminds me of classical music and how they tell stories and paint a picture though the music. However this all changes when the drums/ guitar etc... come into play. The pace of the cuts become faster and show images of an fallen angel with blood and other gothic images. Again, this relates to the music and represents the epic style of the heavy metal genre.
  6. 6. Lyrics Baptised with a perfect name The doubting one by heart Holy references- Alone without himself 'baptised' War between him and the day The lyrics guide the story Need someone to blame In the end, little he can do alone happening above. 'Alone without himself'- You believe but what you see You receive but what you give this cuts to the story Caress the one, the Never-Fading rain in your which helps show the heart contrast between them. - the tears of snow-white sorrow Caress the one, the hiding amaranth For example the band In a land of the daybreak look like rock gods and powerful and the two boy look like they are powerless to fate.
  7. 7. Genre- Mis en scene This music video is to promote their look as a hard rock band. They do this with the use of props, movement and image. Their image consists of mainly blacks and greys. They have the same look on their faces which shows that they are their to intimidate the world with their music. (Agian, showing them to be Gods). The lighting is also very dark and lights up their faces from the floor. (yet the brightness of the light is quite intense). They long flowing hair is another part to the image which is ampified by the slow motion and quite cuts. This is all to promote their iconic image. The women is reprensented as a powerful goddess who is controlling the song though her melody and words. This is shown by her power hand movements and the way she looks at the camera. (she looks up to it) The music also has a relationship with the visuals. For example the underground area is linked to the dark nature of the song- like the guitars. The drums are linked with the light flashes and cuts. (this shows his impowerment). The women in the band shows her power through her hand guestures.Her feet are firmly on the ground and her hands stay firm and straight- shows her direction. (look at pictures on silde 3) the style and iconography is a live performance. yet they intertwine a narrative like classical music would do. the progression of the music helps the progression of the story.
  8. 8. Camera work and Editing The start of the video is calm in relation to In comparason to the shots taken ubove the music, then the beat comes in and the ground, the pace of the cuts are much less cutting psce becomes faster and the with a combination of long shots, tracking images become more shocking- which is shots and establishing shots. apart of the iconic image of the band. This is to show the difference between the The fast cut montage of the band is shown story and the story teller. The underground to be powerful by the fast close ups which band are playing as gods and are directing looks pulsating and shows the epic power the scene above with the music. of the band. The lighting adds to the effect and plays with the beat. Again the camera work also relates to the music and image of the band. They show close ups of each band member to show their individual persona. They all have different power stances or looks to tell them a part. This adds to the coolnes and overall appeal towards the heavy metal consumors.
  9. 9. Narrative The video tells the story of two young boys I notice that the poeple who burn the that find a fallen angel. They take this angel house- or we see burn the house- are men. to their home because they can see she is This tells me that they are trying to show hurt. As they take her home on a stretcher, the attitude towards women in the 'old word gets round to the rest of the village. times'. so this gives us a sense of time They don't see the fallen angel as a within the narrative- wich is what I like. blessing and take it apon themselves to get the boys out of their home and burn the house down- to kill the angel. The angel does go free and goe back to heaven. This relates to the bible texts as some believe that a fallen angel is a bad omen and needs to be destroyed. I like how the song drives the narrative aong and creates the sense that the band is epic- like gods.
  10. 10. Prodigy- Warriors Dance
  11. 11. Music The music in songs within this genre tend to The layout of this genre is completely have music videos that show narrative. The different to Nightwish- where the music has words of the song don't really have to relate a consistant chorus and verse. But they to the video. However the video does both relate the music to the narrative. This somehow relate to a nightclub which promotes their image as a band by the type ultimately that is what the song is for. (the of narrative they are showing. place it will be played and appeal to the consumer) To promote this band the video is placed in a pub/bar- which agian links the consumor to the music. The vocals are a women vocals which is a soft melody. The consistant thing with club music is the melody they have between beats and rifts. This convention is like a build up to the nice bit of the song. The melody is then combined with the heavy beats towards the end.
  12. 12. Lyrics The point were the vocals start is when the Come with me to the dance first match box steps on the ground hard floor, causing a beat which in turn creates the other two match boxes. This promotes the You and me cause that’s fact that the band comes alive with the music the produce- and they can create life what it’s for with their music. The music is catchey and Show me now what is it the consumor wants to get up and dance- this is what this promotes. You got to be doing The lyrics relate to the dance floor which again relates to the consumer who enters And the music in the house… nightclubs/bars. is so soothing
  13. 13. Genre- Mis en scene Each match box has something different on As they enter the bar/pub I notice that the the front of them. This is to show their lighting was not very good and it was individua selves. For example one of them mainly dark. This is to relate to the dance has a spider on the front of them. This is a floor which again relates to the consumor. picture from other singles/ albums that they The dance floor is represented by the top of have made. This is another promotional the table in the bar/pub. The coloured lights technique. which you normally see in a nightclub is shown by the jukebox. This is the main light source wich is just like a nightclub. The glass that gets broken by one of the match boxes symbols the glasses that get broken in nightclubs due to drunk mis-happenings. It also shows the destructive side of this genre. The representation of this genre is shown in a sinister way here- but I shall touch upon that later. These features are very characteristic and are in all of there videos.
  14. 14. Camera work- Editing The first thing I noticed with the camera The camera also goes in and out of focus in work is that there are a lot of close ups relation to the beat which is very affective. It and meduim close ups, constructed. This is looks like loud speakers. This, again, on the three match boxes (two shots). This relates back to nightclubs. The vibrations is to show their personalitys as the match are coming from the match boxes which boxes. All three do things differently- such shows power and adds attitude to their as one of them plays football. iconic image. It also humanises the match boxes- making The close ups I like is the one when the them have a goal and a perpose. (They three match boxes are sitting on the want to create a nightclub) glasses. This shows impowerment in the Crane shots are also done here. This is to band. They are looking down from the establish the nightclub scene. It shows all glasses at the other match boxes. This the match boxes dancing which is what shows that they are in control of their music happens in normal nightclubs. This also and they control the nightclubs- when they reminds me of a photography technique play their music. This is very musch like a called tilt and shift. This is done to create a comercial would be which a lot of close ups. fake model look in pictures. This is done by This is to focus of the bands face and in this the focus being in one area case to personify them as a band.
  15. 15. Narrative and Representation The story is about three match boxes I Believe that poeple seek protection within starting up a night club. They enter the their music and therefore, when they show bar/pub and call upon other match boxes in this video that is what they are promoting. the place. They then put lights on and start This helps to promote their other singles the rave. The fire then starts as they light and albums- so the consumor comes back up the place. The three match boxes for more. escape while the other match boxes burn to pieces. The owner comes in and wonders what has happened. This construction has a lot of representation in it. The main one is the relation to alcohol and an overall wild nature and nightclubs. What kind of poeple go to these places? Do they all drink and break glasses? This is where the band come in to play 'music gods'. They alomost protect the music from this. But do the have the right to highlight this within the promotion?
  16. 16. Beyonce- Halo
  17. 17. Music Halo is a song by the American R and B The keyboard relates to the mis en scene- singer called Beyonce. It was composed by such as the lighting which is soft and bright Ryan Tedder, Evan Boggart and herself for to show purity. The light flashes between her third studio album. The song was her face and the room. This is to show released in January 20th 2009. softness and purity- which adds to the The music video was shot in late November strong women image. The women image is and was directed by Philip Andelman to show that she can chosen her perfect The song was cut shorter for the music man. video and was the first video to be in colour The music also relates to the dancing and not black and white. Most of the video scene- where she is dancing in front of a is shot with the music in the background mirrior. The music is soft which shows in and only some bits sung by the singer. The the visuals as she dances slowly while her video progressed as the song progressed. lover watches. This shows her beauty and power as a women- her overall image which appeals to many young girls
  18. 18. Lyrics It's like I've been awakened The singer does not lip sync to the whole Every rule I had you breakin' song but she does lip sync to some of it. It's the risk that I'm takin' She says words such as 'Halo' which I ain't never gonna shut you out highlights the name of the song- for promotional value. Also it shows her Everywhere I'm looking now involvment as an artist to the emotional side I'm surrounded by your embrace to the song. She goes through the steps of Baby I can see your halo being in love and does not feel the need to You know you're my saving grace sing every part of the song. This is completely different to the other two videos You're everything I need and more I have looked at. This does not have a It's written all over your face strong narrative like the other two but it Baby I can feel your halo plays on emotion. This is conventional of Pray it won't fade away this genre. I can feel your halo halo halo I can see your halo halo halo I can feel your halo halo halo I can see your halo halo halo
  19. 19. Genre- mis en scene The beginning of the video the singer is The scene when she is dancing infront of standing by a wall look away- possibly to the mirrio she is wearing a black costume. I her love interest. The light shines causing a think this plays a huge part in her image. semi silloutte on her face which shows This is to show that she is strong. The fact purity and power. The next scene is where that the man is watching her and this is the two of them are together in a two shot followed by crane shots. close up and there is a few more seconds of this light. Again this shows the purity. There seems to be a pattern through out of the video. She also wears white which again shows purity. It has an angelic look to it. This highlights the representation of women. She lets the man touch her in a nice way and has control in the amount of intimancy. This Agian highlights the representation of women. Her image is strong, power and control which appeals to women and young girls.
  20. 20. Camera work and Editing The camera work was made to look natural. There are light lines (blue light lines) that The fast cut montage ( the rendering of appear though out the video. This is to images impossible to grasp in the first highlight the Halo theme within the video. viewing to promote more viewing) is solf Again this promote the video and makes it and much gentler than the other two- where more viewable over and over again. the pace is much faster to create more of There are also a lot of close ups which i an epic mood. The mood here is much quite convertional for music videos. This is softer and happier. because it is like a comercail for the The is conventional for this singer as she is singer/band. They are selling themselves a solo female artist with a broad audience and the close ups are there to show the star appeal.She offers different kinds of moods face. withing her music thus giving different pleasures to the audience. The colourisation here is very cold (consists of whites and blues) this is to insure the iconin image- which is soft and gentel. (this highlights her strong women image)
  21. 21. Narrative The story here is about the singers love interest and how she feels about him. She is telling him that she loves him and has chosen him to be her angel- Halo. She is saying that he is perfect. The mood here is very good and happy. The editing style relates to this. The colourisation also state this- purity and happiness. This can get the audience emotionally involved in this love story. This is a part of the mis en scene also. The combinations of facial, hand gestures, roleplay and close ups within a narrative framework allows the audience to enage which is not possible in a live concert. The narrative is almost dream like in appearance. This also can enage the audience unlike a live performance.
  22. 22. The End :D