Veteran fast launch program


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Veteran fast launch program

  1. 1. Tara M. LogarMay 19, 2013Veteran Fast Launch ProgramPresented by Tampa SCORE
  2. 2. What is Tampa SCORE?• Every year, over 180,000 dedicatedmen and women exit our nationsarmed services after their loyal serviceto our nation. For over 45 years, SCOREhas been a leader in providingmentoring and training toentrepreneurs through its network of13,000 volunteer mentors and trainers.SCORE stands ready to answer the callof helping our veterans to transition intolife as entrepreneurs.• The SCORE Foundation, in partnershipwith major corporations, is pleased tooffer the new "Veteran Fast Launch"initiative. The new program will be acombined package of trainingscholarships, free software and servicescombined with SCOREs mentoringprogram in order to help acceleratethe ability of veterans and their familiesto start and succeed as small businessowners.
  3. 3. Veteran Fast Launch Program• FREE Accelerated Entrepreneurship Certificate for Veterans• Training includes valuable advice and guidance forveterans who are looking to start their own business. Topicsinclude:− Tapping the secret behind your big opportunity− Leading with your mission and values− Carving competitive advantage− Pivoting based on customer feedback− Demo-ing your offering− SMART marketing and sales− Top process checklists− Leading a team to delegate and grow− Generating healthy, stable returns
  4. 4. Background• According to the SmallBusiness Administration,veterans own 15% of smallbusinesses in the UnitedStates• Veterans gain valuableexperience and marketableskills throughout their militaryservice• Service members tend to beinnovative, dedicated, andtrained in cutting-edgetechnology, and manypossess extraordinaryleadership skills• These skills drive veterans toentrepreneurship inAmerica’s start-up economywhere more jobs are createdthan in any other sector• While there are numerousinitiatives available throughthe federal government,veterans local to Tampa Baymay not be aware that thereis a resource right here athome that can help themget started in a quick, eight-week certificate programData taken from
  5. 5. Customer Pain Point• What resources are available to veterans who are interestingin entrepreneurship and starting their own business?• Where can I find the tools and information I need to getstarted?• Are there opportunities for coaching and mentoring forveterans in the Tampa Bay area?
  6. 6. Target Market• Male and female veterans in the Tampa Bay areawho may be affiliated with any of the following:− St. Petersburg College− University of South Florida− MacDill Air Force Base− Tampa Bay Veterans Alliance− James A. Haley Veterans Hospital− Bay Pines Veterans Healthcare System− Various other organizations serving military veterans
  7. 7. Tampa Score’s Veteran Fast Launch Program is theanswer to the customer pain points listed earlier in thispresentation.The main question this project will answer is how topromote awareness of and increase participation inthis free serviceStrategic Solution
  8. 8. SMART Objectives• To be determined
  9. 9. Promotions/Marketing CommunicationMany of the veterans today are very familiar andinvolved with social media.One of the key marketing strategies I plan to use willbe to employ social media to disseminate informationabout the program.