Engage Your Customers On Mobile


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Engage Your Customers On Mobile

  1. 1. About us                             Taptica is a leading mobile user acquisition platform for advertisers to engage users on mobile •  Working with over 200 advertisers •  Growing 200% every quarter
  2. 2. Why Mobile? Here’s Why!
  3. 3. Where Are Your Customers?                             The average consumer spends 158 minutes a day on mobile   40% of all internet time is spent on mobile 30% of all digital commerce transactions are on mobile
  4. 4. Your Customers Are Playing games 32% of the time!   Fact! Free game, Candy Crush Saga, was the most downloaded free app in May 2013
  5. 5. Your Customers Are Spending money in mobile games! Fact! The average paying user in the game “Clash of Clans” spends around $75
  6. 6. Your Customers Like Free Group Messaging! A strong emerging trend Fact! What’s App is larger than Twitter. What will happen if they to decide to compete with Facebook?
  7. 7. Your Customers Like Facebook! Still the largest social networking site but mobile first competitors are growing rapidly Fact! Facebook has lost 10 million users in the US and remained static in the UK in the past year. Competing Social Networks: YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Tumblr Competing Messaging Apps: What’s App, Kik &Google’s Message Me
  8. 8. Taptica Offers Find your customers, optimize your campaign for engagement and profitability Pay only for results  
  9. 9. Taptica 1 2 3 Our machine learning driven platform: Categorizes users (state/city/sex/age/habits) Categorizes campaigns & media Finds the right targeting for any campaign Offering advertisers the ability to report back on user value via API 4   5
  10. 10. Taptica 1 2 3 4 How it works: Set your goals: amount of users, type of engagement, convert to pay cycle Tell us: your preferred demographic and locations We learn: our machine learns your campaign and within 48 hours provides estimates on cost per install / engagement & paying customers. You will pay for results only Expand and optimize: After 7 days, our machine will provide estimates on additional audiences that might also fit your needs
  11. 11. Facts based on data from our platform 1 3 Campaigns for dating apps are 3X more effective in Boston than in New York   Travel apps convert 50% better in San Francisco than in Boston   Candy Crush Saga is downloaded almost 2X more in Chicago than in New York   QuickBooks converts in San Francisco 2X better than any other city in USA
  12. 12. Taptica Mobile is Here: Targeting, re-targeting, moving from web to mobile Talk to us today!
  13. 13. Thank You!