How to Create a Killer Blog Post


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How to Create a Killer Blog Post

  1. 1. How to Write Insanely Popular Blog Posts A guide to never writing a bad blog post again.
  2. 2. Does your blog need more Readership?
  3. 3. If your traffic is sputtering , I can help.
  4. 4. Crafting killer content requires a system.
  5. 5. The best blog posts are Discoverable Desirable & Shareable
  6. 6. Traits that Make a Great Blog Post Attractive Title. Coherent Structure. Optimized for Search and the Long Tail. Designed for Social Sharing and Conversion.
  7. 7. How to write killer post titles
  8. 8. 8 Tips on Writing Killer Post Titles The List based Post The Pop Culture Reference The Illustrated Guide The How-to Post .
  9. 9. 8 Tips on Writing Killer Post Titles The Case Study The News Jack The Audience Polarizer The Ego-Bait
  10. 10. Let’s put this into practice.
  11. 11. Examples of Killer Post Titles 10 Ways to Save $100 every Month What Hip-Hop Taught Me about Money Automate your Savings: An Illustrated Guide How to Save $151,355 on your Mortgage
  12. 12. Examples of Killer Post Titles How One Reader Reduced His Bills by 33% Why the Fed is Crazy to Keep Rates so Low ETFs are Dead. Long Live ETFs. 2013’s Smartest Personal Finance Bloggers
  13. 13. That list took me about 10 minutes.
  14. 14. Creating the optimal post structure.
  15. 15. The 4 Components of Great Blog Posts A Strong Introduction A Compelling Body A Great Conclusion Bonus: A Call to Action
  16. 16. How to optimize your content for amazing SEO.
  17. 17. Which link would you rather click?
  18. 18. An Optimized Blog Post on Google
  19. 19. 4 Steps in Optimizing Blogs for SEO Do your Keyword Research Include Keywords in Your Title and Body Copy Create a Short Friendly URL Add ALT Tags to Your Images
  20. 20. Write about content your audience wants to read.
  21. 21. Mine Google Auto Suggest with UberSuggest.
  22. 22. If you use Wordpress…
  23. 23. DIY SEO ScribeSEO
  24. 24. Content + Distribution + SEO can yield some pretty amazing results.
  25. 25. Pretty neat right?
  26. 26. Thank You. Connect with me: @devbasu
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