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Mobile App Development: Top Tips and Best Practices
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Mobile App Development: Top Tips and Best Practices


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Aaron Choi, the Head of Shanghai Operations for Tapjoy, presented "Mobile App Development: Top Tips and Best Practices" from the Games Solutions Centre in Singapore.

Aaron Choi, the Head of Shanghai Operations for Tapjoy, presented "Mobile App Development: Top Tips and Best Practices" from the Games Solutions Centre in Singapore.

Published in: Technology

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  • Time spent, (Flurry Analytics Dec. 2011)Games are #1 in category: 64% downloaded games in 30 days, 60% weather, 56% social, 51% maps, 44% music, (Nielsen, July 2011)
  • Don’t over do itTie them with key gameplay elementsEven make them definable by the user which push notifications they want to receive(i.e. when they are being attacked, when a job is done, when a new daily reward is available, etc.)
  • Constant goals and tasks to give the player direction
  • Kingdoms of Camelot #1 Top Grossing app in US iTunes Store before Tapjoy; after integrating Tapjoy, Kingdoms of Camelot is still #1 Top Grossing app
  • Tapjoy was recognized by Fast Company as #27 World’s Most Innovative Company. More importantly, Tapjoy is a leader in the mobile and gaming space, coming in #1 in Gaming and #2 in Mobile.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile App Development: Top Tips & Best Practices Aaron Choi
    • 2. Changing the way peoplediscover, share and engage with mobile content.
    • 3. Users Don’t Like to Pay to Try New Apps
    • 4. The Move Towards Using In- App Purchases & VirtualCurrency to Unlock Virtual Goods vs. Advertising
    • 5. Most Top-Grossing Apps are Free 1
    • 6. Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange 1How it Works I need more coins to build on my land in Triple Town. 1 2 I can buy coins I can earn coins bywith real money. engaging with ads in Tapjoy’s Marketplace.
    • 7. 1 I can then engage in any of the actions — like watch a Ford video —to earn Coins. After which, I can perform secondary actions (determined by the advertiser) and have more Coins to use in my game.   3 4
    • 8. Tapjoy’s Platform: Discovery’s Virtuous Circle 1Advertisers Consumers Developers
    • 9. Tapjoy Market Presence 75K free-to-use apps in the Tapjoy network  
    • 10. Acquiring Users
    • 11. Mobile Acquisition Channels  Where/How are you getting your users?
    • 12. Mobile Acquisition Channels What can you expect to get from: Featured Placement: Front page placement of your app in the platforms market,normally for no more than 7 days. 10,000 – 20,000, paid, per day 100,000+, free, per day Tapjoy User Acquisition: Pay-per-install (PPI) bid system at $0.10 bid you can get up to 5,000 per day globally at $1.00+ bid you’ll get @ 30,000+ per day globally App Promotions: Destination apps and sites that feature your app Charge is $5,000 - $20,000 for 1-7 day listing, no volume guarantee App to App Cross-Promotion: Free cross promotion from one app to another @ 1% of DAU traffic of hosting app, very dependent on placement Review Sites: Have your app reviewed on a blog site @ 1,000 +/- installs, hard to track actual volume
    • 13. New User Flow New user flow is one of the most important parts of a successful game •  Optimize the download •  Keep it simple •  Use clear directions •  Show off the cool parts of the game •  Get the user playing as soon as you can You have 30 seconds to hook your usersand 5 min to teach them. The goal is 70% tutorial completion rate!
    • 14. Optimize the Download Tapjoy Network Average Conversion Rates: (click-to-install) 0-50 50-60% 50-100 30-45% 100+ 14-20% The smaller the file, the better the CVR
    • 15. Start off Simple Take Users by the Hand and Guide Them Into the App •  During the first 30 seconds don’t let your users get lost •  This is your chance to take an uncertain user and create a engaged user •  You can’t display everything! Show off your core loop and build from there
    • 16. Use Clear Directions How to do it right Highlight where you Use arrows want the users attention Gray out areas that don’t matter now Give simple info
    • 17. Show Off the Cool Parts What should you focus on in your tutorial? •  If it’s about fighting, let them fight •  If it’s about cute animals, give them fluffy things •  Don’t try to show them everything
    • 18. BoostingEngagement
    • 19. Social Channels Take advantage of free social channels •  Most social networks offer free connections API’s and SDK’s •  Forcing a connection to a network can cause a large drop-off in new users •  Present the choice to your users, use the network icons and let them opt in to sharing •  Use in-app rewards to encourage signup
    • 20. Daily Rewards Give your users a reward for coming back every day •  Using your in-app currency, give your users increasing rewards every day they come back •  In the later days of the reward cycle give the users bigger or exclusive rewards •  Show them what they earned and also show them what is coming up
    • 21. App Re-engagement Remind them to keep coming back Notifications Appointment Mechanics
    • 22. Challenges / Quests
    • 23. Reward Your Users Make your users feel they are getting a great deal •  Your purchase screen should be easy to navigate •  Tell users how much EXTRA COOL stuff they get •  Use icons to make bigger packages look more impressive
    • 24. Increasing Revenue
    • 25. Mobile Revenue Channels Direct Pay Alt Pay In  app  purchase     Allows  users  to  engage  with  adver8sing   through  Google  Wallet  or  iTunes   for  virtual  currency  (up  to  50%  of  total  revs)     Display Ad Direct Pay Offerwalls Featured Ad
    • 26. Direct and Alt Pay March 2012 Conversion Metrics | Glu Contract 0.8% 0.6% 1.4% 5.0% Killer Gun Bros 1.2% 0.9% 2.1% 6.7% Glu 0.8% 0.8% 1.6% 5.5% Average
    • 27. Our Product Suite 5 3 2 4 11 and 3 Featured Ads 5 Tapjoy Videos In-App Offerwall 2 Non-rewarded Offerwall 4 Banner Ads
    • 28. Smart Banner Ad Placement You earn revenue by users looking at and clicking on banner ads Need to balance: Having enough banner views to earn revenue with Disrupting the flow of your app Place ads in less conspicuous areas where users regularly view: •  Inventory screens •  Loading pages •  Landing screen •  Results screens
    • 29. Featured Specials Offer your users a special featured item when they log in •  Create featured/limited item space on the landing page •  Items on the home page will have 150% + sales increase •  Rotate content often •  Great place for seasonal items
    • 30. Important Things to Keep in Mind Acquiring Users •  Choose the right channels for acquisition •  Walk the user through the first experiences of the app •  Keep it clear and simple Boosting Engagement •  Reward your users •  Use social channels •  Keep them engaged by implementing quests/achievements Increasing Revenue •  Highlight special offers and items to drive purchase behavior •  Use banners smartly •  Make the most of your monetization by adding alt pay
    • 31. Tapjoy by the Numbers 75,000 Apps Publishing 1.2 MM Daily Ad Engagements 600 MM Daily Sessions 100 MM Monthly Active Users
    • 32. Thank You!